Bajor Sector

The Bajor Sector is a sector of space in the Alpha Quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy. The region currently consists of planets belonging to the Cardassian Union and the United Federation of Planets.

Noteworthy Assigned Vessels

USS Defiant
Defiant Class museum ship in orbit of Bajor.
USS Vigilance
Vivace Class support vessel of Starbase 419.

Noteworthy Phenomenon

Bajoran Wormhole
The Bajoran Wormhole is an artificial wormhole connecting the Alpha Quadrant to the Gamma Quadrant. It was constructed by an advanced civilization known as the Prophets, who serve as the Gods of the Bajoran faith.

Noteworthy Space Structures

Empok Nor
Sister station to Terok Nor, Empok Nor is an abandoned space station in this system.
Starbase 419
An Omega Series Station, Starbase 419 replaced Deep Space 9 in 2415.

Noteworthy Species

Originating from Bajor, the Bajorans are a deeply spiritual people who closely resemble Humans except for a series of ridges on their noses. Highly creative and dedicated to their race, Bajorans normally have their family name precede their given name. The Bajorans are members of the United Federation of Planets.
An isolationist species, the Vlugta originate from a resource heavy star system and have multiple business contracts with the Ferengi Commerce Authority Mining Division.

Noteworthy Star Systems

Bajor System
A system of 8 planets, the Bajor System contains the homeworld of the Bajorans.
Draylon System
A system of 4 planets, the Draylon System was colonized by the Skrreea and later destroyed by the Dominion.
Kinjun System
A system of 6 planets, ruins have been located on he 3rd planet from the Habitian period.
Reimers System
A system of 4 planets, the 4th planet houses a Cardassian Colony.
Trivas System
A system of 5 planets, the Trivas System is home to Empok Nor.
Vlugta System
A system of 3 planets, the Vlugta System contains asteroid fields rich in rare minerals and dilithium.


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