Alexander Semmes
Alexander Semmes
Personal Information
Species Human/Betazoid
Gender Male
Marital Status Married
Professional Information
Affiliation United Federation of Planets - Starfleet
Rank Lieutenant
Assignment Chief Tactical Officer
Duty Station New Gotham Station
Status PC

Career Biography


  • Academy: Alois Military Academy 3 yrs/ Starfleet Academy 4 yrs
  • Academy Major: Intelligence and Surveillance, Signals and Human Intelligence (SIGINT/HUMINT)
  • Academy Minor: Non-Human Languages

Standard, Betazoid, Dominionese

Service Record:

  • Cadet Cruise: USS Springfield
  • Assignment 1:Federation Earth Base Huachaca: Security and Intel Analyst
  • Assignment 2: USS Corvalis: Security and Intel Analyst
  • Assignment 3: USS Lightfoot, Security and Reconnaissance
  • Assignment 4: USS Yamari, Assoc. Chief Intelligence Officer, neutral zones patrol
  • Assignment 5: Betazoid Consulate Remote Analyst and Auditing: Languages Division
  • Assignment 6: Starfleet Marine Detachment, Assoc. Reconnaissance Officer (ARO), SIGINT/HUMINT


Medical History:

Psychological Profile:
Previous Psychological Leave of Absence

Personal Biography

Full Name: Alexander Semmes
Rank: Lt
Current Assignment: New Gotham Station
Species: Human/Betazoid
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth: Lyoni, Betazed
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 160 lbs
Father: August Semmes
Mother: Tremonia Ils
Sibling(s): Erika Semmes
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Dia Semmes (missing)
Children: None

Personality Profile:
Alex Semmes was born in the rural town of Lyoni on Betazed to a human father and a Betazoid mother. Alex’s father was a member of a Federation third-party contracting team assigned to record rural infrastructure development, functioning as an administrator and negotiator. Alex’s mother was a local nurse and later worked with his father’s company as a contract specialist. A year after Alex was born, his sister, Erika, joined the family and the two became inseparable in the hills and woods of the sparsely-populated farmland around Lyoni.

Alex loved living in the wilderness of Betazed, but never developed psionic abilities of much note. His sister, Erika, however, became quite adept and even predicted the date of an accident which left her paralyzed from the waist down at the age of ten. After this incident, Alex further resolved to never pursue any psionic “youth training” (as was often offered in rural Betazed) and would occasionally have dust-ups with fellow children. While not a fighter, nor an outcast, Alex often felt as if he had to compensate for his lack (or denial) of psychic ability and became quite good at hiding and sneaking around the farmlands. At the age of fourteen, Alex described himself as a “listener and looker,” trying to prove that his own hearing and vision were enough to find out what was going on in the world. He would often creep up to development sites and challenge himself on how long he could go undetected. For all of his self-made reconnaissance and surveillance training, Alex never really uncovered any juicy dramas.

Alex had a very good relationship with his parents, and while somewhat anti-psionic, was nonetheless close to his mother and sister. The family moved from Betazed to Daloreum when Alex was sixteen, and it was there that he encountered more than Humans and Betazoids. After completing primary schooling (some of which was through correspondence courses), Alex’s mother and father suggested Alois Military Academy on Earth as a route, for Alex really did not know “what to be.”

At Alois, Alex showed an aptitude for field work, especially pioneering and camouflage. He was extremely quick at deciphering puzzles and codes, but was woefully behind in his math. After a brief and intensive summer back home with his family, whereby his younger sister taught him “math tricks,” Alex was able to secure a standby slot to pursue his higher degree work at Starfleet Academy, majoring in Intelligence (specialty of Surveillance) and minoring in languages.
Alex spent his first few years working in a code-breaking division in the Western United States and then as an intelligence analyst aboard a Starfleet vessel, the USS Corvalis. Alex met his wife, Dia, a Betazoid, while on a long-range surveillance and listening posting. During this time, Alex was often sent to remote locations where he would set up automated observation platforms. Either due to his knack for remaining hidden, patient or sheer lack of any resistance, Alex was never discovered. Later, it was found that almost all targets had moved on from where he was stationed, making his efforts almost for naught. Coming back from one four-day recon mission, he learned of a raid that took place aboard his ship. The crew had repulsed the invading force, but at a loss of three members and the disappearance of two escapes pods. Alex’s wife, Dia, was accounted “missing.” Neither of the escape pods have been found, despite repeated searches of the quadrant. An official Starfleet inquiry into the incident revealed that all escape pods on the vessel never activated their manual transponders. This was a critical point (and unique to scout escape pods) because each capsule used the latest Chameleon Coating and was meant to be in stealth mode for a day or two.

Given a psychological leave of absence, Alex returned to Daloreum, where his Mother, Father and sister still lived. Enroute to the planet, Erika fell ill with a fever and has remained in a coma to this day. Starfleet was accommodating to Alex, and granted him a special two-year leave a day after landfall. Alex stayed with his parents only for a short while, opting to travel back to Betazed in order to work his aging Grandfather’s farm. After two years in the countryside for his LOA, Alex found a Dominionese advanced language school in the Betazed town of Korpali and enrolled as a Starfleet auditor for one year, returning to his original rating but at “zero time” in rank.

Starfleet had a unique need for Long Range Patrol personnel, and Alex volunteered. Technically at the age of a team leader, his previous two-year LOA conspired to put a throttle on his advancement. Alex, however, did not care. Finding it therapeutic to be “back in the field,” Alex enjoyed the remoteness and isolation of observation posts and the occasional code-collecting. When the opportunity came to contact locals and obtain information, Alex excelled, often taking on the manners and affectations of the natives in a way that made him seem transparent. Starfleet noticed this, at first in a negative light, but later found it to be a rightful asset.

Alex professes to not have any psionic powers, and purposefully never pursued conditioning on that aspect. He has been plagued by migraines in times of stress or fatigue and only within the last four years has seen their frequency decrease. Alex’s sister and mother, however, attest that Alex does have psionic ability, but does not know how to focus it or even listen for it.

Alex’s advancement within Starfleet has been slow, due to his special two-year LOA after his wife’s disappearance and sister’s death. This, coupled with Alex’s half-joking disregard for advanced rank, keeps him from rising through the ‘fleet.

Alex’s own peers have said that he is a bit of a chameleon and is neither unkempt nor spotless. He can be sharp and ceremonial when necessary and somewhat sloppy at other times. His commanding officers have commented on his quick ability to learn any subject, but have criticized his lack of follow-through.

Real World


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