Ash Randall
Ash Randall
Personal Information
Species Taunsee
Gender Female
Born 2380
Marital Status Single
Family Deceased
Professional Information
Affiliation United Federation of Planets - Starfleet
Rank Commander
Assignment Executive Officer
Duty Station USS Hippocrates
Status PC

Commander Ash Randall is the current Executive Officer for the USS Hippocrates.

Career Biography

Service Record:
2396-2400 Star Fleet Academy.
Class Rank: Top 10%; Honors *magna cum laude*
Academic Major: Warp Systems Engineering
Professional Major: Engineering
Qualifications: Engineering Officer, Science Officer

Rank: Ensign
2401-02 Attended Engineering School - Warp field Specialist - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.
2402-04 Daystrom Institute - Exotic Propulsion Systems Study and Design. Participated in the Livingston Experiment and is the only survivor.
2404-05 Star Fleet Space Warfare Officer School - Promoted to Lieutenant,
2405 Star Fleet Counter-intelligence School (4 month accelerated course - assignment specific)
2405 USS Lexington - Detached duty as a subject matter expert to test a sensor designed to detect cloaked, Romulan Vessels. The Sensor test was a cover to draw out and identify a Romulan spy aboard the Lexington. Ash was chosen for this assignment because she was the designer of the sensor and the only one who could operate it effectively. In the course of this mission, Ash achieved her goal and then took the opportunity to steal a Romulan War Bird. Promoted to Lt. Commander and sent to courts marshal for the same incident. Courts marshal suspended pending a psychological evaluation that was never completed.
2405-16 Chief Engineer for fit and finish cruises on newly refitted ships to work out the kinks. The assignments and destinations were generally to provide cover for covert work of varying kinds from espionage and sabotage to more than one lethal accident. Fort-five missions in all.

2416-17 Chief engineer USS Enterprise.
2417-18 Chief Engineer USS Pegasus.
2418-20 Executive Officer USS Pegasus.
2420-21 Chief Engineer USS Enterprise.
2421-22 Captain USS Phoenix.
2422-24 Extended Leave of Absense.
2424 - 2424 Chief Engineer USS Enterprise
2424 -Present XO USS Hippocrates

Commendations: 2
Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon
Legion of Honor (Arloff IX Incident) Classified.

Reprimands: 1
Conduct Unbecoming an Officer (Arloff IX Incident) Classified.

Personal Biography

Hair: White W/ black rosettes

Eyes: Green

Height: 5'0" to the tips of her ears

Weight: 100 Lbs

Unusual Traits: Ash has a prehensile tail that is nearly as long as she is tall. The tail seems to have a mind of its own, is 'grabby' in close quarters, and can easily support her full weight. She has demonstrated varying degrees of low level psionic capability and has perfect recall.

Ash has acute hearing, eye-sight and sense of smell. She is stronger than her size would suggest and is a very capable combatant.

Personality: Ash enjoys a challenge and is generally upbeat, chipper and an eternal optimist. However, when asked the question by a third year engineering student from Star Fleet Academy, "Is anything impossible?" The reply made it into her official record as, "Nothing is impossible. But, is it a good idea?"
Ask Ash to 'think outside the box' and she will immediately ask, "What box?" In her estimation, the manual on anything is merely a guideline with tolerances and specifications meant to be tweaked and massaged, systems pushed to their theoretical tolerances and beyond. This is neither a good thing nor a bad thing, simply a fact.
She maintains a cheerful and positive demeanor with her fellow officers and enlisted personnel and has been dubbed 'crazy cat' for her willingness to tackle the seemingly impossible. Most seem to like her but she has few friends and only one close friend to whom she has been observed to be fiercely loyal.

General Observations -
Ash engages in a daily fitness regimen to compensate for her relatively small stature. She is small by the standards of most species and she tries to stay as physically fit as possible. Lieutenant Randall likes to tinker in her free time, make gizmos, and 'personalize' standard issue equipment to suite her. She is also an avid surfer and has a number of holosuite simulations of various breaks on Earth and other worlds.

