Starfleet One
Starfleet One
Based Upon Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry
Created By William Teagarden
Production Dates 2001 - 2015; 2017 - Current
Seasons 17
Timeframe 2410 - 2429
Website Starfleet One

Starfleet One is a Star Trek PBEM RPG hosted through Groups.Io and is a proud member of Continuing Voyages.


Following the horrific death of President Lesia Enaren during the destuction of the Vulcanis Lunar Colony, Ambassador Gruzy of the Xindi has been elected President of the United Federation of Planets following one of the most bitter elections in modern history. It is a time of rebuilding as many have lost trust in the Federation Council and its leadership in recent years as more and more rights have been infringed in the name of progress. As darkness has grown throughout the galaxy, the growing specter of corruption has become evident within the Federation itself. The Core Worlds have continued to grow in peace and prosperity while for the worlds on the Frontier every day is a struggle to survive. Meanwhile, old friends and enemies have joined together to strike a new claim on the galaxy, intent upon leaving the Federation broken in their wake.

With the shadow of Vulcanis looming over them, the fallout of the Romulan/Vulcan reunification still fresh, not to mention the risk of war with the Klingons, the first duty of the Gruzy Administration is to restore faith in the Federation and its values. Then there are the more internal threats previously unimagined: a Federation Council that is unsupportive of the new President and has an agenda of its own. Theirs is a story different than any other in the final frontier as they navigate the scandals, threats and political scuffles that the Federation faces every day. Every decision that's made, every action taken by this intrepid men and women will affect countless lives throughout the galaxy both now and beyond…


Main Characters

President Gruzy
Former Xindi Ambassador to the Federation Council, President Gruzy is the most recent person to hold the distinction of being what many call the most powerful man in the galaxy. An experienced diplomat, many people within the Federation have taken issue with him and his policies due to the history of his race.
Chief of Staff Restalar Kalev
The President's right hand, Restalar Kalev is the former Federation Ambassador from Coridan. A fierce advocate for her people and a defender of the President's policies, she is a fighter determined to protect the Federation no matter the cost.
Secretary Daeren Iril
The former Federation Ambassador from Trill, Secretary Daeren Iril is the President's Secretary of Defense.
Secretary Jonathan Grayson
The former United Earth Ambassador to the Federation, Secretary Jonathan Grayson has joined the Cabinet as the Federation's Secretary of the Exterior. Working along with the President on many issues, Secretary Grayson is the Federation's lead diplomat.
Ambassador T'Nara
The Confederacy of Vulcan's Ambassador to the Federation Council, Ambassador T'Nara has been growing in power following the disaster at Vulcanis Lunar Colony.
Ambassador William Teagarden
Former Commanding Officer of Battle Group Omega and the USS Enterprise, Admiral William Teagarden is the new Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire and is married to Fleet Admiral Lynz and harbors a dangerous secret.
Admiral Greg Coulson
Recently appointed Captain of Starfleet One, Admiral Coulson is a distinguished Starfleet Officer who rose through the ranks of the Tactical division. Not your typical diplomat, Admiral Coulson is a bit unorthodox but gets results.
Admiral Lynz
Commanding Officer of Starfleet Headquarters, Admiral Lynz oversees Starfleet and its operations. She is married to Admiral William Teagarden and is an old friend of President Gruzy. She is currently in a coma after being injured while on a diplomatic mission to the Klingon Empire.
Captain Andromeda T'Swann
Former Commanding Officer of the USS Stargazer and Science Officer of the USS Enterprise, Captain T'Swann has been appointed to serve as the Starfleet Liaison to the Office of the Federation President.
Commander Nathan Bishop
Recently appointed to the Enterprise as its Operations Manager, Commander Bishop has been recently appointed Enterprise's Executive Officer following the unexpected Leave of Absence for Captain Zhephryn Kaldiran.
Commander Nathan Hawkins
Formerly the Captain of the USS Vigilance, Commander Hawkins has transferred to oversee the Hazard Team assigned to Starfleet One.
Commander Sherwin Porter, MD
A former crewmember of the Enterprise, Doctor Sherwin Porter has been assigned to serve as Chief Medical Officer of Starfleet One.
Lieutenant Commander Carla Green
Formerly of the USS Vigilance, Commander Green transferred to the Enterprise to serve as its new Chief Science Officer.
Lieutenant Dillon Herrera
A new addition to the crew of the Starship Enterprise, Lieutenant Herrera serves as the Assistant Chief Engineer of the Enterprise under Captain Hwii and is frequently responsible for meeting Enterprise's maintenance needs.

