Celeste Graecen
Celeste Graecen
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Marital Status Single
Family Mother Alive
Professional Information
Affiliation United Federation of Planets - Starfleet
Rank Captain
Assignment Commanding Officer
Duty Station USS Hippocrates
Status PC

Captain Celeste Graecen is the Commanding Officer of the USS Hippocrates.

Career Biography

Education: Starfleet Academy- Officer’s School
Major: Aerospace Medicine and Infectious Disease
Minor: Internal Medicine and Physiology(Major Species)
Continued Schooling at StarFleet Medical for 4 more years; during which she completed her final degree in Infectious Diseases and assisted as a teacher for a short while. She completed a paper on the plasma plague mutation that had caused so many problems and a study regarding the ramifications of another mutation.

Starfleet Positions:
Cadet/Ensign Cruise: USS Achilles
Lieutenant Junior Grade Cruise (MO): USS Wellington
Lieutenant Cruise (ACMO): USS Davenport
Lieutenant Cruise 2nd (CMO): USS Intrepid
Lt. Commander (XO): USS Independence
Commander: USS Hippocrates- an Olympic Class Medical Ship (Current)

Federation Standard, Klingon, Vulcan, Ferengi

Career: Celeste went into the medical field because she wanted to make her mother proud. She stayed there because she was a born caregiver and wanted to make a difference in the lives of her patients. Aerospace medicine allowed her to help individuals adjust to the unique environment of space and travel. However, her true love is the study of infectious diseases. She is a natural diagnostician and it was a difficult choice to make the transition to command when she knew she would lose some of her freedom in that regard.

She has thrived as a commander, however, and considers it one of her best decisions. She only misses two things…her family and the warmth of a nice drink with her fellow shipmates. Sometimes command seems cold.

Personal Biography

Straight-laced, calm, and exceedingly professional, Celeste has been told she should relax on many occasions. However, her strict code of conduct and ethics has demanded a lifestyle of hard work and a lack of personal relationships. She fell in love once and was going to marry the man until they were stationed on different ships. Slowly, over a few years, they realized it was not going to work and she has since given him back his ring.
She had a harsh childhood with parents who had too many kids and not enough time to devote to them. Her father was a lawyer and her mother was a drug addiction counselor; both had very active work lives. They sought to help others and tended to forget raising children. Celeste is the oldest child in her family and has had to be responsible for her siblings for many years; however she loves them very much and has thrived at being a mom. Her youngest sister has recently gotten married and, with all the chaos, she was grateful as she headed back to her ship after the wedding. She is the glue that keeps her family together and she talks to them all often. They often encourage her to date or even just have children and she has occasionally considered just having one on her own. However, a single parent in Starfleet has no time to devote and she has thus far chosen career over kids. Sometimes she regrets that decision.

Celeste is still idealistic in many ways. She has a hard time with tough decisions but is capable of making them when required.

Personal Goals: She wants to make the USS Hippocrates the most esteemed hospital ship in the entire fleet. She would enjoy finding a lifemate and having kids but her ship is first.

A day in Hydroponics by herself, An evening with a handsome man, A good drink and winning a game of darts

Dislikes: Family members of patients who think she is their personal slave, People who don’t take their jobs seriously, and horror movies.

Darts, Painting, and Gardening (When she has the time), Taking care of her younger siblings

Real World


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