IC: New Vulcan Delayed Again?

January 29, 2429 - The founding of the New Vulcan Colony has been hit by a tremendous blow today. While making preparations for President Gruzy's christening ceremony, Lieutenant Commander Vauan Nerj of Starfleet One has disappeared. The investigative team lead by Commander Nathan Hawkins and Doctor Sherwin Porter has found the Security Chief's communicator and tricorder, but there is no trace of the Commander himself.

Admiral Gregory Coulson, the recently appointed Commanding Officer of Starfleet One following its critical malfunction while investigating the Attack on Betazed, had this to say: "The crew of this ship are devastated by the loss of Lieutenant Commander Vauan Nerj. He has been an amazing Security Chief and losing the experiences not only of the Commander but the Trill Symbiont he hosted is tragic. We will not rest until the person, or persons, responsible are brought to justice."

This comes at a critical time as the President's remarks are scheduled to begin only an hour from now. If delayed this will be the second time that an emergency has prevented the official launch of this important colony world following the Attack on Betazed. A member of the President's entourage - speaking on a condition of anonimity - insists that the President has no plans to delay the ceremony a second time.

New Vulcan has been seen as a personal project of the President since the Tragedy of Vulcanis Lunar Colony. With the Romulan/Vulcan Reunification becoming an unescapable reality, Vulcanis Lunar Colony was the last Vulcan world that had chosen to remain with the Federation. President Gruzy, who was on the planet at the time of the attack, is one of the few survivors and has vowed that New Vulcan would be christened during his Administration.

Complicating matters is the continued degradation of the Federation/Klingon Alliance. Starfleet reports that a large contingent of Klingon vessels have arrived at the border and are requesting political asylum within the Federation. The Klingon Empire has denounced this and demanded that the request be immediately denied. Ambassador Teagarden has been dispatched to meet with the Klingon High Council, but so far he has been unsuccessful to restore peace to the troubled Empire. Many analysts are convinced that the Klingons are on the verge of a Civil War and some believe that Ambassador Teagarden himself is trying to push this.

The Federation News Network will continue to keep a close eye on the developments at New Vulcan and keep the citizens of the Federation updated on what is happening. No matter how devastating these events could be.

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OOC: Sutherland Springs Texas
November 5, 2017 - Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs in Wilson County, Texas following the horrific act of violence that happened there today.

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November 04, 2017 - After consideration the approved species for the 16th Fleet have changed. While previously there were restricted canon races several of those races have since been removed from the restriction. Races that are now unrestricted include:

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OOC: USS Valhalla Named November 2017 Spotlight Simulation
Please join us in congratulating the crew of the USS Valhalla as they've been selected as the Spotlight Simulation for November 2017!

IC: Starship Vigilance Rechristened
October 29, 2427 Amid much fanfare the Federation starship USS Vigilance was rechristened and relaunched from Earth Spacedock under the command of Captain Nathan Hawkins. The Vigilance, a Vivace Class Starship, is being deployed on an exploration mission near Klingon space after a nearly year long repair at San Francisco Yards. The Vigilance had been significantly damaged during the Battle of Vlulyr Tuok when the Federation Starship USS Ark Royal was captured and turned against Federation forces by an unknown assailant. Also amongst the vessels damaged in the Battle was the Starship Enterprise and the USS Galileo Galilei remains missing in action.

IC: Teagarden Implicated as Section 31 Director
October 29, 2427 The Federation News Service as discovered evidence that Admiral William Teagarden, the current Commanding Officer of Starfleet Headquarters, is involved with the nefarious organization known as Section 31 and may have been the leader of the organization prior to his current appointment. An anonymous source provided the News Service with a copy of an Executive Order signed by President Lesia Enaren shortly before her death. In the Order she decrees that Admiral Teagarden been absolved of all crimes committed during his time working for the organization both internal and external to the Federation. The News Service has reached out to the Office of President Gruzy for an official statement but, as of this writing, there has been no official comment made.

OOC: Website Updates 10/29/17
Massive updates were completed today to the website of the 16thfleet. Amongst some of the changes include:
Main Page
Redesigned layout which incorporates group news and a spotlight on our simulations.
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History of the Romulan Empire and associated political information.
Minor update to Starfleet Agencies.
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Revision to the history of the Federation.

OOC: Congratulations to Rosie
The players of the 16th Fleet would like to congratulate Rosie on her recent wedding. We wish her all the happiness in the world.

OOC: Jim has Passed Away
The players of the 16th Fleet mourn the passing of our friend Jim (Captain T'Entriea) whom passed away the morning of Friday, October 27, 2017. He was a great friend and he will be missed. May he rest in peace.

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