Supporting Characters

Praetor Xeri Tei
Current Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire, Xeri Tei has been seen by many as a unifier in the galactic community because of her negotiation of reunification between the Romulan Star Empire and the Confederacy of Vulcan.
Ambassador Caxl
The Benzite Representative to the Federation Council, Ambassador Caxl is a fierce opponent to President Gruzy's policies and feels that the Federation needs to focus more on its own needs than those others.
Lady Akero, Daughter of Toral
A former Klingon General and the Head of the House of Duras, the Lady Akero represents a progressive wave in the Klingon High Council embracing change.
Lord Brotak, Son of Koloth
Leader of the Klingon House of Koloth, Lord Brotak is an old guard Klingon who is one of the lead candidates to become Chancellor following Krenek's death at the hands of the Lady Akero.

Former Characters

Chancellor Krenek, Son of Kol
Current Chancellor of the Klingon Empire, Krenek, Son of Kol is the former military governor of the Archais Sector and is a staunch opponent of the goals of the Federation. His first act as Chancellor was to abandon the Khitomer Accords. He was killed in 2428 by Lady Akero, Daughter of Toral.
Ambassador Karrak
The former Klingon Ambassador to the Federation, following the Klingons attack on the Gorn Warrior Hatchery he has formed a renegade government intent on freeing his people from Klingon persecution.
Commander Hwiii ih'iie-uUlak!ha'
A long time member of the crew of the Starship Enterprise, Commander Hwii has been assigned to oversee Engineering functions for the entire Battle Group Omega.


Château Thelian
Named after former President Thelianaresth th'Vorothishria, Château Thelian is the official residence of the President of the United Federation of Planets.
Palais de la Concorde
The Palais de la Concorde is a large, cylindrical, fifteen-story building in the city of Paris, France on Earth that serves as the seat of government of the United Federation of Planets.
Starfleet Headquarters
Starfleet Headquarters is the compound of buildings located in the City of San Francisco on Earth from which all operations of the Federation Starfleet are overseen by Starfleet Command.
Starfleet One
Flagship of the United Federation of Planets, the USS Enterprise is a prototype for a new class of ships bearing the same name. Having been in space for almost twenty years, the Enterprise has recently been refitted and assigned to serve as the President's transport.
Vanderbilt Building
The Vanderbilt Building is a large, cylindrical building on the grounds of Starfleet Headquarters that contains the Federation Council Chambers.

Story arc

Season 16


It is a time of great uncertainty for the United Federation of Planets. Following the surprise Reunification between the Confederacy of Vulcan and the Romulan Star Empire, President Lesia Enaren has called for a ceremony honoring the Vulcanis Lunar Colony remaining within the Federation. Shortly before the rally was scheduled to start, tragedy struck as a dangerous, weaponized strain of the deadly Sha'Moy Virus was released among the populace, infecting the entire colony and leading to a disaster.

In an instant hundreds of people were fighting amidst the ruins of the once prosperous colony in a deadly struggle to survive as the dead begin to rise and feast upon the living. A desperate band of survivors led by enigmatic Xindi Ambassador Gruzy sought shelter amidst the remains of the colony's shuttle hangar, intent to survive no matter the cost. Meanwhile, in the stars above the planet, a dangerous game of cat and mouse has begun between the crew of Starfleet One and the Romulan Flagship, each intent to quarantine the situation no matter the cost.


