Computer Systems



Bioneural Computer Core
The Bioneural Computer Corew was designed to replace isolinear circuitry as the primary computer system in Starfleet. Bioneural circuitry has been shown to process information more efficiently and to speed up computer response time.
Isolinear Computer Core
The Isolinear Computer Core was introduced in the 24th Century as a replacement for Duotronics. Featuring on board nanotech processors to aid in memory access and retrieval as well as computational ability, the units also employ holographic technology to store data three-dimensionally throughout the unit.
Positronic Computer Core
The Positronic Computer Core is a computer processing device based on the Positronic Brain of former Starfleet officer Data. The unit consists of an artificial neural network, designed to imitate the humanoid brain, that is utilized to process and store data at a rate far surpassing all other processing mediums.


Artificial Intelligence Monitoring System
Developed alongside the Positronic Computer Core, the Artificial Intelligence Monitoring System (also known as AIMS) is an artificial intelligence program that has been designed to enhance computational and operations ability on Federation Starfleet installations. It is only available to platforms featuring a Positronic Core.
Library Computer Access and Retrieval System
Library Computer Access and Retrieval System (also known as LCARS) is the name of the operating system used by the Federation aboard Starfleet duty stations.

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