IC: Captain's Log, USS Valhalla

Captain's Log, USS Valhalla:

My First Officer, Commander JJ Barnes, Admiral Thomas and his wife Commodore Thomas have escaped from the western world the 'red eyes' had exiled us to. We were able to get back to the ship and stop the duplicate me as well as the duplicate of Commander Barnes. We also uncovered a red eye in Dr. Plaster. All three have been taken into custody and will unfortunately be destroyed.

The Valhalla itself suffered damage from the bombs Dr. Plaster had hidden aboard the ship. The damage, while extensive, is repairable and we are heading to Gateway Station to effect repairs. Dr. Jacobs, who was forced to create the red eyes, is working with our own Dr. Galaxina to devise a way to identify and defeat the red eyes.

On a personal and sad note my good friend and Chief Engineer of the Valhalla, Commander Blackrose Redthorn is dead. She died disarming the bomb on the Warp Core. Her heroic action saved both the ship and crew. I am just sorry it came at such a terrible high price. She will be missed by all of us and me most of all.

We know the red eyes have infiltrated the very core of Starfleet, we have seen the damage, paranoia, and disarray they have caused with their sabotage. The duplicates have even gotten to the higher levels of command as duplicates of Admiral and Commodore Thomas were uncovered. I just wonder if this is a prelude to an invasion by the Dominion. They have been quiet too long. If it is, they will find the crew of the USS Valhalla ready to meet them head on and defeat them.

Captain Ken Jamison
Commanding Officer
USS Valhalla NCC-100015


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