Davin Rael
Davin Rael
Personal Information
Species Trill (Joined)
Gender Male
Marital Status Recently Married
Professional Information
Affiliation United Federation of Planets - Starfleet
Rank Commander
Assignment Executive Officer
Duty Station USS Atlantis
Status PC

Commander Davin Rael is the current Executive Officer of the USS Atlantis.

Career Biography

Currently the XO for the USS Atlantis. He was promoted recently from the position of Chief Security Officer. Prior to this he served as Chief Security/Tactical Officer on the USS Enterprise.

Personal Biography

Davin Rael, was the fifth to bond with the Rael symbiote. His name was Davin Suare and he has two brothers and a sister. His brother Mikael has become a protector to the symbiote pools, while his brother Matteo is still a young cadet in Star Fleet academy, having decided to forgo testing and training for a symbiote. He loves his big brother and looks up to him, even more so now that he is Joined, but does not seek that life for himself. His brother Mikael’s dedication to the symbiotes in the pools puzzles him, but also makes him very proud. Davin’s baby sister Valrina is on a fast track in the training programs , and has studied extensively in medicine and psychotherapy so that if she becomes acceptable as a Trill Host, she will bring her well rounded skills to the bond. The Commission believes it will not be long before she is found worthy of that honor, then all it will be is the choice of a symbiote to desire to bond with her.

Davin has been working for the past year to assimilate all the new information his symbiote brings to their shared consciousness. His own training has been in leadership, starship command, which means he has studied every job available on a starship, knowing that no matter the specialized training, no one starts at the top. Though he left the academy with lieutenant pips on his shoulders due to recognition by star fleet of the intensive training he had received on Trill in his specialties, he has been working his way through the ranks for the last 15 years and was recently granted the rank of Lt. Commander. Over the years his talents have been shown to lay mostly in Tactics and Weaponry, though since Rael had been a doctor, a counselor, a diplomat, and a pilot in his (and sometimes her) past lives Davin has much experience to draw on.

Davin’s parents are Kylea and Octavio Suare , neither of them are Joined, and are quite content with that fact, but highly proud and honored by the positions all of their children have taken on. Kylea is a nurse, dealing with what few injuries occur and aiding doctors in the joining process, she takes that honor very seriously. Octavio is one of the counselors on the Commission, though of course he abstained from discussion and voting when it came to his own child.

Davin has recently married Jill Voden, with Captain Frost officiating.

Real World


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