Becca Marteen
Becca Marteen
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Born 2403
Marital Status Single
Family David and Zelda Marteen
Professional Information
Affiliation United Federation of Planets - Starfleet
Rank Lieutenant
Assignment Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
Duty Station USS Atlantis
Status PC

Career Biography

Academy: Star Fleet Academy
Academy Major: Impulse Drives, Shields
Academy Minor: Life Support, Sensors, Linguistics
Languages: Standard, Romulan, Vulcan, Cardassian
Cadet Cruise: USS Yorktown
Assignment 1: USS Atlantis- Ensign / Lieutenant

Personal Biography

Character Father: David Marteen
Character Mother: Zelda Marteen
Character Sibling(s): Only Child
Character Spouse: None
Character Children: None
Character Species: Human
Character Gender: Female
Character Eye Color: Blue
Character Hair Color: Blonde/Brown
Character Height: 5’3”
Character Weight: 110lbs

Personal Goals:
Becca wants to learn. Her main goals in life are to become an expert in her field and be like her mentor, Jaene Bishop. She wants to experience what science has to offer but has missed some of her mentor’s advice on life. She isn’t interested in romance…her one and only love interest cured her of that. Becca has never had a good family life and she is not worried at all about leaving her family behind to be on a ship. She believes that her position on the Atlantis is the best possible outcome. She has heard so much about the Captain that she could write a book on his awesomeness.

Becca was always a shy child and she focused all of her attention on school. Her family learned of her affinity with electronics and creating new technologies when she was very young. She loved Science and Math and watched a lot of holovids on a variety of technologies. She did not see her parents very often. They weren’t what you would call…interested…in a young person. They gave her the best tutors , the best school, and sent her many expensive gifts that she asked for; but they were rarely at home. Her nanny encouraged her love with science kits, labs, and doing activities that would promote her interest. She was only 8 when she proved her skills by helping her school when there were issues with the heating and air. Her genius-level intelligence and native ability were apparent and she was mentored by an older woman who had been in Starfleet in her youth, Jaene Bishop. Jaene took the young girl in hand and became like a second mother to her. She was given odd tasks by the school to encourage her abilities and she worked hard to maintain highest marks in her classes. Her love affair with Starfleet began early as Jaene filled her head with tales of the adventure, learning, and companionship she had experienced. Her parents were quite wealthy and she was exposed to many languages at a very young age; these linguistic skills were taught by human tutors and it was not until she reached University that she realized that she knew the language…but not the people. Becca has worked to learn more about people but she is hopelessly bad at dealing with others. When Becca was 17 she learned that her mentor Jaene was killed by a life support malfunction on the ship she was on; an error caused by sheer stupidity that put the entire ship at risk. Jaene had been visiting her family and Becca knew she had been so excited at making the trip to see them. Becca’s decision to enter Star Fleet was now rock solid. She intended to make sure that no one lost their life because of something that was so STUPID again! During her first year at the academy she met a young man named Tobias Hingle. Tobias was a teacher’s assistant and he shared his love for Impulse Drives and Shields with her. However, she soon realized that he wasn’t interested in HER…she was just a means to an end. He had seen how smart she was and they had worked hard on a project for the teacher…that he then stole as his own. She had practically worshipped him and the event was a defining moment for her. She had no more belief in herself as an attractive and desirable young person. Becca buried herself in work and did not come out to experience…people… again. Her cadet cruise was easy for her…no one expects the cadet to talk and, while she made no friends, people passed that off as an engineering cadet’s fascination with all things ship. Her superior officer enjoyed the small amount of hero worship that she gave him and looked no further; Becca was smart, talented, and very obedient. She has recently been assigned to Atlantis and is pleased to have a position on such a prestigious ship. Even better…it has Captain Zaran Frost …one of the coolest people in space!

Real World


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