IC: Security Surveillance Feed: Captain’s Ready Room, USS Hippocrates

Security Surveillance Feed: Captain’s Ready Room, USS Hippocrates

Metrodora? Download everything you can find on the Phage in LCARS. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us and if we fail the entire Federation may be at risk.” Captain Celeste Graecen requested as she sat at her desk. She was tired but everyone was lately. They needed more people with the amount of work they were doing. A lot more. More doctors, more scientists, more security…and a lot of counseling. She could only hope when this particular task was completed they would find the personnel they needed to make the ship the powerful entity it could be.

“Yes Captain.” The AI didn’t appear but she moved the information from her archives and sent it to the Commander’s PADD.

Celeste glanced over the information supplied on her PADD

LCARS Supplemental:

The Phage: A deadly disease that has caused thousands of individuals to perish over the centuries, the Phage was supposedly cured in 2375. A group known as the Think Tank claimed the cure but the very next year, Doctor Lewis Zimmerman was afflicted with something very similar. Tests regarding the cure are inconclusive. Scientists believe the cure was a temporary stop gap and that it will be crossing species barriers in the near future. The Vidiians have not stopped their harvesting methods. No one knows if this is because the cure was unsuccessful or because the Vidiians have become so invested in their new society that they are unable or unwilling to stop.

Metrodora shimmered into the Captain’s Ready Room. “I am afraid, Captain, that our information is limited. The doctors have been working hard to discover what is going on BEFORE we enter the System. I acknowledge the hard work ahead of them. It’s my hope the Vidiian Doctor Pel can shed some more light on the situation.”

“I’m sure she will be invaluable. It’s why we are trying to capture her, after all.” Celeste grimaced at the great disservice they were doing to the doctor. “Have they found a DNA match?”

“Yes, Captain, but its not an exact match. It could be anyone in her family, to be honest.” Metrodora’s tone was very formal. “If we cannot beam her out, Captain, we may be forced to fight. And in the heart of the Onowa system…that won’t be easy. We are risking every ship in the Delta Quadrant, Captain.”

“I know, Metrodora. I know. However there’s not a lot we can do about it. We need the Vidiians as allies…and we’re doing something that may make them enemies…”


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