Battle Group Omega
Battle Group Omega
Based Upon Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry
Created By William Teagarden
Production Dates 2001 - 2015; 2017 - Current
Seasons 16
Timeframe 2410 - 2428
Website Battle Group Omega

Battle Group Omega is a Star Trek PBEM RPG hosted through Groups.Io and is a proud member of Continuing Voyages.


Stardate the 25th Century…

The ravages of time have taken their toll upon the Milky Way Galaxy. After almost a decade of peace the historic Federation Alliance has become broken and shattered. Brutal infighting and bitter racial divides from eras past have reared their ugly heads once again threatening the fragile system. In silence the hard won peace has given way to a deafening destruction as the powerless have grown stronger and once great civilizations have been led to the brink of devastation.

The United Federation of Planets is not immune and is facing one of its greatest struggles since its founding. With the unprecedented growth of the Core Worlds those on the frontier continue to face only hardship and pain. More and more traditional values and individual freedoms are being infringed in the name of safety as more and more power is given to Starfleet and its forces. Former friends have become bitter enemies as the Klingons and the Romulans have joined forces intent on expanding their powerbase in the Beta Quadrant, while the Federation family itself starts to crack under the weight of its own history.

With dangers lurking all around an idea was born to return to the ideals of the past to secure the Federation's future. Under the orders of President Gruzy and the Federation Council, Starfleet Headquarters has revived the concept of the Starfleet Expeditionary Group. These groups of ships have been launched with one purpose: to seek out new life and new civilizations as they explore the galaxy. The most famous group of which is Battle Group Omega. Led by a dedicated team of explorers and diplomats from the decks of the infamous Starship Enterprise, these intrepid heroes will ensure that the Federation continues to go boldly where none have gone before as they embrace the values of the Federation's past…


Main Characters

Admiral William Teagarden
Commanding Officer of Battle Group Omega and the USS Enterprise, Admiral William Teagarden is an experienced Starfleet Commanding Officer and has previously served as the Commanding Officer of Starfleet before returning to the Enterprise. He is married to Admiral Lynz and harbors a dangerous secret.
Captain Zhephryn Kaldiran
Executive Officer of the USS Enterprise, Captain Zhephryn Kaldiran (or Zheph to his friends) is a member of the L'Tandrey species and a long time friend of Admiral Teagarden. He also commands the mission support ship: the USS Spock.
Captain Hwiii ih'iie-uUlak!ha'
A long time member of the crew of the Starship Enterprise, Captain Hwii has recently returned to the Enterprise to oversee Engineering functions for the entire Battle Group.
Captain Nathan Hawkins
Formerly the Captain of the USS Vigilance, Captain Hawkins has transferred to the Enterprise as its new Security Chief due to personal reasons.
Commander Sherwin Porter, MD
A former crewmember of the Enterprise, Doctor Sherwin Porter has returned to the Enterprise to serve as its Chief Medical Officer.
Lieutenant Commander Carla Green
Formerly of the USS Vigilance, Commander Green transferred to the Enterprise to serve as its new Chief Science Officer.
Lieutenant Dillon Herrera
A new addition to the crew of the Starship Enterprise, Lieutenant Herrera serves as the Assistant Chief Engineer of the Enterprise under Captain Hwii and is frequently responsible for meeting Enterprise's maintenance needs.

Supporting Characters

Admiral Lynz
Commanding Officer of Starfleet Headquarters, Admiral Lynz oversees Starfleet and its operations. She is married to Admiral William Teagarden, but is one of his most frequent adversaries.
Lieutenant Rrawran (NPC)
A member of the Rorworr species, Lieutenant Rrawran is the Enterprise's Security Chief. The Lieutenant's species is highly uncivilized, which has been a point of contention for many, and he's one of Enterprise's most misunderstood officers.
Lieutenant Sanyi (NPC)
A citizen from Ligon II, Lieutenant Sanyi is the Enterprise's new Helmsman. Sanyi has a strict sense of personal honor, but he's a bit more apprehensive about meeting new people than the typical member of Starfleet.
Lieutenant Avir Yavan (NPC)
Enterprise's recently appointed Alpha Watch Operations Officer, Lieutenant Avir Yavan is a Ventaxian and was first in her class at Starfleet Academy. Despite this she is a bit of a hot head and doesn't suffer fools easily.

Former Characters

Captain Andromeda T'Swann
Former Commanding Officer of the USS Stargazer, Captain T'Swann returned to duty aboard the Starship Enterprise at the request of Admiral Teagarden to serve as his Chief Science Officer. She left to serve as the Starfleet Liaison to the Office of the Federation President.
Lieutenant Commander Mikhail Vassen (NPC)
A Human/Vulcan hybrid who has embraced his emotions, Commander Vassen is the Enterprise's Operations Manager. Having served aboard the Enterprise since being an Ensign, he knows the ship better than almost anyone. Commander Vassen was assigned as Captain of the USS Rutledge in 2428.
Lieutenant Nicholas Blair
A specialist counselor with a long history with Captain Hawkins. Lieutenant Blair transferred to Gateway Station to serve as its Chief Counselor in 2428.
Lieutenant Enik Sorla (NPC)
A wild Trill pilot, Lieutenant Enik Sorla is a pilot who loves fun more than anything else. Formerly a Lieutenant Commander, the Admiral demoted him shortly before the Enterprise launched on its mission. He left the Enterprise to serve as XO of the USS Rutledge in 2428.
Lieutenant Jemma Suder
The new Ship's Counselor, Lieutenant Jemma Suder was personally selected from dozens of candidates to be responsible for the mental health of the Enterprise's crew. She transferred off the Enterprise in 2428 due to a family emergency.
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Melly
A recent Academy graduate, Ensign Melly is one of the Enterprise's fighter pilots and her past is among the greatest mysteries facing the Enterprise's crew.


