Jekku Osa
Jekku Osa
Personal Information
Species Bajoran
Gender Male
Born 2376
Marital Status Widowed
Family Deceased
Professional Information
Affiliation United Federation of Planets - Starfleet
Rank Lieutenant
Assignment Chief Medical Officer - Trauma
Duty Station USS Hippocrates
Status PC

Career Biography

Osa was born in Lonar Province during the Cardassian occupation. Life was hard under the Cardassian thumb. When he turned twelve he joined the Ornathia resistance cell. Being a resistance fighter taught him a lot about how to survive with little or no equipment. After a short but bloody skirmish with the Cardassians Osa was drafted to help out; taking care of the wounded. He showed a natural talent for healing. The leaders of his resistance cell decided that he was going to be taught how to be a medic. He excelled at it and loved being able to heal the resistance fighters. His comment was there were plenty of resistance fighters but only a handful resistance medics. After several years helping the resistance he expanded those that he provided medical care to and included the labor camps. He would sneak into the camp and setup a hidden hospital for as long as he could get away with it. The Cardassians would eventually find the hospitals and destroy them. Most of the time he would have moved or permanently shut it down and moved to another camp. He was caught only twice and tortured but the resistance would break him free as soon as they could. It was during this time that he met his wife. Lurana was a kind and gentle soul that hated conflict. That he was a medic was what really drew her attention. She would travel with his as a nurse to help him heal the injured. She was eight months pregnant when they were caught and she was tortured to death. It took him many years to get over the loss of his wife and unborn child. Like most of the Bajorans he also celebrated when the Cardassians were drive from their world.

Within a day after Bajor’s independence, Osa was asked to be a part of the Bajor Militia. He accepted and headed up a team to provide medical help to worst areas on Bajor. For the next couple of years he traveled all over the Bajoran systems with his team providing medical help. He was transferred to the capital to be the personal physician of the Kai. That lasted for a week before he was transferred to the patrol ship ‘Prophet’s Hope’ as their CMO. When it was decided that Bajor was going to sit out the war Osa gave up his commission and took up a Federation commission. He was promptly loaned out to the Klingon Empire. He was not happy about being loaned out to the Klingons at first, but the combat mentality of the Klingons he could very easily understand. He first served on a Bird of Prey, ‘Iw Vighro’. The Iw Vighro was severely damaged during a raid deep in Cardassian territory. The sister ship, ‘HuD Hegh‘ pulled the remaining crew aboard once it was decided to scuttle the Iw Vighro. He was next assigned to the cruiser, ‘TlhIngan Batlh’. He remained on the TlhIngan Batlh until the end of the Dominion War.

After the war the Federation decided that Osa needed some time learning about Federation medicine, so he was transferred to Star Base 452. After a few years he was asked to take over the Trauma ward of the USS Hippocrates.

Personal Biography

Osa was a driven and focused man. He was driven to provide the best medical care for his side. But he would not lift a finger for the enemy. The Klingons were extremely helpful in helping him letting go of the death of his wife and child. They taught him to embrace life and celebrate the fallen. By the time the Dominion War ended he had embraced several aspects of the Klingon way of life. His great skill at medicine was a major reason for the federation to overlook his non-Federation thinking; but wasn’t enough to advance his rank.

Real World


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