Maelstrom Sector

The Maelstrom Sector is a sector of space in the Alpha Quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy. The region is highly inhospitable to life and is plagued with subspace rifts, quantum destabilization, and high radioactivity. The region is typically avoided; however, the Romulan Republic has recently begun colonizing the region as the new home of their civilization. The United Federation of Planets has also resumed operations in the area.

Noteworthy Assigned Vessels

USS Hippocrates
Olympic Class Federation flagship currently assigned to oversee Starfleet operations in the region. The Hippocrates is the lead hospital vessel assigned to this sector.
USS Rogue
Valiant Class Starfleet vessel under construction at Starbase 12.
USS Valkyrie
Poseidon Class Starfleet vessel under refit at Starbase 12.

Noteworthy Phenomenon

Vesuvi Dust Cloud
An artificial nebula formed due to the detonation of a Kessok Solar Former in 2378.

Noteworthy Space Structures

Starbase 12
A Starfleet starbase responsible for the administration of the region.
Vlulyr Tuok
A Cardassian outpost responsible for the administration of Cardassian forces in the Maelstrom.

Noteworthy Species

A silicon based lifeform, the Kessok originated in the Maelstrom.
Formerly a slave race from the world Remus, the Remans are telepathic humanoids with a colorless, almost translucent skin. Incredibly resilient and strong, the Remans are highly affected by light. Several Remans escaped the destruction of their world and are aiding in the establishment of the Romulan Republic as equals.
From the now destroyed world of Romulus, the Romulans are an offshoot of the Vulcan race and are highly skilled at deception. Romulans are genetically and physically identical to Vulcans except for a cranial ridge that has evolved on their foreheads which can be offset by intricate tattooing - a sign of remembrance of their lost homeworld. The Romulans residing in the Maelstrom have annexed multiple star systems and formed the Romulan Republic to escape the Romulan Star Empire.

Noteworthy Star Systems

Cebelrai System
A system of 3 planets, the Cardassian Union has colonized the second planet of the system.
Itari System
A system of 8 planets, the Romulan Republic has colonized the 5th planet of the system and named it New Romulus.
Nepenthe System
A system of 3 planets, the Nepenthe System is known for its dense, resource rich asteroid field.
New Holland System
A system of 4 planets, the New Holland System is the site of a Federation colony orbited by Starbase 12.
Riha System
A system with only 1 planet, Riha is an uninhabited system that contains an automated Cardassian Listening Post.
Serris System
A system of 3 planets, Serris 3 was recently colonized by the Remans.
Tevron System
A system of 2 planets, the Tevron System has been resettled by the Romulan Republic and houses their Military Command.
Vesuvi System
A system containing 2 planets and the Vesuvi Dust Cloud, the Vesuvi System held the first colony established by the Federation in the Maelstrom until it was destroyed by renegade Cardassians in 2378.
Xi System
A system of 5 planets, the Romulan Republic is in negotiation with the Kessok for custody of this system.


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