Character Creation

Character creation is the first step that any player takes when joining an online role playing game and is one of the most fun parts of the process. Your character biography lays the ground work for the character that you're going to play within the group. Over time your character biography will change a bit as new experiences are had and as you flesh out your character more through the (hopefully) years you play the character. As the first part of your adventure with this group your character biography will be reviewed by the Commanding Officer of the game that you choose to join. Try to avoid one word answers if possible as you are designing the character that you will be playing.

When you are ready to begin please visit our Join page.

Background Rules

  • No players under the age of 18 will be accepted at this time.
  • All characters must be, at minimum, 21 years of age or older and should have already graduated from Starfleet Academy.
  • No assumption should be made on the rank of your character. Your character's rank will be determined based on your character biography and is at the discretion of the Captain of the game. Ranks of Commander and above are approved by a majority of game moderators.
  • No player may play a canon Star Trek character nor should you request to play the descendant of a canon character.
  • Character species of your own creation are permitted; however, characters whom are Liberated Borg, Omnipotent, or Shapeshifters will not be approved at this time.
  • We reserve the right to employ a trial period for your character before granting full membership.
  • Remember, aside from the real world information section, this biography is about your character and not you.

Player Application

Real World Information

This section of the character biography is about the real you. It is the only section of the biography that should include your real information.
Your name
This is your real name.
Your age
This is your real age. Per group rules all players must be 18 or over at this time.

Game Information

This section is about your preferences for the game you wish to join in our group. We will use this information in an effort to match you with a game that best suits your needs. While we will do our very best to ensure that all of your criteria are met we cannot guarantee a perfect match in all cases.
My requested primary assignment is
This is your preferred game to join from our network of games that are listed as either active or recruiting. If your choice is any we will match you with a vessel that meets your requested criteria instead.
My requested alternative assignment is
This is an alternate game you would wish to join from our network of games that are listed as either active or recruiting if your primary choice is unavailable.
My requested primary department is
This is the preferred role that you would like for your character to have within the game. For a description of these departments please visit our join page for more information.
My requested alternative department is:
This is an alternative role that you would like for your character to have within the game if your primary choice is unavailable. For a description of these departments please visit our join page for more information.
I can post
This is how often you can personally post within our group. Please be honest with your selection in this field as we want to ensure a proper fit.

Character Information

Your character's name
This is your character's name. Please try to keep your character's name realistic depending on the species that your character is playing. If you are having problems developing a name you can visit sites such as Memory Alpha to look at a list of characters of that species for help with coming up with a name. You may also use Fantasy Name Generator to create a character name.
Your character's age
This is how old your character is. You do not have to place a year, just put the years in numeric format. Remember all characters must be, at minimum, 21 years of age.
Your character's species
This is the species of your character. We have placed a listing of the most common races encountered in the Star Trek Universe her for you to select from; however, it is important to note that some of these races are restricted to select. For a description of these common species please visit our join page for more information. Should you want to play a hybrid character that is permitted as well, but we request that the hybridization is kept believable and should not exceed two races. Please list the hybrid races under other and specify in your character biography.
Your character's gender
This is the selection for your character's gender. Under this section you can select Female, Male, or Other. This group does identify that some races have multiple genders and these can be specified by selecting other and placing the information in your character biography. For example: Andorians have 4 genders, J'Naii are genderless, Hermats are hermaphrodites, or a character could be transgendered.
Your character's marital status
This section answers what is your character's marital status? For simplicity you can select either married or single for this section. Please feel free to expand upon this information in your character's personal biography though.
Your character's family
These are the significant members of your character's immediate (children, father, mother, siblings, spouse0 family and a list can be placed in this section. If you run out of room please include the remainder in the personal biography.

Narrative Section

For this section of your application you are asked to discuss your character's career history from their cadet cruise at the Academy to their most recent assignment. This portion can be as long and as detailed as you wish for it to be, but each assignment should have a separate paragraph . If your character received any commendations or reprimands during their history please include them in this section. The Cadet Cruise takes place during the Senior Year of Academy training and the character will hold the rank of Cadet during the Cadet Cruise and a standard assignment aboard a starbase/starship is a 2 year cruise.
For this section of your application you are asked to post about your character’s personal history. This section should cover events that affected your character that are not directly related to his/her career and will cover childhood to the present day. Please discuss items such as schooling, family information, and personal relationships with others in this section of the application. This portion can be as long and as detailed as you wish for it to be and any items for which you chose other should be discussed in this section.

Real World


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