Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment is used by medical personnel to treat illness and injury.

Medical Equipment

Handheld Equipment

A handheld medical tool that is used to seal and promote the healing of wounds from surgery or deep trauma.
Blood Gas Infuser
A medical device that is used to supply a body with oxygen.
Blood Infuser
A medical tool that is used to transfer blood into an injured patient.
A specialized medical device that is designed to restart a stopped heart. Modern units also work with artificial hearts.
Dermal-Osteo Regenerator
A new medical tool that combines the uses of two separate devices, stimulating the repair of broken bones and healing of skin wounds.
One of the best known pieces of medical equipment, the Hypospray is used to inject medications directly into the body through forced skin absorption.
Laser Scalpel
Based on phaser technology, the laser scalpel is a medical instrument used for creating incisions in various tissues. If needed the unit can be used to create a subdermal cut without damaging the skin itself.
Medical Tricorder
A specialized version of the standard issue Tricorder, the Medical Tricorder is equipped with sensors and analysis software tailored for medical diagnostic purposes.
Similar to the Cardiostimulator, the Neurostimulator is a medical device used to induce brain activity and to repair arterial tears.
Optical Scanner
A specialized sensor used to perform diagnostics on visual receptors of persons utilizing ocular implants or VISOR technology.
A Physiostumulator is a medical tool that is designed to elevate metabolic functions.
Thrombic Modulator
A medical instrument that is used to change the coagulation ratio of blood.

Sickbay Equipment

Emergency Medical Hologram
A short term supplement to the medical team, the Emergency Medical Hologram is a specialist hologram that can assist with the treatment of patients in a crisis.
Gentronic Replicator
An advancement over the standard replicator system in use in the Milky Way Galaxy, the Gentronic Replicator scans damaged organs and then creates a replacement.
Medical Transporter
Typically found on larger vessels, medical transporters are smaller, more detailed units designed to complete noninvasive surgical procedures.
Standard Biobed
The Biobed is a medical tool designed to provide the medical staff with detailed information on the current health status of a patient.
Stasis Chamber
Specialized devices designed to lower a patient's internal body temperature to place them into suspended animation.
Surgical Biobed
The Surgical Biobed is a specialized diagnostic bed incorporating advanced sensor packages and equipment installed directly into the unit.


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