Have you ever dreamed of the future? Do you imagine sailing the vast ocean of space on a starship moving faster than light? Have you ever wanted to meet new civilizations, fight enemy starships, and explore strange new worlds? If you've answered yes to even one of these questions then this is your chance to join the 25th Century.

Five years ago a brutal attack by the Supremacy devastated the galaxy. Designed to destroy it instead created something wonderful: the Federation Alliance. The United Federation of Planets prospered and grew as exploration expanded, but now that has changed. Alliances are breaking down as old rivalries and infighting have splintered and broken the fragile peace. Now the fate of the entire galaxy teeters on the actions of a select few.

The 16th Fleet is currently seeking new applicants to join in our adventures as we defend and explore the Milky Way Galaxy. At present we are seeking interested players in all Departments including Command, Operations, Science, and Tactical. So, if you're looking for an immersive experience in a game that is 100% player directed and focused then now is your chance. In our group each of our players is considered equal and their enjoyment is our paramount goal.

Are you ready to journey to the future?

Application Process


Civilians are the citizens of the United Federation of Planets. Civilians are non military personnel who may serve in support positions aboard Starfleet facilities or could serve in the Federation Council. Prior experience is not required.
Members of the Command Department are responsible for the overall direction of the game and its operations. Members of this branch include the Captain and Executive Officer. Players requesting membership in this branch must be directly approved by the Fleet Admiral. Prior experience is recommended to join this division.
Personnel in the Operations Department are responsible for the technical side of the game and serve in the engineering, flight control, and operations branches. They maintain the ship or station. Prior experience is not required.
Crew in the Science Department are responsible for the exploratory side of the game and serve in the counseling, medical, and science branches. These players man the sensors, study phenomenon, and keep the crew healthy. Prior experience is not required.
Those serving in the Tactical Department are responsible for keeping the rest of the crew safe and includes Security, Strategic Operations, and Tactical. They are the soldiers of the group. Prior experience is not required.


  • No players under the age of 18 will be accepted.
  • All characters must be, at minimum, 21 years of age or older.
  • No assumption should be made on the rank of your character. Your character's rank will be determined based on your character biography.
  • No player may play a canon Star Trek character nor should you request to play the descendant of a canon character.
  • Character species of your own creation are permitted; however, characters whom are Liberated Borg, Omnipotent, or Shapeshifters will not be approved.
  • We reserve the right to employ a trial period for your character before granting full membership.

Playable Species

Coming from the frozen moon of Andoria, the Andorians are a humanoid species with antennae on the tops of their heads, blue skin, and light hair. They are a militaristic species with a strong sense of honor and duty who are acutely aware of their surroundings.
Originating from Bajor, the Bajorans are a deeply spiritual people who closely resemble Humans except for a series of ridges on their noses. Highly creative and dedicated to their race, Bajorans normally have their family name precede their given name.
From Betazed, the Betazoids are a highly telepathic species who value openness and honesty. Betazoids have few differences from other humanoid species except for an additional lobe in their brains and black irises on their eyes.
The friendly and outgoing residents of Bolarus IX, the Bolians are a jovial race who have a strong dedication to teamwork. They have a toxic physiology, blue skin, a vertical ridge running down their face and no hair.
Coming from the colony world of Cait, Caitians are a bipedal feline species with enhanced vision, a coat of fur in varying colors, and tails. The species are known of their intelligence, curiosity, loyalty and love of beauty.
Natives of the rain soaked planet Ferenginar, the Ferengi are a short humanoid species with large ears, orange skin, and enlarged skulls. Their four-lobed brain makes them resistant to telepathy and gives them a strong organizational ability, traits essential for a culture built on the ideals of free enterprise and profit.
The stubborn and territorial natives of Gornar, the Gorn are extremely stronger and taller than other humanoids. With slitted silvery eyes, sharp teeth, claws on their hands, and scaled green rubbery skin, the Gorn were conquered by the Klingon Empire in the late 24th Century.
Hailing from Earth, Humans are a humanoid species with a wide assortment of physical features. Highly adaptable, Humans are team players who work constantly to better themselves and the rest of their species.
Joined Trill
Coming from the world of Trill, the Joined Trill are a humanoid race indistringuishable from their fellow Trill. They are different in that they have been bonded with a Symbiont - a lifeform that contains the collected knowledge and skills of all its former hosts.
A proud warrior race from Qo'noS, the Klingons can be identified by their cranial ridges, dark skin, muscular build, and multiple redundant organs. Feared and respected throughout the Milky Way Galaxy, the Klingons are the dominant race of the Klingon Empire and value tradition, honor, and strength.
Originating from the planet Orion, the Orion species is a matriarchal society where the women dominate the men through the emission of highly powerful pheromones. Conquered by the Klingon Empire, the Orions are a green skinned species who are still involved in multiple underworld dealings through their control of the Orion Syndicate.
Formerly a slave race from the world Remus, the Remans are telepathic humanoids with a colorless, almost translucent skin. Incredibly resilient and strong, the Remans are highly affected by light.
Very similar to Romulans and Vulcans, Rigelians share a similar neurology and physiology to their cousins. Residing on Rigel V, they believe their lives are a constant spiritual journey.
From the now destroyed world of Romulus, the Romulans are an offshoot of the Vulcan race and are highly skilled at deception. Romulans are genetically and physically identical to Vulcans except for a cranial ridge that has evolved on their foreheads which can be offset by intricate tattooing - a sign of remembrance of their lost homeworld.
A reptilian race from the planet Sauria, Saurians are distinctive for their varied skin colors and large eyes. This species is just as well known for their enhanced strength and intelligence.
Residing on the colony world of New Talax, the Talaxians are a humanoid species native to the Delta Quadrant. This race is well known for their storytelling, friendly attitude, and love of food. (USS Atlantis and USS Hippocrates only)
From the planet Tellar, the Tellarite species are a porcine, stocky humanoid race with a snout, hoof-like extremities, and a stubborn disposition. Natural engineers, Tellarites are just as well known for their argumentative personalities.
Coming from the world of Trill, the Trill are a humanoid race with a line of spots that run along the length of their bodies. Trill are well known in the galaxy for their ability to host an alien symbiont and their intelligence.
Natives of New Vulcan (formerly Vulcanis Lunar Colony), a group of Vulcans chose to remain Federation members during the period of reunification rather than join the Romulan Star Empire. Vulcans are distinctive throughout the galaxy for their pointed ears, superior strength compared to other humanoids, and strict adherence to logic.

Player Application

Players interested in applying to be a Game Master of a game should complete the application form in Open Commands.

For more information on completing your character application please visit our Character Creation page.

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