Ferengi Alliance
The Ferengi Alliance
Dominant Species Ferengi
Founded 10th Century
Capital Ferenginar
Government Corporation
Head of State Grand Nagus Rom
Legislature Economic Congress of Advisors
Location Alpha Quadrant
Military Ferengi Treasury Guard

The Ferengi Alliance is a capitalist culture whose names are synonymous with galactic commerce. Led by the Grand Nagus, the Ferengi way of life is managed by a strict code of business ethics known as the Rules of Acquisition.




Dominant Member Species

Natives of the rain soaked planet Ferenginar, the Ferengi are a short humanoid species with large ears, orange skin, and enlarged skulls. Their four-lobed brain makes them resistant to telepathy and gives them a strong organizational ability, traits essential for a culture built on the ideals of free enterprise and profit.

Ferengi Treasury Guard


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