Ella Sykes
Ella Sykes
Personal Information
Species Betazoid
Gender Female
Born 2394
Marital Status Married
Family Living
Professional Information
Affiliation United Federation of Planets - Starfleet
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Assignment Chief Medical Officer - Reproductive
Duty Station USS Hippocrates
Status PC

Career Biography

Academy: Star Fleet Academy
Specialties Major: Biology, Chemistry, Genetics, Medicine
Specialties Minor: Endocrinology, Physiology, Reproductive Habits of Sentient Species
Languages: Betazed, Latin,
Cadet Cruise: USS Assurance- Ensign
Assignment 1: USS Challenge
Assignment 2: USS Davenport- ACMO
Assignment 3: USS Enterprise
Assignment 4: USS Hippocrates

Personal Biography

Ella was born with her telepathic abilities; an unusual trait for a Betazoid but not unheard of. She was given a lot of counseling and still attends weekly sessions on each ship she is on. She is professional and quiet. Her childhood was relatively peaceful. Her parents were skilled telepaths and trained her with great care and love. She was kept isolated for the first few years until she had gained control over her talents and then slowly integrated into society. Dr, Samel Narthall, a friend of her parents took a particular interest in her and it was from him that she learned of her love for medicine. She trained with him from an early age. Her parents encouraged the association and she trained herself to use her talents to help her patients. School was easy for Ella, she excelled in her courses thanks to her natural intelligence and her perseverance. She went thru standard early Betazoid school although she was given special training for her abilities.
StarFleet was not high on her parent’s list of professions for their daughter. She was SUPPOSED to settle on planet and create a small thriving doctor’s office…NOT go into space and train with those other races!

She has been on several ships as she worked up to her current rank. She has pretty much given up on finding her Imzadi and is considering returning home when she turns 40 in order to give in to her parent’s demands that she marry her childhood bondmate.

Ella's experience on the Enterprise has changed her entire life. She has now married her Imzadi, Michael Lovonix

Ella has a tendency to be a bit shy but she will not tolerate abuse of her patients. Her quiet competence has made her a favorite of the ships she has been on. She treats her staff well and encourages them to take ample breaks and enjoy their downtime. A tired physician makes mistakes. She has a special item from her family with her: a Betazoid chime that she rings when eating.

Ella enjoys music, holohorse riding/real horse racing, cooking, and extreme climbing.

Real World


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