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Starfleet One
Game Master President Gruzy
Game Location Sol Sector, Milky Way Galaxy
Game Type PBEM
Game Wiki Starfleet One
Status Active
Description Have you ever wanted to be part of an adventure where your decisions can impact the entire way of life for a civilization? Where your choices can make lasting friendships between once bloodthirsty enemies or your tactics in battle can save your society from the horrors of war? Now is your perfect chance to build the future as part of Starfleet One. Starfleet One takes place in the early 25th Century during a period of transition for the United Federation of Planets and the major empires of the galaxy. The Federation is struggling after two devastating blows. The President of the Federation has been murdered and the Confederacy of Vulcan has left the Federation to unify with their cousins in the Romulan Star Empire. The Klingon Empire has started a period of expansion and has threatened to end their longstanding alliance with the Federation, already attacking a Starfleet vessel along their border. The Cardassians are embracing democracy, but the Obsidian Order isn’t loosening their stranglehold, and the Ferengi Alliance is developing a devious trade monopoly that is threatening the Federation’s access to vital resources. Just another day as we go boldly where none have gone before…
29 Oct 2017 23:50
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