Borg Collective
Borg Collective
Dominant Species Borg
Founded 4527 BC
Capital Unimatrix One
Government Collective Consciousness
Head of State Borg Queen
Legislature None
Location Delta Quadrant
Military None




The Borg encountered during the USS Ranger Incident were different from the Borg previously encountered during the 24th Century by the Federation. The Borg encountered consisted of multiple forms including scouts and humanoid designs. The scouts were mechanical beings that were constructed in the Engineering Labs of the vessel and were used to collect resources for the Hive. Included in their construction were rudimentary weapons that were capable of killing a target for collection and assimilation. The Collective now merges neurological transmitters, oxygenated tissues, certain nerves and muscles, brain matter and organs with machine parts to create the current model drone. Unlike past drones, the current generation are no longer classified as alive nor can they be restored through medical means to their previous state. They are powered by a biogenerator surgically implanted into their brain that restores basic biological functions.


Starbase Series

Type Series

Starship Classes

Level 0: Runabout
Interceptor Class
Level 1: Frigate
Pyramid Class
Level 2: Destroyer
Diamond Class
Level 3: Cruiser
Sphere Class
Level 4: Dreadnought
Cube Class
Level 5: Battleship
Tactical Cube Class


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