Federation Council
Federation Council
Affiliation United Federation of Planets
Commander President Pro Tempore Gruzy
Location Earth, Sol Sector, Alpha Quadrant
Status Active

The Federation Council is the primary elected body of the United Federation of Planets and was created in 2161.


Established with the signing of the Federation Charter, the Federation Council is the primary legislative body of the Federation and oversees the day to day operations of the government. The early years of the Federation in the 22nd Century were marred by multiple groups trying to assert their dominance over the whole; however, this was overcome with time as more and more efforts were made to establish a system of collaboration and cooperation amongst the member worlds. Councilors also had to deal with growing risk from external powers that did not want to deal with the nascent government. Early risks came from the Klingon Empire whom saw the growth of the Federation as a threat to their borders. The Romulan Star Empire went into a period of isolation; however, were secretly trying to gain control over key forces before finally being locked behind their borders.

The 23rd Century saw the growth of the Federation as a key player in the galaxy as the organization continued to grow. As new memberships grew and territory expanded, the Federation Council was challenged by the growing animosity of the Klingon Empire. This led to the establishment of the Organian Peace Treaty that developed a Neutral Zone between the two powers. This, however, did not preclude small scale conflicts that challenged the Council's resolve. This led to the Babel Conference to welcome additional members into the Federation and negotiate trade deals between multiple powers in the galaxy. The Council would also be drawn more and more into daily galactic politics. Nothing, however, was as damning as the fallout from Project Genesis. To help resolve the issue the Council directly oversaw the trial of the crew of the USS Enterprise for their involvement in the incident and released them from all but one charge due to their efforts to save Earth from the Cetacean crisis. As part of their decree further research into the Genesis technologies. Later, the Council would meet at Khitomer to discuss the disarmament of the Klingon Empire and to establish the Khitomer Accords.

The 24th Century would see continued expansion for the Federation, but growing strife. The Federation Council would be forced to set intergalactic limits on Warp technology due to research that discovered that the Warp Drive was damaging the space time continuum. Relations with the Klingon Empire would become strained with the invasion of the Cardassian Union, but would improve again with the outbreak of the Dominion war. Some of the darker methods of the Federation were discovered during the late days of the 24th Century. With the discovery of Section 31 and its efforts against the galaxy, the Federation Council ordered a top level review and had the top leadership of the organization arrested and imprisoned. Nonetheless, several of their actions were applauded including the development of a virus that nearly wiped out the top leadership of the Dominion: the Founders. The Council's actions led to the Andorian Empire temporarily seceding from the Federation; however, they later returned as a full member race.

The 25th Century has shown struggle for the galaxy with the outbreak of multiple wars. First, the Federation and the Klingon Empires went to war over the Hromi Cluster and the Archanis Sector; however, peace was restored in 2410. A threat from a race known as the T'Saz Imperium challenged the Council, but the greatest threat to the safety of the Federation itself came with the attack by the Supremacy upon the Federation, Klingons, and Romulans. Divisions were quickly discovered as the varied factions jockeyed for renewed control over the Council itself. Despite this occurring nearly a decade ago, as of 2427 the divisions were still present with some feeling a more defensive tone should be set instead of an exploratory one - especially following the events of Reunification and the death of President Lesia Enaren. It remains to be seen what the future will hold.

Council Directory

Elected Federation Officials

Foreign Officials

Support Staff

  • Starfleet Liaison: Admiral Linz


The Federation Council meets once every six months with all members having to be present or he/she would be barred from the remaining sessions of the period. All sessions were presided over by the President of the United Federation of Planets, who set the agenda and was the only member who could recognize speakers before the full Council. No one could speak without the authorization of the President. The Council members were determined by their home governments with elevation to the Federation Council being considered an honor.

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