Hall of Honor

The members of The 16th Fleet have been part of an online community for almost two decades. During that time we have lost some good friends. This site will remain a permanent tribute to their legacy.

James Tomasello

James Tomasello, 59, of Richmond, Virginia, passed away on October 27, 2017. James was a long standing member of The 16th Fleet and played on the USS Vigilance and Starfleet Headquarters.


Marc Drayer

Marc Drayer, 65, of Topeka, Kansas, passed away on February 18, 2019. Marc was one of the original founders of The 16th Fleet, has served in some capacity on each game at some point, and commanded our second vessel the USS Pegasus.


Victoria Strickland

Victoria Strickland, of Grand Prairie, Texas, passed away in June 2018. Victoria played the former Chief Engineer of the USS Enterprise before transferring to help establish the Starship Kelvin. She later served as Chief Engineer of the USS Valhalla.



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