IC: Illuminating the City of Light - New Vulcan Interview

Excerpt from Illuminating the City of Light September 20, 2428 Broadcast

“Thank you for joining us for tonight’s edition of Illuminating the City of Light, Mister President,” Caitian journalist Khiryl said from her seat opposite him. The anchor for the program for the last five years, Khiryl was known for her hard hitting journalism and not pulling any punches.

President Gruzy of New Xindus slightly nodded his head in warm greeting, “Thank you for having me and thank you for joining us for what is one of the most historic moments for the Federation. New Vulcan is a very important step for us and I myself am looking forward to what comes from it.”

The interviewer lightly chuckled at the answer, “Looks like we’re stepping right in, don’t you agree, Mister President?”

“I’m not one to beat around the bush,” the Xindi Reptillian answered.

“Nor am I,” she answered as she shifted in her seat. “What does New Vulcan mean for you?”

Gruzy considered his answer for a moment, “It means a fresh start. Ever since reunification our galaxy has been a very different place. Life in the Federation was rocked to its core when the Vulcans rejoined their Romulan cousins and seceded from the Federation. The devastation at the Vulcanis Lunar Colony – the only Vulcan world that remained loyal to the Federation and its ideals – was a critical blow to us and I am more than thrilled to be here as we christen the new home of our Vulcan family that have remained with us.”

“It’s interesting that you mention Vulcanis Lunar Colony. You were a survivor of that crisis were you not? What can you tell us about that day?” The way she said it it was clear that there was more to the question, but they would have to wait for that.

“I’ve never had a more frightening day in my life,” he answered reflecting on what had happened. “When President Enaren invited me to travel with her for her remarks to the Vulcans I was humbled and never imagined that it would have such an impact on our future. To witness the bloodshed, the loss of life, and to know that only 5,000 or so remained was horrific. I pray that we never have to go through such a disaster again.”

It was time for the follow up, “Then why was it decided to place New Vulcan on a world so close to the Federation/Klingon border?”

“My Secretary of Defense, Daeren Iril, and Starfleet Commander Lynz both oversaw the security precautions for New Vulcan. This planet has a defensive planetary shield grid second only to Earth itself. We’ve assigned a garrison ship for planetary defense and construction on an orbital station will begin shortly. We didn’t take their safety lightly,” he finished with a nervous chuckle.

“That’s not how many in the Federation Council feel. The consensus there believes that New Vulcan should be located in one of the Core Sectors, not the Frontier. Your former colleague, Ambassador Caxl of Benzar, has gone on record stating that the Council’s recommendation was to settle the Fontana System; your administration selected the Trimble System instead.”

The President smiled, “Ambassador Caxl and his comrades are entitled to their opinion. We did discuss several worlds, including those in the Fontana and ultimately the Trimble Systems, for the settlement. We agreed – along with Ambassador T’Nara of Vulcan that the best candidate was the planet we chose in the Trimble System.” He let his excitement slip into his words as he continued, “This planet is like Vulcan; which makes it perfect. The flora and fauna are nearly identical; the only real difference is it’s about 15 degrees cooler and has a ring system. This is an amazing world and I invite anyone who’s interested to visit here either to live or play.”

“That doesn’t excuse the fact that this is a planet that has been contested before by both us and the Klingons, Mister President,” she spoke quickly with a bit of force in her words. “During the last Federation/Klingon Conflicts not even 20 years ago this planet was the site of a horrible ground assault between Starfleet and the Klingon Defense Force. What happens if they come back for it?”

“I feel I answered that,” he fought to maintain his composure. “Starfleet is going to have a presence here. We will defend our worlds, Miss Khiryl, and that is a promise that I make to all worlds of the Federation.”

The interviewer shifted in her chair and crossed her legs. Despite the answer that she’d received, she still acted as if she was in control: a predator about to pounce upon its prey. The problem was that she was right in her assessment. “Does that extend to Betazed?”

“Betazed is a Federation world,” Gruzy answered, “and I stand by my statement.”

“Then tell me why it’s been reported that Betazed was attacked by an unknown vessel less than an hour ago,” she challenged.

The President looked off to the side to see his Chief of Staff, Restalar Kalev. From his look she would know that he wanted all the information that he could get on the situation going on in the Betazed Sector, “I make this solemn vow, Miss Khiyrl, that if any harm comes to a citizen of the Federation we will respond to protect them and their way of life.” He wondered how she had known about this disaster before he did, but he would find out.

“A couple last things, Mister President, if you have the time?” She asked with an inflection in her words.

“Of course,” he replied knowing full well that he was probably stepping into another minefield.

She looked at a datapad that she was carrying, “I was reading over a past story in preparation for our interview today and I wanted to ask about the relationship between the Federation and the Klingons. As you know Chancellor Krenek, Son of Kol ended his government’s participation in the Khitomer Accords, will the Federation be making any efforts to restore our diplomatic ties now that he’s been removed from office?”

“I have recently appointed a new Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire and he has begun efforts to restore our alliance. He is meeting with the two candidates for the Chancellorship…”

The Caitian interrupted, “Lord Brotak, Son of Koloth and Mistress Akero, Daughter of Toral?”

“Yes,” he answered simply following the interruption.

“Isn’t it true that Admiral Lynz was attacked by Mistress Akero on the High Council floor while Ambassadors Jonathan Grayson and Daeren Iril were on a peace mission to the High Council?” The interviewer queried before going again for the jugular, “And that your new Ambassador to the Empire is Admiral William Teagarden, her husband?”

Gruzy took a moment before answering, holding it all in to prevent himself from an outburst. They wanted to see him blow up, they wanted to see him struggle. He was the first Xindi Reptilian to be named Federation President. To many that meant that he would be a warmonger wanting to start a fight with everyone. He had to prove them wrong, “Yes.”

“Isn’t that a conflict of interest for him?” The Caitian pressed. “Wouldn’t he have a vested interest in opposing the Klingon Empire?”

“My Ambassador is a patriot, Miss Khiryl, he will do what is best for the Federation above all,” the President answered firmly. “I deeply appreciate you and your team joining us for this celebration of New Vulcan. We have a great deal planned and I urge you to enjoy every adventure that this world has to offer.”

The journalist smiled and spoke with a slight purr, “Thank you too for joining us, Mister President. Coming up we take a look at just that, the amenities of the New Vulcan Colony, stay tuned.”


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