Engineering Equipment

Engineering Equipment is used by an engineer to complete maintenance tasks on equipment or systems aboard a starship or station.

Engineering Equipment

Handheld Equipment

Coil Scanner
A coil scanner is a specialized, handheld diagnostic tool used to scan plasma coils.
Coil Spanner
An engineering tool that is utilized to make adjustments to hardware. Typically a Coil Spanner is used to work with electroplasma based systems.
A decoupler is a handheld engineering tool used to make adjustments to buffer systems (such as a pattern buffer).
A descrambler is a piece of technology used to fix code sequencers.
Duotronic Probe
An engineering tool used aboard Federation starships to regulate plasma flow.
EJ-9 Interlock
An upgraded engineering tool that is utilized to bypass security lockouts to interface with a Computer network.
Flux Coupler
A flux coupler is an engineering tool designed to assist with the regulation of energy flux.
Gravitic Caliper
A replacement for the Duotronic Probe, a Gravitic Caliper is used to regulate plasma flow through gravitational force.
A multipurpose tool that is primarily used for relinking and bypassing circuitry.
Interphasic Compensator
A specialized engineering tool used for realigning warp coils.
Isolinear Spanner
An engineering tool designed to calibrate Isolinear circuitry.
Isolitic Converter
An engineering tool which could be used to unfuse engine controls.
Laser Welder
An engineering tool designed to join metal.
Magnetic Probe: An engineering tool that is used to shut off the fuel flow in a starship's Warp Drive.
: Microresonator
A specialized, handheld engineering tool that was used to degauss magnetic fields on a small scale.
ODN Recoupler
An ODN Recoupler is used by an Engineer to repair an Optical Data Network.
Optronic Coupler: An Optronic Coupler is used by an Engineer to make changes to an Optical Data Network.
: Parametric Scanner: A hand-held engineering device used for aligning phase coils.
: Phase Modulator
A Phase Modulator is an engineering device used for work on weapons.
Plasma Torch
An engineering cutting tool.
Quantum Flux Regulator: An engineering tool designed to regulate equipment that generates or exhibits a state of quantum flux.
: Submicron Scanner
An engineering tool used to scan power cells.
Synchronic Meter
A specializes, handheld diagnostic tool designed to troubleshoot problems with transporter operations.
Thermal Regulator
An engineering tool used to regulate energy emission.
Trident Scanner
An engineering tool used to repair power relays.
Waveform Discriminator
A handheld engineering tool that is used to work on communications systems.


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