Arlan Reed
Arlan Reed
Personal Information
Species El-Aurian/Human
Gender Male
Born 2358
Marital Status Single
Professional Information
Affiliation United Federation of Planets - Starfleet
Rank Lieutenant
Assignment Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Duty Station USS Hippocrates
Status PC

Career Biography

Upon graduation, Arlan was assigned to a classified battle cruiser, as a security officer. The reason this ship was declared classified, was due to some experimental tactical senors, targeting technology and weaponry aboard. During the first few months, Arlan took great care to foolow proper Starfleet Protocols. For the most part, he got along well, with most of the crew.

Then, during a lull in testing and drills, things got ugly when the ship encountered a band of Orions, connected with the Syndicate, bent on re-establishing their place as a powerful force to be reckoned with. After their ship, a stolen Romulan battle cruiser, opened fire, a fierce battle ensued and the ship suffered serious damage. Her crew suffered heavy casualties, forcing Reed and most of the crew to abandon ship. The self-destruct sequence was initiated, to keep this technology and weaponry out of enemy hands.

As the attack continued, with a continuous distress calls going out, from escape pods another Federation ship, the USS Zephyr, was within range and came to the rescue. The escape pods were scooped up, by the Zephyr. Subsequently, the Orions' vessel, was defeated and driven off, by the Zephyr's heavy weapons fire.

Upon being transported to the Zephyr's base, Deep Space 15, Arlan Reed filed the necessary forms, to transfer to the Zephyr. Once assigned, Ensign Reed continued to serve, to the best of his ability, soon rising in rank.

After approximately 22 months, Arlan was made Asst Chief of Security, where he served for another 8 months before an emergency, forced the then Chief to take a leave of absence. Arlan was appointed acting Chief of Security, pending promotion to Chief.

Six months later, while docked at DS 12, the Zephyr suffered a catastrophic system failure, resulting in a warp core breach. Minutes later, the ship exploded in a spectacular blue ball of energy, taking the Captain and a number of crew with her.

Soon, another ship was commissioned, and delivered to Deep Space 10, the USS Amargosa, which Arlan continued to serve as acting Chief of Security. Before any paperwork could be finalized, however, Arlan received new orders. He was to be transferred to the USS , to help alleviate the crew shortage.

Notes: 90psi is NOT immortal and can be injured, possibly killed, just like any other being. He just can "summon" extra strength, via his pistons, which are susceptible to damage/destruction, yet can be autoregenerated. The 90psi of strength/force lasts only 60 seconds, activation of any one or more, of his pistons.

Personal Biography

Age: 24*

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Deep blue

Sex: Male

Species:El Aurian/Thalaxian

Homeworld: Earth***

Physical Appearance:

Caucasian, athletic build. Attached to each forearm and lower leg is a pneumatic piston like those found on a PP615 drop sealer. Each piston is "connected" to their respective fittings, by a pair of slender, black air supply lines. The arm pistons are connected to fittings at the base of the neck. The leg pistons are connected to fittings at the small of the back. The pistons are gold-colored.

Personal Information:

Mother: Fala Reed
Father: Randar Reed
Brother: Cas Reed (12 years older than Arlan)
Sister: Keanna Reed (6 years younger than Arlan)

Personality: Easygoing and fun loving, yet disciplined. A team player, fiercely loyal and dedicated. Is quiet and reflective at times.

Strengths: Exercises retraint, proficient with most hand-held weaponry, compassionate

Weaknesses: Somewhat obnoxious when drinking, fastidious about pistons and air lines' appearance/cleanliness.

Ambitions: To be the best Starfleet Security Officer and one day command his own starship.

Hobbies: Holodeck adventures/recreation, card games


Arlan Reed was born, March 15, 2358**, in New South Wales, Australia, Earth, to Randar and Fala Reed. His childhood was relatively normal and he has one brother, Cas and one sister, Keanna. Cas is 12 years older, serving aboard a Galaxy class starship and his sister, Keanna, is 2 years younger, serving aboard a Starbase. Things were quiet, until one fateful afternoon, at aged 17, while tending the sheep on his father's farm in the outback.

In the afternoon of the first Saturday of July, while Mr Reed was tending sheep, he was thinking of his uncle's packaging plant, in Sydney, bristling with various packing and sealing machinery. He was thinking about an ancient, late 20th Century PP615 drop sealer, on display, in an area dedicated to the firm's rich history.

Arlan stopped, momentarily, to guide a stray lamb, back to its mother. Unbeknownst to him, a cloaked science vessel, from an unknown world, Thalax, had settled into a geosynchronous orbit, over Australia, and positioned itself, right over the farm. Before Reed could react, he was struck by a bright blue "energy bolt" emanating from the Thalaxian science vessel. This bolt triggered, what was then called Spontaneous Trans-Ideo Mutation.

This was done as part of an effort, on the part of the Thalaxian race, to infuse other species, with their DNA and find out how each species "responds". First they study the planet's people, then after extensive, long-range scans, a single person is chosen, based on brain function, body mass and age. The Trans-Ideo Mutation, is actually one "side effect" of the DNA enhancement/infusion process.

This "process" generated the pistons and air supply lines to Mr Reed, and altered his DNA, melding his with Thalaxian DNA. Not only that, the piston cylinders were gold in color. Thus the pistons, their air supply lines and fittings became living tissue, despite their appearance and feel. Becoming living tissue meant they could actually bleed upon damage and pain could be felt. What made this even more remarkable, was that these "appendages" can "autoregenerate" at will! Auto regeneration requires going into a deep "sleep", resembling a coma. Upon completion, Ann will awaken, on her own.

Shortly after this mutation occurred, a Thalaxian "envoy", named Zan Tir, paid Mr Reed a visit and explained everything that transpired within his body, including adjustment to lifespan-1,500 years(150 Thalaxian years), not much different from an El-Aurian's life span. So now, Arlan had 1, 251 years left to live, barring an unfortunate, fatal event. The months that followed were rather interesting, to say the least.

At first, Arlan's family and friends didn't know what to make of these "changes", but as days passed, they grew to accept Mr Reed's new "self". As a result, Mr Reed applied to, and was accepted to Starfleet Academy. Their medical staff conducted a thorough check, to be sure he was fit to serve. Arlan soon got the "green light" to enter the Academy, on time, as expected.

Arlan's Academy days were difficult, having to overcome academic obstacles, yet he did his best to complete the grueling courses and keep himself physically fit, with workouts that would wither the average person! Four years later, Mr Reed graduated Starfleet Academy with average grades, ready for his first assignment.

Although his real name was Arlan Reed, he often preferred to be called "90psi", in deference to the 90psi of strength, provided to his limbs whenever he activated his pistons, with their signature "double-hiss".

Real World


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