Charles Thane
Charles Thane
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Born 2391, August 24th
Marital Status Single
Professional Information
Affiliation United Federation of Planets - Starfleet
Rank Commander
Assignment Chief Medical Officer
Duty Station New Gotham Station
Status PC

Career Biography

Attended Starfleet's Medical School as well as a lifetime of personal training and guidance through his parents.

Improper English

Service Record:


Medical History:

Psychological Profile:

Physical Description:
Short with a well muscled upper body but soft around the middle due to his over indulgence in a few of life's pleasures.
That's not to say he's fat necessarily but a few crunches certainly wouldn't hurt. Has a deceptively innocent, boy like
appearance in contrast to his abrasive, indifferent personality, though when the need arises he can pull off the innocent
routine to academy award standards. When not in uniform usually wears various t-shirts and jeans but always has his
red hi-tops and belted medical pouch around his waist with the standard emergency supplies. Wears a dog tag on a chain
around his neck.

Distinguishing Marks:
No physical marks but his manner of speech and red sneakers tend to stand out in people's minds.

Personal Biography

Full Name: Charles "Charlie" Thane, MD
Rank: Commander
Current Assignment: New Gotham Station
Species: Human
Date of Birth: 2391, August 24th
Place of Birth: Parents are from Earth, New York. He was born on a medical vessel during deployment.
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Pale Blue
Hair Color: Black hair, kept short in back with longer layers in front with a clean shaven face
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 140 lbs
Father: Michael Thane, Combat Medic (Deceased),
Mother: Christine Thane, Surgeon (currently serving Starfleet)
Siblings: None
Marital Status:Single
Children: None

The son of Michael and Christine Thane, Charlie was born and raised an only child on various Starfleet Defense and Medical ships. He’d watched and had learned his chosen profession from his parents, one a combat medic the other a gifted surgeon, as they served the needs of Starfleet and the Federation during many galactic struggles and wars. When he was eighteen Charlie chose to serve with his father as a combat medic instead of becoming a surgeon like his mother despite his talent in her field. He had always mimicked his father in every way from looks and mannerisms to that annoyingly improper manner of speech so it was no surprise that he choose that path. He always wanted the adventure of combat and life on the edge as opposed to the sterile environment of an OR, unfortunately Charlie got exactly that. During one particularly nasty recon mission their luck took a turn for the worse. The enemy boarded their vessel and most were killed including his father. Only a handful was left alive, mostly the navigational staff and a few medics, as their ship was confiscated in victory. Charlie spent several months as a military prisoner, serving the enemy from time to time with his skill in exchange for his life. This event made several permanent and lasting impressions on Charlie. As he watched those he’d loved and served with die so did his ability to care or get close to anyone, including his mother. That's not to say he didn't fight for his patients life with a ferocity unchallenged by any other in the field but his fight was no longer for the benefit of the patient in his care, it was for him to once again cheat death of it's victory. Another chance for him to win. Death became his life long adversary and he never intended to let it win… ever. Despite the obvious personality flaws his medical credentials were impeccable and Charlie lived up to his reputation in every way, both good and bad. Despite having the lowest mortality rate for any doctor of his age he’s been reprimanded countless times and shuffled about Starfleet in an attempt to find a permanent working environment for the troubled yet incredibly talented young doctor to turn his attitude around. He'd managed to leave a substantial trail of gambling debts in his wake as well as plenty of noses out of joint due to cons, theft, attitude, or just rude behavior. He‘s now on his probable last chance within Starfleet, with enough time and patience he may develop into a somewhat caring individual but nobody will be holding their breath waiting for that to happen. For now the most they'll hope for is that he may one-day learn to speak proper English.

Personality Profile:
Extremely gifted and obsessively dedicated to his job, his attitude and conduct are the only things holding him back from advancement, promotion, and a successful career. He will fight for his patients with the aggressive combative nature of a badger when they are either threatened or put into a life threatening situation but tends to lose his bravado when only he is the one injured or threatened. He doesn't like comparisons of him to his father despite the fact that they are physically and professionally so alike. The pain of his memory and what he would probably think of him now is something he doesn't want to discuss. His indifferent nature towards people or entities in general has helped to keep him isolated, the way he likes it. He's quick to make rude comments or insults and has no problem telling lies when they suit his needs. He'd learned early on that he was born with a face that let him con anybody he saw fit and he'd learned to hone that skill just as well as he used a laser scalpel. He'd spend most of his off time gambling and drinking, rarely being completely sober during any part of it. Charlie's victories against death gave him a god like arrogance towards others, for he wielded the power necessary to save them all. Charlie had learned that survival was everything to every being.

Drinks, Gambles, and keeps his nose buried in medical journals

Real World


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