Defiant Class/Telemachus Subtype

Class Data

Defiant Class/Telemachus Subtype

Affiliation: United Federation of Planets, Starfleet
Commissioning Year: 2371
Named After: Cities
Type: Escort

Noteworthy Vessels:

USS Telemachus NX-75651
USS Bozeman NCC-75652
USS Baton Rouge NCC-75653
USS Rome NCC-75654
USS Moscow NCC-75655
USS Paris NCC-75656
USS London NCC-75657
USS Shi'Kahr NCC-75658
USS Ashalla NCC-75659
USS Nostromo NCC-75660
USS Springfield NCC-75661
USS Lor'Vela NCC-75662
USS Sao Paulo NCC-75663
USS Rixx NCC-75664
USS Leran Manev NCC-75665

Personnel Data

Crew Complement: 40
Passenger Complement: 10
Evacuation Complement: 192

Hull Systems


Decks: 4
Beam: 134.11 Meters
Height: 30.1 Meters
Length: 170.68 Meters
Mass: 355,000 metric tonnes

Deck Layout

Deck 1
Bridge, captain's ready room, transporter room 1, phaser cannons (2), Main engineering, plasma exhaust vents, upper sensor array, officer and crew quarters, deuterium storage.
Deck 2
Main engineering, main impulse engines, computer core, targeting sensors, mess hall, warp coils, sickbay, medical and science laboratory, transporter room 2, officer and crew quarters, warhead control room.
Deck 3
Main impulse engines, warhead impulse engines, shuttlebays 1-3, antimatter storage, cargo bays 1-4, airlocks (2), aft torpedo magazine, warp coils, shuttle and cargo management unit maintenance.
Deck 4
landing struts, navigational deflector, phaser cannons (2), forward and aft torpedo magazines, aft torpedo launchers (2), forward torpedo launcher (1), lower sensor array, shuttlebay 1-2 exterior doors and elevator system, main tractor beam emitter.

Specialized Hull Systems

Landing Pads
Planetfall Capability

Personnel Systems

Crew Quarters

Spartan: 30

Environmental Systems

Basic Life Support: Equipped
Reserve Life Support: Equipped
Emergency Life Support: Equipped
Gravity: Equipped
Consumables: 1 Year

Operations Systems

Bridge: Deck 1
Separation System: Detachable Warhead

Communications System

Primary System

Type: Class 9

Emergency System

Type: Class 5

Specialty System

Holocommunications System

Computer System

Computer Core Type: Isolinear
Operating System: LCARS
Optical Data Network: Equipped

Flight Control System

Autopilot: Equipped
Navigational Computer: Class 3

Inertial Dampening System

Primary: Equipped
Auxiliary: Equipped
Emergency: Equipped

Navigational Deflector


Standard Range: 50,000 Kilometers
Maximum Range: 150,000 Kilometers
Location: Warhead Section Forward

Science System:

Laboratories: 2

Security System:

Anti-Intruder System: Equipped
Autodestruct System: Equipped
Internal Forcefield Generation System: Equipped

Sensor System

Lateral Sensors:

Strength Package: Class 8
Gain Package: Class Beta
Coverage: Standard

Long Range Sensors:

Range Package: Type 5
High Resolution: 5 Light-years
Low Resolution: 15 Light-years
Strength Package: Class 8
Gain Package: Class Beta
Coverage: Standard

Navigational Sensors:

Strength Package: Class 8
Gain Package: Class Beta
Coverage: Standard


Probes Carried: 10

Structural Integrity Field

Primary: Class 7
Auxiliary: Class 7
Emergency: Class 5

Tractor Beams

Emitter: Class Delta
Location(s): Aft dorsal, Forward ventral

Transporter System

Personnel Transporter:

Pads: 3
Emitter/Receiver Array Range: Personnel Type 6
Energizing/Transition Coils: Class I
Location: Deck 1
Range: 40,000 Kilometers

Emergency Transporter:

Pads: 12
Emitter/Receiver Array Range: Emergency Type 3
Energizing/Transition Coils: Class I
Location: Deck 2
Range: 15,000 Kilometers

Cargo Transporter:

Pads: 400 Kilograms
Emitter/Receiver Array Range: Cargo Type 3
Energizing/Transition Coils: Class I
Location: Deck 3
Range: 40,000 Kilometers

Power Systems

Primary Power Core: Class 7/M Warp Drive
Secondary Power Core: Type 7 Impulse Drive
Auxiliary Power Core: Type D Fusion Reactor
Emergency Power Core: Type D Fusion Reactor
Electroplasma System: Standard EPS System

Propulsion Systems

Warp Drive

Nacelle: Type 6D98
Cruising Velocity: Warp 6.0
Maximum Velocity: Warp 9.2
Critical Velocity: Warp 9.982
Plasma Injection System: Type H

Impulse Drive

Type: Type 7
Cruising Velocity: .25c
Maximum Velocity: .75c
Critical Velocity: .92c

RCS Drive

Type: RCS Thruster Type 1
Cruising Velocity: .05c
Maximum Velocity: .15c
Critical Velocity: .25c

Support Systems

Cargo Holds: 4 Cargo Holds providing 12,000 cubic meters of storage space
Diplomatic Level: 4
Escape Pods: 26 pods providing emergency evacuation capacity for 6 persons per pod
Fire Suppression System: Equipped
Food Replicator: Equipped
Industrial Replicator: Equipped
Internal Transport System: Standard turbolift system, internal Jeffries tube network
Medical Facilities: Level 1
Recreation Facilities: 1 small crew lounge

Support Vehicle Systems:


Standard Complement: 2 Shuttlepods, 1 Shuttle
Emergency Capacity: 4 Shuttlepods, 2 Shuttles

Tactical Systems:

Deflector Shield System

Shield Generator: Class 3
Shield Grid: Type C
Recharing System: Class 2
Backup Shield Generator: Class 3

Primary Weapon System

Type: 4 Type XIX Phaser Cannons
Auto-Phaser Interlock: Class Alpha
Range: 300,000 Kilometers
Firing Modes: Pulse

Secondary Weapon System

Type: Torpedo Launchers
Range: 3,500,000 Kilometers
Firing Modes: Pulse
Torpedo Spread: 6
Torpedo Types: Photon and Quantum Torpedoes
Torpedoes Carried: 200

Threat Assessment System

Type: Class Gamma

Real World

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