Personal Information
Species Caitian/Denobulan
Gender Male
Marital Status Single
Professional Information
Affiliation United Federation of Planets - Starfleet
Rank Lieutenant
Assignment Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Duty Station USS Hippocrates
Status PC

Career Biography

Five year Prior Enlisted Star Fleet Non Commissioned Officer attaining the rank of Petty Officer Second Class three times: USS Velocity, USS Wellington.
Fleet Police Corps and Diplomatic Protection Services Directorate.
Ordered to Star Fleet Diplomatic Protectorate Corps at the embassy in Denobulan.
After two years of embassy duty applied to Star Fleet Academy (Denobulan Consulate Endorsement).
Requesting first assignment aboard a Medical Vessel.

Major Studies: Criminal Justice, Intergalactic Law (switched from Psychology after 1st year)
Minor Studies: Biome Diversity, Chemistry, Geology, Geography
Specialty Training: Interrogation, Ground Small Unit Tactics, Physiology Combatives (martial arts concentrating on various races/life forms and how to combat them on a physical level), Soldierborne Weapons orientation of the known universe (basic functionality of weapons known and used by individuals), Humanoid Combat Lifesaver (CPR +), Equal Opportunity and Sexual Harrassment Training (3 times). Ship defense tactics internal and ship to ship. Ship Schematic Reading for the Tactical Officer.

Personal Biography

My mother, R’tita, had long silken brown hair with heavy black undertones flowing up and over her head all the way down her back. I remember looking into her sparkling golden eyes on many nights asking about my father and why I had a naked face unlike hers. She would purr and hold me close. She would tell me the story of my birth. She had essentially run away from home as she applied for the Academy without telling her family. She just wanted to get away and explore. At the time of her conception my mother was a Communications Specialist newly stationed aboard the U.S.S. Belfast; her first since leaving the academy. As a Caitian she had exceptional hearing, lightening reflexes, and a sharp wit that was only matched by her allure. "There is something special about the smell of a Caitian. We can tell things about each other, remember things… but most importantly it is what draws mothers and fathers together. They just know, it pulls them and binds them. "one to make two" she said our people always declared at their bonding. She told me that my father was a Denobulan and that they were opposites in many ways but had an instant attraction that was irresistible between them. He came aboard a few years before her as an Ensign Medical Technician and recently promoted to Lieutenant. She was a new transfer to the communications section. She went to the medical bay for her inprocessing check up. She sensed something before she even got in through the doors. She would tell me that as soon as she entered "he was already staring at me starry eyed and slack jawed as the doors parted." She wasn't expecting a mate and certainly one with a naked face. They became inseparable. Within a month they had paired and mated. My mother didn't know much about Denobulans. By the time she figured out that they didn't pair exclusively, they seemed to want three wives and they three husbands she was already in to deep. She got a promise from him that he would only take her for a wife as her jealousy and heritage would not permit such a practice. My father's tour was at an end and he was recalled to Denobula for consulate training and duties. My mother resigned and went. The meeting with my grandparents did not go well. They were not as warm as my father. They did not like to be touched. The land was crowded. So much of this was foreign to her. A few months later I was born. She gave me a Denobulan name to please him. Furry with a thick mane of black hair, my mother said that these colors were special. To the people of Denobula we stood out and my mother felt that I was viewed as a mutant. It was funny that they embraced genetics yet viewed interbreeding so badly. Finally a year later my mother miserable, my father emboldened by his family decided that he should take more wives. My mother pleaded but he turned back into his former self completely. After a fight he ordered my mother and I away. I was raised on Cait. Growing up, many of the girls desired me. My long black hair and unusual features endeared many to me. I never garnered any particular favor for any single one. Commitment was for the weak, bonding and shortening their freedoms just to call someone "theirs." I can't do it, there is too much out there. So after some adventures as an enlisted man and perhaps some misadventures I found a way back to see my father. It was not the happiest of times and no answers were to be found from him or that side of the family. I made a slight mistake with one Ba'ku scientist and it's "off to military school for you." I can't help it if she liked long black hair and the way a purr feels upon her….ummm well. She fancied me, however her husband did not. I guess they were special or something. They were good at some type of cybernetics or other corpreal enhancing tech and only a few of them existed I found out later. Regardless, I received a name change from that of my fathers to that of my mothers. N'throl I am and I figure that a bevy of nurses…uhhh I mean medical professionals deserve my protection as much as any. Look out ladies and set your phasers to Stunning….

Hobbies: Physical Therapy/Therapeutic Massage. Hypnosis.
Likes: Females, Studying/People Watching, Survival Camping
Dislikes: No Females, the same Female calling him and calling him. Open water.

Real World


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