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U.S.S. Valhalla
Game Master Captain Ken Jamison
Game Location Rakhar Sector, Gamma Quadrant
Game Type PBEM
Game Wiki U.S.S. Valhalla
Status Active
Description The Gamma Quadrant. Distant, Dark. Mysterious. It is into this region of space that the crew of the USS Valhalla find themselves thrust into. Flying the Federation flag, the Galaxy Class Valhalla and its crew, seek out new worlds and civilizations. While upholding the Federation and it's principles. The Valhalla is the point starship in the Federation's exploration of the Gamma Quadrant. Much like the United States cavalry of the old west. They find themselves alone, out manned and outgunned. Not knowing who is friend or enemy, the crew of Valhalla must rely on themselves as they face's the unknown wonders and dangers the Gamma Quadrant has to offer as help is too far away.
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