Jack Peterson
Jack Peterson
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Born Day 142, 2382 Earth Standard
Marital Status Single
Professional Information
Affiliation United Federation of Planets - Starfleet
Rank Lt Commander
Assignment Chief Security Officer
Duty Station New Gotham Station
Status PC

Career Biography

Went through the normal schooling until he was 22 and received the equivalent of a college degree. Transferred to Starfleet Academy on Earth,
where he majored in Criminology while working his way through the other security courses offered, graduating in 2402.

Human, Vulcan, Klingon, and a spattering of Ferengi.

Service Record:
2402 - 2406 – Security Officer aboard the USS David Weber
2406 - 2412 – Security Officer aboard the USS Alvarez
2412 - 2416 – Assistant Security Chief aboard the Space Station DS14
2416 - 2424 – Security Chief aboard the USS Nostromo
2424 - current – Security Chief aboard New Gotham Station

2403 – overpowered by an escaping prisoner. Although he helped capture the escapee, a reprimand was placed in his permanent record.
He swore not to let that happen again.
2410 – Arrested after a bar fight just outside San Francisco when the Alvarez was in space dock for repairs.

Medical History:
In good shape overall. Several broken bones and contusions received during the course of his career, but no life threatening injuries… so far.
In 2411 he spent six weeks in a detox center for alcohol abuse, having become an alcoholic without realizing it. He drank to relieve the stress
of his job, not realizing how it was affecting him until it was too late. His then girlfriend convinced him to talk to Medical about his problem. He
has been on the wagon now for 13 years.

Psychological Profile:

Personality Profile:
Jack has a strong sense of duty to his job and to his friends. On the job he is focused and will do what needs to be done. He is also personable,
willing to help someone out, even if he does not know them. Once crossed, though, he can hold a grudge until it fossilizes. He is also willing to
give anyone a second chance, but that is it. There are no third strikes with him. He does have a weakness for children, and will go out of his way
to help one in need. He keeps that part well hidden, as it does not seem to be a “manly” thing to him, especially because he has never had children

Personal Biography

Full Name: Jack Augustus Peterson
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Current Assignment: DS5
Position: Chief of Security
Species: Human
Date of Birth: Day 142, 2382 Earth Standard
Place of Birth: Penthara IV (found here - http://www.lcarscom.net/ufp-faq.htm)
Age: 42
Sex: Male
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Light Brown/Red
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 225 pounds
Distinguishing Marks: scar on right shoulder and left hip – knife wounds
Father: Sam Winifred Peterson (deceased)
Mother: Jeanette Riegel Peterson (deceased)
Siblings: none
Marital Status: single
Children: none

Family History:
A single child, his family gave him a strong sense of self. His father and mother met while teenagers in an orphanage, then married to be able to support themselves without government help. He was born after they were together for ten years. Not having any other relatives, his parents depended on him to take care of himself while they worked for a living, which instilled a strong sense of self-reliance in himself, which served him well in his career. While he was away on Earth studying at the academy, his parents were killed in 2400 in a flitter crash. He was granted emergency leave to return to Penthara IV, where he buried his parents. Selling off the property and goods that they had, he returned to Earth with only some small mementos to remind him of them; a locket that his mother had worn and had never taken off to his knowledge, now slightly melted from the heat of the fire from the crash, his dad’s life ring, and several photo chips.

Liars, thieves, cheats, and anyone trying to take unfair advantage of another, especially someone weaker in one way or another to the one taking advantage. Sushi, which he finds totally disgusting and cannot fathom how anyone could like that vile stuff. Clutter and untidiness in others; though he tries not to let that influence how he deals with others as long as they do not mess with things in his sphere of influence.


  • Working out. He enjoys his routines in the gym. Years of weight training has paid off, giving him a physique a man ten years his junior would envy. Not muscle bound, but in top shape, which serves him well in his current career.
  • Weapons practice. He has become proficient in many of the pistols, rifles, and blades that are part of his life as a member of security. He is also proficient in several different styles of unarmed combat, though he finds he using his own bastardized blending of the styles. It makes his moves hard to predict.
  • Playing the piano. His parents were both into music, and his mom taught him to play the piano. He enjoyed the time spent with her on the baby grand piano in their living room. He continues to play today, having picked up an electronic keyboard, which is much easier to move from duty station to duty station than a true piano would be.
  • Oil Painting. During his treatment for alcoholism, his counselor recommended he find something to occupy his mind instead of drinking, and brought up the subject of painting. He found that he rather enjoyed it, and has become quite adept. Not a master painter, to be sure, he has found that he is a decent painter, and can paint portraits and stellar scenes with equal ease. His quarters
  • Reading, especially real books. His father instilled in him a love for the written word. When he was young they did not have the funds for a reader, so he found himself quite often at the local library, where he would escape his life for a while by reading of the adventures of others.

Real World


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