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Battle Group Omega
Game Master Admiral William Teagarden
Game Master (Deputy) Captain Zhephryn Kaldiran
Game Location Milky Way Galaxy
Game Type PBEM
Game Wiki Battle Group Omega
Status Active
Description Following the devastating announcement of the renewed Klingon/Romulan Alliance the United Federation of Planets has reactivated Starfleet Battle Group Omega to serve as a front line diplomatic, exploration, and – when needed – military response unit in and near Federation territory. Their missions are to ensure that the Federation never forgets their heritage as they boldly go where none have gone before… but their first mission may be their last. The Son’a, long time nomadic adversaries of the Federation, have become the center of the latest conflict between the Federation and the Klingon/Romulan Alliance. The Klingons have reached out to the Son’a about membership in their Empire, which would become a dangerous threat to the Federation if accomplished. A diplomatic team led by President Gruzy himself has been sent to negotiate with the Son’a while Battle Group Omega is tasked with providing security. But when a fleet of Klingon ships approaches intent on taking the Son’a bases as their own the threat of war grows ever closer…
29 Oct 2017 23:50
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