Galaxy Class/Avalon Subtype
Galaxy Class/Avalon Subtype
Affiliation United Federation of Planets - Starfleet
Type Command Dreadnought
Named After Mythological Places
Crew 1,012 (Standard); 200 (Visiting); 15,000 (Maximum)
Physical Specifications
Length* 641 meters
Width* 470 meters
Height* 157 meters
Decks* 45
Mass* 4,750,000 metric tons
Standard Mission 7 years
Refit 15 years
Expected Lifetime 100 years
Technical Specifications
Command and Control Systems*
Bridge Class 4
Hardware 3 Bioneural/Isolinear Hybrid Computer Cores
Software LCARS
Defensive Systems*
Energy Regenerative Deflector Shields
Physical Ablative Hull Armor, Mission Pod, Saucer Separation
Offensive Systems*
Primary Weapon 1 Type XXI Phaser Cannon, 2 Type XX Phaser Cannons, 15 Type XIX Phaser Arrays
Secondary Weapon 4 Burst Fire Torpedo Launchers
Secondary Weapon Type Photon, Polaron, Quantum, and Tachyon Torpedoes
Propulsion Systems*
Engineering Class 4
Faster Than Light Class 12/R Warp Drive
Maneuvering RCS Thruster Drive
Sublight Type 9 Impulse Drive
Science Systems
Laboratory 32
Probe 60
Sensor System Class Gamma
Support Systems*
Cargo 18 Cargo Holds providing 333,000 cubic meters of storage space
Diplomatic Level 6
Environment Advanced
Living Quarters 950 (Basic); 385 (Expanded); 110 (Luxury); 50 (Unusual)
Medical Systems Class 4
Recreation Facilities 4 main holodecks, 20 personal holodecks, 1 banquet hall, 2 large crew lounges, 4 small crew lounges
Transport Systems*
Docking Ports 6
Shuttlebays 3
Embarked Craft 2 Class 0 Support Vessels, 180 Escape pods, 25 Shuttlepods, 12 Shuttles
Tractor Beam 3 Class Alpha Tractor Beam Turrets, 2 Class Delta Tractor Beam Turrets
Transporter 8 Cargo Transporter Rooms, 6 Emergency Transporter Rooms, 6 Personnel Transporter Rooms
* - May differ based on mission pod

The Galaxy Class/Avalon Subtype is the latest refit of the long standing Galaxy Class Command Dreadnought design utilized by Starfleet.


Deck Layout

Deck D
Mission Configurable Pod
Deck C
Mission Configurable Pod
Deck B
Mission Configurable Pod
Deck A
Mission Configurable Pod
Deck 1
Main Bridge, Captain's Ready Room, Observation Lounge, Pod Docking Latches and Support Systems
Deck 2
Junior officers quarters
Deck 3
Junior officers quarters
Deck 4
Residential quarters, Main shuttle bay, cargo bays
Deck 5
Science laboratories, Residential quarters, Shuttlebay Support
Deck 6
Transporter rooms, science laboratories, shuttlebay support, main dorsal saucer phaser array
Deck 7
Arboretum, Residential quarters
Deck 8
Battle Bridge, Residential quarters
Deck 9
Docking latches and support systems, Residential quarters (captains quarters), Saucer impulse engines, secondary dorsal saucer phaser arrays
Deck 10
Emergency Batteries, Phaser Systems, Ten forward, Holodecks, Computer cores, escape pods
Deck 11
Holodecks, residential quarters, Life support systems, shuttlebay 2 and 3
Deck 12
Sickbay, medical laboratories, gymnasium, transporter rooms, Residential quarters, Stellar cartography, biological research, astrophysics, Science Labs, shuttlebay 2 and 3
Deck 13
Residential quarters, life support system, main ventral saucer phaser array, shuttlebay 2 and 3
Deck 14
Conference room, residential quarters, Shuttlebay Support, Transporter Rooms
Deck 15
Maintenance center, Science labs
Deck 16
Captain's yacht docking port, Maintenance
Deck 17
Living quarters
Deck 18
Living quarters
Deck 19
Living quarters
Deck 20
Living quarters
Deck 21
EPS Power Distribution Systems
Deck 22
Engineering support laboratories
Deck 23
Main impulse engines
Deck 24
Life Support Systems
Deck 25
Dorsal docking port, forward photon torpedo launcher
Deck 26
Engineering support
Deck 27
Deuterium fuel pumps and fill ports
Deck 28
Deuterium fuel storage
Deck 29
Deuterium fuel storage
Deck 30
Deuterium injection reactors
Deck 31
Science laboratories
Deck 32
Living quarters
Deck 33
Living quarters
Deck 34
Environmental support
Deck 35
Aft photon torpedo launcher
Deck 36
Main engineering, Secondary ventral stardrive section phaser arrays
Deck 37
Environmental support, waste management
Deck 38
Brig, Cargo Bays
Deck 39
Cargo Bays
Deck 40
Antimatter injection reactors
Deck 41
Antimatter storage pods
Deck 42
Antimatter storage pods

Noteworthy Vessels:

USS Avalon NX-100000
USS Eden NCC-100001
USS Hell NCC-100002
USS Sto-vo-kor NCC-100003
USS Gre'thor NCC-100004
USS Vorta Vor NCC-100005
USS Erebus NCC-100006
USS El Dorado NCC-100007
USS Akakor NCC-100008
USS Shambhala NCC-100009
USS Kaz'hera NCC-100010
USS Asgard NCC-100011
USS Shangri-La NCC-100012
USS Atlantis NCC-100013
USS Olympus NCC-100014
USS Valhalla NCC-100015
USS Alfheim NCC-100016
USS Camelot NCC-100017
USS Jotunheim NCC-100018
USS Muspelheim NCC-100019
USS Niflheim NCC-100020
USS Themiscyra NCC-100021
USS Xibalba NCC-100022
USS Brahmapura NCC-100023
USS Arcadia NCC-100024
USS Zion NCC-100025

Real World

The Galaxy Class was designed and created by Andrew Probert for Star Trek: The Next Generation. The United States Subtype was originally created as USS Zirconia by WickedZombie45. No infringement intended.


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