Laria Auel
Laria Auel
Personal Information
Species Trill-Joined
Gender Female
Born 2396
Marital Status Single
Family Tobias and Kella
Professional Information
Affiliation United Federation of Planets - Starfleet
Rank Lieutenant
Assignment Chief Science Officer
Duty Station USS Atlantis
Status PC

Career Biography

Academy: Star Fleet Academy
Academy Major: Astrophysics, Weapon Systems, Stellar Navigation
Academy Minor: Sensor Arrays, Cloaking Systems
Languages: Klingon, Romulan, Vulcan
Cadet Cruise: USS Yorktown
Assignment 1: USS Pegasus
Assignment 2: USS Endurance
Current Assignment 3: USS Atlantis Promoted to Chief Science Officer

Personal Biography

Character Father: Tobias Nex -Unjoined
Character Mother: Kella- Guardian Telepath
Character Sibling(s): 1 Sister and 1 Brother Tania and Hoyt
Character Spouse: None
Character Children: None
Character Species: Trill
Character Gender: Female
Character Eye Color: Green
Character Hair Color: Reddish Brown
Character Height: 170cm 5’7”
Character Weight: 130lbs

Personal Goals:
After the Trills where discovered by the Federation, Reed Auel thought about the situation a lot. As a Member of the Defense Ministry it was his job to protect the planet…but with only one planet to protect he quickly became concerned over the fate of his species and the symbiotes. His concern has been passed on to Laria and she is trying to figure out a way to bring the trill symbiotes to more planets.

Laria has been in school most of her life. She went thru a relatively normal Trill childhood. Her parents were heavily involved with her education and with helping her to pick her specialties. It really wasn’t until she attended a zhian’tara ceremony with her mother that she fully realized how very much she wanted to be joined. Laria worked very hard from that point on and excelled in everything she tried to do. Her determination to become a host affected her university choices, her career in Starfleet, her very few romantic relationships, and her friendships with other Trill. She was determined that, if the Symbiosis Commission picked her, she would make a difference for the Trill and their symbiotic partners. Her intelligence and background helped the Commission to accept her but it was really her field docent that was the final straw in the decision. Her love for Trill culture and life was so strong that he could find no complaints.
Laria worked hard to be accepted into Starfleet and her entire life has been dedicated to finding a new world for the Trill to inhabit. She has searched for known planets, and visited them in any spare time she had, to determine if they would be suitable. However, she has not found anything…she has decided that it will be a new planet that holds the key for her species. To that end, she has studied the stars, navigation, and delved into sensor arrays. Her cadet cruise was a lesson in patience but her supervisors found her to be a pleasant, conscientious, and intelligent young woman; almost too perfect.

Her assignment to the USS Pegasus has really been the only blemish on an otherwise spotless record. Laria…fell in love. She fell in love and everything else faded away for a time. She soon realized that everything she had worked for was in jeopardy and she chose duty over love. Unbeknownst to her lover, she requested a transfer and was given a position on the USS Endurance. She has been on the ship for many years; but has recently been transferred to a new ship…the USS Atlantis. Past feelings for her lover have faded in the long time since her assignment on the USS Pegasus

She is now in a relationship with Captain Zaran Frost and hopes that it will stand the test of time and duty.

Previous Hosts- I will leave these undeveloped for future fun and surprises.
Reed Auel – Career: Trill Defense Ministry Hobby: Martial Artist
Reed held degrees in Planetary Defense Systems, Weapon Design, Threat Assessment and Counterintelligence
Reed was married to Davin Auel's Symbiote, Zara in their first life and has some mixed feelings for Davin

Avril- Career: HoloArtist/Designer Hobby: Plant Arranging
Avril held degrees in Art, Simulation, and Botany
Avril is well known for discovering a species of flower that would significantly advance medicine in Trill Society

Harus-Career: Architect Hobby: History
Harus had degrees in History, Architecture, and XenoArchaeology

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