Ash was found aboard an Orion freighter, a smugglers vessel, by a Federation boarding party. Ash was a pet, of sorts, and unofficial mascot of the vessel. She was about the size and developmental age of a 5 year old, human child and, quite obviously to the Federation boarding party, sentient even if of an unknown race. Being small, agile. bright and in her element, Ash lead the boarding party a merry chase around the freighter before a frustrated security officer had her simply transported into containment aboard the U.S.S. Rhode Island.
The primary mission of the Rhode Island was survey and exploration but interdiction of smugglers was not outside her mission parameters. She rendezvoused with the U.S.S. Drake, freighter in tow, after a week and turned over her prisoners except for Ash, who was kept aboard for further study.

Ash was not cuddly. Not to say she wasn't cute. there was just nothing cuddly about her for that first week and for a few more afterward. The Orion freighter was the only home she could remember and the crew, such as they were, the only 'family' she had known. She had been aboard the freighter for 3 years, knew the ways of the crew, understood their language even if she couldn't speak it, and they had taken care of her in a fashion. The care she received aboard the Rhode Island was lightyears better but the strange, vaguely bland, environment unsettled her and she didn't like the way the crew smelled.
The Chief Science Officer aboard the Rhone Island, Lt. Edward Randall, took to calling her Ash after a day or two based upon her coloration. She presented a quandary of sorts: Feline-like, bi-pedal, arboreal with some lemur-like qualities, and unlike anything in the Federation Registry that should have been found on an Orion smuggler. She had no markings, keen senses, a prehensile tail, the teeth and claws of a hunter, was sensitive to bright light and totally comfortable in complete darkness. He had no clue where she had come from and the Orion crew members didn't either, only that she'd been given to one of them as part of a deal with a Ferengi, the master of a vessel called the Taberis.

Ash would later discover she was found, in stasis, aboard a ship of unknown design and origin, found adrift, that was claimed by the Taberis as salvage. Several other stasis pods aboard the vessel were empty. The technology of the ship was far advanced of anything the Ferengi had ever heard of and, largely, unfathomable, from the operation of its systems to the composition of its materials and the fact it had no discernable weaponry, defensive systems, propulsion systems, engines, etc. The vessel is under study on Ferenginar.

Ash had been rough and tumble enough to be amusing to the Orion's. That rough and tumble nature wasn't nearly so amusing to the human crew aboard the Rhode Island. There were a lot of bites, nothing too serious but always extremely painful and a ton of scratches in those first few weeks. To his credit, Lt. Randall persisted in trying to win over Ash and finally gained a measure of trust from her after a month. By then, Ash could understand most of what was being said and was beginning to respond in what was recognizable speech.

Ash remained aboard the Rhode Island for nearly 2 years and was, on an unofficial basis, adopted by Lt, Randall and his wife, Irene. Edward and Irene Randall were reassigned from exploration duty on the Rhode Island to postings on Earth in time for the birth of their first child, William. Ash was officially adopted by the couple at that time and went with them to reside on Earth.
Ash was home schooled by Irene Randall, who had retired from Star Fleet with the birth of William. Edward and Irene Randall though it best that Ash be schooled at home to limit her interaction with other children. while she had long ceased to scratch or bite when threatened or frightened, they were concerned with how she would fit in socially and with how she would play with other children. Oddly enough, they had no concerns with how she would interact with William, as an infant, or as he got older. Just other children, those who were not part of the family unit. The concern wasn't that Ash would injure another child, it was, the opposite. They were afraid another child would hurt Ash. A dozen or so supervised interactions over several months were enough to convince the Randall’s that Ash could safely interact with children without supervision and the little Tuansee learned, very quickly, how to fit in.

After 3 years on Earth and being home schooled Ash attended a conventional school to become acclimated to a more institutional environment. Ash already knew she wanted to join Star Fleet and was focused on the singular task of being accepted to the Academy. A goal she pursued with dogged determination. AS an unknown species, getting into Star Fleet Academy would be very difficult. As one fo his last acts as a Star Fleet officer, Lt. Randall, in 2390, added Ash to the Federation Registry as a Caitian variant to facilitate her eventual acceptance to Star Fleet.

Irene and Edward Randall (Deceased) and Siblings William and David Randall and Sara Randall-Keller (All Deceased)

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