Kotaba Sector
Kotaba Sector
Location Delta Quadrant, Milky Way Galaxy
Dominant Government(s) In Dispute

The Kotaba Sector is a sector of space in the Delta Quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy. The region is highly contested between multiple governments including the Benthans, Hirogen, Kobali, Malon, the Supremacy, and the United Federation of Planets.

Noteworthy Assigned Vessels

USS Atlantis
Galaxy Class Federation flagship currently assigned to oversee Starfleet operations in the region.
USS Noonien Soong
Sentinel Class Federation Starfleet vessel under construction at Platform Station. The Noonien Soong is the lead engineering vessel assigned to this sector.
USS Wolverine
Dauntless Class Federation Starfleet vessel under construction at Platform Station.

Noteworthy Phenomenon


Noteworthy Space Structures

Hirogen Communications Network
A near ancient array of communications satellites used by the Hirogen to coordinate the hunting of prey.
Platform Station
A Starfleet outpost containing the experimental wormhole generator.

Noteworthy Species

A race of nomads, the Kobali settled in this sector a century ago. Unable to reproduce biologically, the Kobali revive the dead and turn them into Kobali to reproduce
Residing on the colony world of New Talax, the Talaxians are a humanoid species native to the Delta Quadrant. This race is well known for their storytelling, friendly attitude, and love of food. They are the first Delta Quadrant species to join the Federation.

Noteworthy Star Systems

Al'Yans System
A system previously home to 2 planets, the Al'Yans System features a Hirogen Communications Station in the system alongside the remains of the 2 destroyed worlds.
Entaba System
A system of 2 planets and an expansive asteroid field, the Entaba System is the site of a Talaxian Mining Colony.
Kobali System
A system with a single gas giant surrounded by 12 moons, the nomadic Kobali established a homeworld on an M-Class moon orbiting the system's gas giant.
Nanipia System
A system containing only its star, the Nanipia System is a frequent dumping ground for the Malon.
New Talax System
A system of 5 planets, the New Talax colony has been established in this system.
Shenda System
A system of only 1 planet, the star Shenda is in its final stages of life and is preparing to collapse in upon itself.
Trakia System
A binary system of 6 planets and 30 moons, the Trakia System is home to a Hirogen Communications Station.


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