Defensive Systems

While operating away from its home port, any installation whether it be Starfleet, Klingon Defense Force, or any other agency runs the risk of encountering hostile and dangerous situations. As a result of this races have developed multiple means of defense. The systems outlined here are designed to protect a station or vessel from harm.

Armor Systems

Energy Shielding


Energy Shielding (more commonly known as Shields) protect the platform utilizing them from enemy weapons and other hazards by generating a field of energy around the vessel. There are multiple types of shielding - each of which has its own purpose and attributes - and serve the first line of defense.
Basic Shielding
Basic Shielding is a basic electromagnetic force field that protects against enemies or natural hazards.
Covariant Shielding
Covariant Shielding is an almost impenetrable shield based on Borg technology.
Metaphasic Shielding
Metaphasic Shielding is a specialized energy shield capable of withstanding the pressure, radiation and energy of a star's corona.
Multiphasic Shielding
Multiphasic Shielding is an energy field designed to protect a vessel from stellar and subspace radiation.
Regenerative Shielding
Regenerative Shielding is an enhanced energy shield capable of regenerating after taking damage.
Temporal Shielding
Temporal Shielding is a highly classified shielding technology designed to protect against temporal incursions.
Thoron Shielding
Thoron Shielding offers stronger defenses against attack, dampens communications, and limits sensor scans.

Physical Shielding


Physical Shielding - also known as Armor - are specialized metal sheets that provide direct protection for the hull. The armor will absorb damage after energy shields have failed protecting the vital subsystems from damage.
Ablative Armor
Ablative Armor is a protective plating which rapidly dissipates the energy impacts from enemy weapons.
Dispersive Armor
Dispersive Armor is a specially designed armor capable of dispersing energy weapon impacts that hit the hull.
Nanotech Molecular Armor
Nanotech Molecular Armor is a regenerative, nearly impenetrable armor designed for combat against the Borg Collective.
Polarized Hull Plating
Polarized Hull Plating was a predecessor to energy shielding and it strengthens the molecular bond of the hull plates.
Reactive Armor
Reactive Armor is a type of armor that explodes outwards to deflect weapons fire and damage.

Stealth System

Cloaking Shielding
Cloaking Shielding (more commonly known as a Cloaking Device) uses concentrated interference patterns to make an object completely invisible to the electromagnetic spectrum and to most conventional sensors. Due to Treaty of Algeron stipulations the United Federation of Planets is forbidden to utilize this form of shielding, which is commonly used by the Cardassian Guard, Klingon Defense Force, the Romulan Imperial Navy, and the Romulan Republican Navy.
Holographic Shielding
Holographic Shielding was developed by Starfleet as part of Project Incursion to change the physical appearance of a vessel for infiltration purposes; however, the technology was successfully stolen by the Romulan Star Empire and was repurposed by the Tal'Shiar for their usage. Shortly afterward the technology was deemed illegal and abandoned.
Interphase Shielding
Interphase Shielding is an enhanced form of cloaking shields that make it possible for a user utilizing these shields to pass through normal matter in a phased state. It is exclusively used, at the moment, by the Romulan Imperial Navy's Tal'Shiar.
Polarized Hull Plating
Polarized Hull Plating, in addition to offering some defense, will mask a vessel on sensors.
Reflective Hull Plating
Reflective Hull Plating is a specialized hull coating which places a reflection on the hull of the user.
Refractive Shielding
Refractive Shielding is an energy shield configuration that is designed to hide a vessel from sensors.

Real World


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