IC: Federation Political Parties Explained

November 22, 2427 - With the Special Presidential Election soon upon us the Federation News Service has chosen to take a moment to review the major political parties driving the Federation Council and their candidates for the Office of the Federation President.

Contemporaries – The Contemporaries are one of the largest Political Parties within the United Federation of Planets and are a melding of the ideals of the Purists and the values of the Patriots. Contemporaries carefully consider issues and feel that progress should not outweigh the Federation’s principles. Some feel that the Contemporaries are indecisive.

The Contemporaries are led by Ambassador Delo sh’Chiliv of Andoria.

Internist – The internists want to remove the Federation from galactic politics and focus on the internal needs of the Federation and its members. Members of this Party want the Federation to stand on its own and to not become contaminated by the influence of outside governments; nor do they want the Federation to continue exploratory programs in interstellar space. They support a strict moratorium on approving new member worlds to join the Federation and want to close the Federation’s borders to outsiders.

The Internists are led by Ambassador Jocal Tenaras of Xyrillia.

Patriots – Consisting primarily of former Starfleet personnel whom were involved in the Dominion War and Klingon War, the Patriots feel that the Federation should be focused on enhancing its military presence in the galaxy. Many members of this Party feel that the role of Starfleet has adapted from a defensive and exploratory role to a formal military that should be used to impose the Federation’s ideals upon the galaxy. While some principles of the Federation would still be supported, an increased focus on security is a priority of this group.

The Militarists are led by Ambassador Yox Gortrut of Tellar Prime.

Purists – The Purists are a political party within the Federation that focus on maintaining the customs and traditions of the Federation’s past. This Party believes in expanding the Federation’s role in the galaxy through peace and diplomacy, pursuing exploration of the galaxy, and maintaining Starfleet as a galactic peacekeeping force with a focus on discovery and defense only.

The Purists are led by Ambassador Gruzy of Xindus.

The Special Election will be held on December 31, 2427.

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