President Lesia Enaren is dead, a casualty of the horrific Sha'Moy Virus that affected the Vulcanis Lunar Colony during an errand of peace. In her absence a power vacuum has emerged as the leaders of the Federation Council have begun to jockey for her vacated seat. As Ambassador Gruzy settles into his position as President Pro Tempore and prepares his own unlikely candidacy a new opponent emerges on the field, intent on furthering his people's goals on the galactic stage.

Meanwhile, at Starfleet Headquarters Admiral William Teagarden steps into the role as Commander of Starfleet following the death of Admiral Alin Mon. As he puts into play his first acts as leader of Starfleet's forces, a secret from the past puts the Admiral's entire future at risk as old loyalties emerge from the shadows.


Following the devastating announcement of the renewed Klingon/Romulan Alliance the United Federation of Planets has restored Starfleet Battle Group Omega to serve as a front line diplomatic, exploration, and – when needed – military response unit. Their missions are to ensure that the Federation never forgets their heritage as they boldly go where none have gone before…

… but their first mission may be their last.

The Son’a, long time nomadic adversaries of the Federation, have become the center of the latest conflict between the Federation and the Klingon/Romulan Alliance. The Klingons have reached out to the Son’a about membership in their Empire, which would become a dangerous threat to the Federation if accomplished. A diplomatic team led by the President of the Federation himself has been sent to negotiate with the Son’a while Battle Group Omega is tasked with providing security. But when a fleet of Klingon ships approaches intent on taking the Son’a bases as their own the threat of war grows ever closer.

This was a joint mission with Battle Group Omega.


The diplomatic situation in the Klingon Empire is growing perilous with each passing moment. Chancellor Krenek has been killed by Mistress Akero of the villainous House of Duras. Now she is challenging the High Council for control over the Klingon Empire itself. Meanwhile, the Gorn, a race conquered by the Klingons in the late 24th Century, are in open rebellion against the Empire making this far more dangerous than any have anticipated.

The leader of the Gorn has requested a meeting with the Federation, urgently requesting to speak with the Federation and Starfleet’s Commanders at Deep Space Station K-7. His reasons are unknown for now, but things are sure to heat up when a Klingon Fleet – led by Mistress Akero herself – requests to speak with the Federation as well.

As civil war threatens to erupt in the Klingon Empire a voice from the past issues a dangerous warning for the future…

This was a joint mission with Battle Group Omega.

Resurrection - Season Finale

When Betazed is attacked by a mysterious Starfleet vessel on the anniversary of the Dominion Occupation, Battle Group Omega is assigned to capture the renegade vessel and bring its crew to justice. When its discovered that the mystery ship is fully automated and controlled by an artificial intelligence that believes itself to be Admiral William Teagarden himself, its up to the crew of Battle Group Omega to stop the ship before it can attack its next target: Cardassia Prime.

Season 17

Muv - Season Premiere - Current Mission

The worlds of the United Federation of Planets are celebrating the completion of the New Vulcan Colony in the Fontana System, a memorial to the men, women, and children who lost their lives during the Vulcanis Lunar Colony Disaster. President Gruzy, a survivor of the Vulcanis Disaster, is excited to christen this next chapter for the Vulcan citizens within the Federation, but all that is put at risk when a shadow from the past threatens the future of both the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

Real World

Starfleet One is the spinoff of the long running Continuing Voyages roleplaying game. Unlike traditional Star Trek PBEM games, Starfleet One is unique in that it explores the Administration of a Federation President and his staff as they try to keep the final frontier afloat amidst a galaxy of change. This is a strongly character focused game where players are encouraged to explore their own stories, their own agendas, as they also play in the stories of others. Focused on all players having fun, Starfleet One is a game designed for those interested in complex stories that may not always be about journeying through the final frontier.


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