Michael Lovonix
Michael Lovonix
Personal Information
Species Betazoid/Human
Gender Male
Born 2384
Marital Status Married
Family Extensive
Professional Information
Affiliation United Federation of Planets - Starfleet
Rank Lieutenant
Assignment Chief Counseling Officer
Duty Station USS Hippocrates
Status PC

Career Biography

CAREER: Star fleet academy, studied Xeno psychology, psychiatry, Counseling, Mood altering regulations and ethics.
Learned how and when to apply empathic abilities both in receptive and projective modes. The ethics of mood altering techniques and when they are approved and at what levels.
Served with distinction aboard the USS Eisenhower as an ensign for two years, promoted in the field to Lieutenant JG.
Transferred to Star Fleet medical to learn metamorphic pressure and psychometric therapy techniques.
Transferred to Betazed to learn advanced empathic receptive and projective controls, discovered and began training rudimentary telekinetic ability, trained and developed a telepathic "voice" sending only, as he was effectively "deaf" telepathically speaking, except with immediate family.
Returned to Starfleet Medical and was transferred to the USS Ulysses S Grant for another two years, earned his Lieutenant's pips due to his performance above and beyond his duties under extreme circumstances, and was finally transferred to the USS Enterprise, by special request of the Captain. After the Enterprise was placed in Long term Drydock, he was transferred to the Medical Ship, the USS Hippocrates

Personal Biography

Well an for me it all began about 40 years ago, in a grand little cottage in County Clare, but fer the purposes of this here history, I guess it best begin a few years before that. Ya see, me mum was on a bit of a holiday ya might say, and bein a lover of nature and such, found a wee bit of heaven down Earth way, in a little county called Clare. Thats in Ireland, of course. After the Occupation, it was, the occupation of Betazed by the Dominion that is, we wont be speakin of the Troubles right now, that bein a good bit farther in the past than I'm wantin ta go for this here history. As I was saying, twas after the Occupation, vile bit of business that was, an me mother, well, she'd gone through her change, as it is for Betazed women, and decided her tastes might lead her elsewhere, the men of her homeland being a bit more tame than she was lookin for, if you know what I'm sayin. She was lookin for a man who would stand up to her, and found such a one in me father, so it seems. It was a rare childhood I had, as me mum had the Sight, and sure, and though most Irish lads will claim the same, for me it was the god's own truth. Never could I get into scrape or dalliance that me ma didn't know it before I did meself, and by the time I was lookin at the lasses, it seemed I had a bit of it meself. It was then me ma sat me down and had a talk with me. She let me know that itwasnt fairys or pookas that told her what I was up to when I was a lad, nor was it such spirits lettin me know how me mates and even the maids were feelin, wether twas towards me or just a general type o feelin. Me Ma also taught me how ta sorta filter out some o the feelins that were overwhelmin me. If I were with me boy o's or a bunch a lassies at a game of football or a vid screenin sometimes all the emotions o the whole group o em would wash o'er me like a wave, and sometimes I would feel like I was drownin in em.. me Ma helped with that too. Years later, I joined Starfleet…

PERSONALITY: There is nothing more important to Michael than his family. His father, his grandfather, and going right down the line to the somewhat controversial Irish Republican Army, Served in the armed forces with distinction. That distinction got somewhat hazy during the IRA years but the family records assure that there are no serious blemishes on the family name. Thanks to Betazed customs, that family name was chosen to apply only to Michael's sisters, of which he has 9. All of which have their own lives and careers, and or husbands and families, save one. His youngest sister has been dogging his heels since his return to StarFleet Medical, pursuing almost identical courses of learning but without the military discipline. She has become an adjunct to Starfleet in a civilian service position. On paper, she tends bar, but in practice, she is as much an assistant counselor as Michael could hope to have, at a significant savings in military red tape and somewhat in salary, and her official title would be that of Morale Officer, were she enlisted. (i can make a separate app for her if you like but it will be kinda redundant, and i wont be trying to get her moved into any position of authority or anything, so, up to you) Her name would be Mary Margaret O'Dea, having received her fathers surname, a concession from her mother, who allowed all the girls to be named thus, keeping the Betazed family name with her son, a near complete reversal of what might have been expected had such a situation come up in Betazed.

Michael was raised in what by any Betazed standards would be considered a very odd household. His mother had cut virtually all her ties with betazed when she had married his father. She had seen too much of the way men both acted and were treated on Betazed, though they were certainly not MIStreated in any way, after having a taste of a strong, confident Irishman she started to see Betazoid men as somewhat weak and ineffectual, and their positions on the planet were certainly secondary to the women of that world. When her firstborn child was a son, Dalinda Loronix decided that he would be raised as an Irishman. Bold and brave, keen and intelligent, Michael lived up to her expectations and more, and her daughters were raised to be strong and intelligent as well, seeing men as equals in all respects, and choosing their life paths based on their interests and desires rather than what might be proper or correct for women of their standing. True, on Betazed they would almost be revered, afterall, their mother was a daughter of the First house of Betazed, but all nine were happy and thriving, so Dalinda had no regets, and Michael was her pride and her joy.

Real World


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