Maintenance Schedule

The Maintenance Schedule is used by engineers to complete maintenance tasks on equipment or systems aboard a starship or station.

Computer Systems

Defensive Systems

Energy Shielding
Component Maintenance Replace
Navigational Deflector Field Generator 36 Months 144 Months
Shield Field Amplifier 16 Months 64 Months
Shield Generator 9 Months 36 Months
Shield Waveguide Layer 12 Months 48 Months

Propulsion Systems

Faster Than Light Propulsion (Warp Drive)
Component Maintenance Replace
Antimatter Injector
Antimatter Manifold
Antimatter Pod Magnetic Field Generator
Deuterium Injector
Dilithium Chamber
Magnetic Conduit Network
Plasma Conduit
Plasma Coolant
Plasma Injector
Plasma Manifold
Reactor Core
Sublight Propulsion (Impulse Drive)
Driver Coil
Fusion Reactor
Plasma Conduit
RCS Thruster Assembly
Vectored Exhaust Director

Offensive Systems

Primary Weapon (Energy Weapon)
Component Maintenance Replace
Power Cell 5,000 Discharges 20,000 Discharges
Primary Emitter 10,500 Discharges 42,000 Discharges
Secondary Emitter 9,000 Discharges 36,000 Discharges
Second Stage Accelerator 2,125 Discharges 8,500 Discharges
Secondary Weapon (Projectile Weapon)
Component Maintenance Replace
Launch Tube 1,630 Discharges 6,520 Discharges
EPS Power Taps 1,172 Discharges 4,866 Discharges

Science Systems

Support Systems

Transport Systems


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