USS Enterprise
Flagship of Battle Group Omega and the United Federation of Planets, the Enterprise is a prototype for a new class of ships bearing the same name. Having been in space for almost twenty years, the Enterprise has recently been refitted and is returning to action under her original Commanding Officer.

Story arc

Please note: Records of Seasons 1 - 15 are not recorded in this wiki.

Season 16


Following the devastating announcement of the renewed Klingon/Romulan Alliance the United Federation of Planets has restored Starfleet Battle Group Omega to serve as a front line diplomatic, exploration, and – when needed – military response unit. Their missions are to ensure that the Federation never forgets their heritage as they boldly go where none have gone before…

… but their first mission may be their last.

The Son’a, long time nomadic adversaries of the Federation, have become the center of the latest conflict between the Federation and the Klingon/Romulan Alliance. The Klingons have reached out to the Son’a about membership in their Empire, which would become a dangerous threat to the Federation if accomplished. A diplomatic team led by the President of the Federation himself has been sent to negotiate with the Son’a while Battle Group Omega is tasked with providing security. But when a fleet of Klingon ships approaches intent on taking the Son’a bases as their own the threat of war grows ever closer.

This was a joint mission with Starfleet One.


The diplomatic situation in the Klingon Empire is growing perilous with each passing moment. Chancellor Krenek has been killed by Mistress Akero of the villainous House of Duras. Now she is challenging the High Council for control over the Klingon Empire itself. Meanwhile, the Gorn, a race conquered by the Klingons in the late 24th Century, are in open rebellion against the Empire making this far more dangerous than any have anticipated.

The leader of the Gorn has requested a meeting with the Federation, urgently requesting to speak with the Federation and Starfleet’s Commanders at Deep Space Station K-7. His reasons are unknown for now, but things are sure to heat up when a Klingon Fleet – led by Mistress Akero herself – requests to speak with the Federation as well.

As civil war threatens to erupt in the Klingon Empire a voice from the past issues a dangerous warning for the future…

This was a joint mission with Starfleet One.

Resurrection - Season Finale - Current Mission

When Betazed is attacked by a mysterious Starfleet vessel on the anniversary of the Dominion Occupation, Battle Group Omega is assigned to capture the renegade vessel and bring its crew to justice. When its discovered that the mystery ship is fully automated and controlled by an artificial intelligence that believes itself to be Admiral William Teagarden himself, its up to the crew of Battle Group Omega to stop the ship before it can attack its next target: Cardassia Prime.

Future Episodes


While on routine patrol of the Romulan Neutral Zone, Battle Group Omega detects a transmission that leads them to a planet resembling Earth! Ordering a full investigation of the planet, the ships of Battle Group Omega are amazed to learn of only one difference between the worlds: the presence of a large island inhabited by Humans claiming to citizens of the lost continent of Atlantis. However, not all is as it seems on the idyllic world and the crew of the Battle Group may pay the price for unlocking the pages of history.


The ships of Battle Group Omega have been recalled to escort a disgraced former Federation bioweapons scientist to trial when he mysteriously escapes from confinement. Facing the dangerous prospect that a mass murderer is loose amongst the fleet is a race against time to stop him before he can kill again.


Isolated in the far reaches of the deep frontier, the Federation Penal Colony of Ananke Alpha was built to house and rehabilitate the most dangerous criminals known to the Federation. Battle Group Omega has been assigned to oversee its five year resupply when an infamous criminal mastermind manages to take over the outpost and demands he and his followers be released or they will destroy the prison and the supply team.


When Starfleet Headquarters loses contact with an agricultural colony near Klingon Space, Starfleet assumes the worst and orders Battle Group Omega to investigate the mystery. Upon arriving at the colony they find a derelict vessel in orbit and the peaceful residents of the colony losing their sanity. Can the vessels of Battle Group Omega reverse the condition before it's too late?

Real World

Battle Group Omega is the current semi-reboot of the long running Continuing Voyages roleplaying game. Going back to the basics of why the group was founded in the beginning, Battle Group Omega is a game that is intended to be a place where friends and family could come together to have fun and enjoy their time together. Intended to operate like a traditional, classic tabletop Roleplaying Game our players are encouraged to not only participate in our story but to tell their own as character development is one of our tenets.

Hailed in the past as one of the most realistic Star Trek Roleplaying Games on the internet and holding distinctions as Game of the Month for multiple months on different gaming sites, Battle Group Omega is a place for players of all backgrounds and skill levels and is a game that is designed for the Star Trek enthusiast and non enthusiast alike. More importantly this game is a game of family, of friendship, and we invite anyone who is interested to join us.


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