IC: Breaking News: Chancellor Krenek is Dead

June 20, 2428 - In a shocking turn of events Chancellor Krenek, Son of Kol, has been killed during a ceremonial Right of Vengeance challenge by General Akero, Daughter of Toral, aboard the Klingon flagship IKS Sword of Kahless.

Reports suggest that the Right of Vengeance ceremony was called by General Akero due to Chancellor Krenek's recent decision to disband the Klingon House of Duras and transfer its resources to the House of Torg. One of the 24 Great Houses that comprise the Klingon High Council, General Akero is the surviving Mistress of the House due to her bloodline. Under the provisions of the Right of Vengeance, the House of Duras will reform with General Akero as its leader.

Unknown at this time is who will serve as Chancellor Krenek's successor as Chancellor of the Klingon Empire. Under the provisions of the Klingon Right of Vengeance all that belongs to Chancellor Krenek now belongs to Mistress Akero of the House of Duras. Nonetheless, the title of Chancellor cannot be so easily transferred. In 2311 Chancellor Kaarg, in his first act as Chancellor, banned women from serving on the Klingon High Council and from serving as Chancellor following his assassination of Chancellor Azetbur, Daughter of Gorkon. While the High Council has granted Mistress Akero the right to sit on the High Council it is still unknown whether she will serve as Chancellor. Supporters of Chancellor Krenek have vowed she will never serve as Chancellor, while Akero's own supporters have vowed that she will.

At present neither President Gruzy of the United Federation of Planets nor Praetor Xeri Tei have released an official comment on these proceedings. The status of the Klingon's alliance with the Romulan Star Empire remains similarly in flux. While the House of Duras was supported by the Romulans during the Klingon Civil War of 2367, the Romulans had ended their affiliation with the House of Duras when Gowron rose to power. Also unknown is how this will impact the Federation's relationship with the Klingon Empire. The Federation had returned to a peaceful relationship with the Klingons before Chancellor Krenek came to power; however, Chancellor Krenek immediately took a hostile stance toward the Federation due to his former role as Governor of the Archanis Sector and his losses against the Federation during the conflict between the Federation and Klingon Empire between 2405 and 2409. General Akero, whom served under Krenek during that conflict, has never made her views of the Federation public.

The Federation News Network will provide more information on this Breaking News report as we get it.

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