Daeren Iril
Daeren Iril
Personal Information
Species Joined Trill
Gender Male
Born 2367
Marital Status Single
Family Kuris and Lennia Amar
Professional Information
Affiliation United Federation of Planets
Assignment Ambassador
Duty Station Federation Council
Status PC

Ambassador Daeren Iril is the Trill Ambassador to the Federation Council.

Career Biography

2367: Born on Trill.
2385: Graduated HS. Entered Starfleet Academy.
2389: Graduated Starfleet Academy w/BS in Linguistics as LT(jg). Assigned to USS Sentinel as Communications Officer. Begins study for Master’s degree. Serves as linguist for a First Contact team and develops Universal Translator specs for the Ildaran language.
2392: Earns double Ph.D’s in Linguistics and Interstellar Relations. Applies to become a candidate for symbiosis. Promoted to LT.
2394: Receives LOA from Starfleet to undergo candidacy assessment for a Trill symbiont with the Symbiosis Commission.
2396: Joined with the Iril symbiont. Iril is a difficult symbiont, as it suffers from PTSD, having suffered sensory deprivation before it nearly died in its previous host, Mereth. Iril can barely tolerate Daeren’s periods of sleep. This has given Daeren a sleep disorder, as he can only remain asleep for about four hours at a time before Iril awakens him with nightmares. Adjusting to this delayed Daeren’s return to active duty in Starfleet by a year. Daeren is Iril’s fourth host.
2398: Returns to active duty onboard the USS Nightraven as a diplomatic officer. Makes First Contact with the Pelatiri,
2400: Assigned to USS Murasaki as Asst. Chief Diplomatic Officer and receives promotion to Lt. Cmdr. Assists in trade negotiations between the Efrosians and Talaxians for pharmaceuticals.
2401: Applies to and enters SFA Command School.
2402: Promoted to Commander. Assigned command of USS Vigilance, a Defiant-class ship.
2405: Promoted to Captain. Assigned command of the USS Nagasaki, a Nebula-class ship.
2409: During a mission to rescue colonists from a doomed ship, Daeren is exposed to dangerous amounts of radiation and is put on extended medical leave. He decides to retire from Starfleet and goes home to Trill to recuperate.
2410: Daeren meets local politicians at a campaign fundraiser and is approached about running for the Trill Senate in Leran Manev. Daeren is amenable to the proposition, as he agrees with the political aims being promoted, and as none of Iril’s previous hosts had been active in politics, it would be a chance to broaden his experiences.
2411: Daeren wins the election and assumes duties as a Trill Senator. He helps pass legislation to better standardize qualifications for becoming a symbiont host and also works on several other aspects of key legislation to better ensure equality for unjoined Trills.
2412: Despite that, uproar abounds when Daeren and other joined Trill politicians are accused of slighting a vocal Rights of the Unjoined activist group.
2416: Because of his previous Starfleet experience and because of personally knowing their leader, Daeren is appointed as Ambassador to Pelatir.
2419: Daeren’s term as ambassador to Pelatir ends. He has, however, found it to be a fascinating experience and joins the Trill Foreign Service. This exposes him to nearly as many other species as he encountered during his Starfleet career but, unfortunately no First Contacts, which he misses.
2420: Daeren’s chronic insomnia is finally an advantage. While pacing the corridors of the venue for a diplomatic conference, Daeren overhears a would-be assailant attempting to pass himself off to a security guard as part of a diplomatic delegation and recognizes that the man’s accent is fake. When Daeren challenges him the assailant attacks, and Daeren, with the security guard’s help, takes him down.
2423: Daeren works with a group of other Federation foreign service staff to coordinate aid to a Klingon colony stricken by plague.
2427: Daeren is elected to serve on the Federation Council as Trill’s representative.

Personal Biography

Daeren has had a varied and extensive history of service both as a Starfleet officer and as a civilian working on his homeworld’s behalf. During his Starfleet career he specialized in languages and in interstellar affairs, which gave him exposure to a wide variety of cultures and taught him how to deal with many different sorts of diplomatic issues, from foreign aid, to trade negotiations, economic and environmental concerns.

Daeren has learned to speak four languages himself, and becoming host to the Iril symbiont has gained him fluency in several others. Daeren can speak, with varying degrees of fluency, the following: Trill, Vulcan, Klingon, Federation Standard, Andorian, Bajoran, Ildaran, and Pelatiran. Two of these are languages he learned from the ground up during the course of First Contacts while in Starfleet.

Daeren was chosen from among several other candidates to be joined with the Iril symbiont, a testimony not to his academic accomplishments but to his willingness to adapt to change and to deal effectively with hardship and with another’s suffering. The Iril symbiont needed, not a caregiver, but someone who could help bring it out of trauma. While Iril has not recovered as well as had been hoped, its mental health has improved considerably over the years, and the two have melded successfully into one cohesive being.

Daeren has for the most part adhered to his culture’s custom of reduced romantic attachments among joined Trill. He has had two lovers, a Trill male and a Trill female, but he has not fathered any children.

Real World


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