New Gotham Station
New Gotham Station
Registry Deep Space 5
Series Omega
Affiliation United Federation of Planets - Starfleet
Assignment 16th Fleet - Task Group 2
Location Typhon Sector, Beta Quadrant
Commander Admiral T'Leia
Garrison Ship USS Independence
Status Active

New Gotham Station is an Omega Series Starbase that was commissioned in 2424.


Following the devastating attack upon the core worlds of the Klingon Empire, Romulan Star Empire, and the United Federation of Planets by the Supremacy, a combined Starfleet Task Group was assigned to find the root cause of the advancements made by the Vaadwaur. Their efforts led the group to the Typhon Sector where the ancient Preserver outpost known as the Foundry was located. The Foundry had been taken by the Supremacy as their operating base and its resources were being utilized to create vessels capable of launching the assault upon the galaxy. Through a combined assault the Foundry was taken by Starfleet and the Supremacy was driven back to the Delta Quadrant. With the risk posed by the Foundry to the galaxy it was decided that Starfleet would capture the outpost and establish a custodial presence there.

Initially a Regula Series civilian outpost was established in order to administrate the base; however, due to the severe risk of attempts to capture the outpost, it was decided that no less than a full starbase would be required to oversee the site. Starfleet initiated the immediate construction of an Omega Series Starbase at the site to provide a safeguard to the Foundry should any enemy force come to capture it. The construction of the starbase was given priority by Starfleet Command with the intention that the Omega Series base be ready for operations in no less than two years from the initial start date of the construction. Due to its presence as a restricted archeological site the starbase was commissioned without much fanfare and a protective quarantine zone established around the area.

Extensive research in the Preservers and their civilization have been at the Foundry under the direction of the crew of New Gotham Station. Amongst the technology discovered was the equipment to generate artificial wormholes that has been installed in the Delta Series Outposts. When the relationship with the Romulans began to degrade in 2425 a force of Romulan vessels attempted to capture the Foundry, but were repelled by the crew of the Starbase. Amongst other endeavors currently being investigated by the crew of the station are the temporal distortions that have been known to plague the Typhon Sector. In recent months Admiral T'Leia was reassigned to oversee all operations in the sector and utilizes New Gotham Station as her principle command base.

Crew Manifest



  • Chief Operations Officer: Commander Samuel Rocton
    • Asst Chief of Operations: Open
  • Chief Engineering Officer: Lt Cmdr T'Phal
    • Asst Chief Engineering Officer: Open


  • Chief Counseling Officer: Open
  • Chief Medical Officer: Dr Fula
    • Assistant Chief Medical Officer: Dr Lance Itt
      • Trauma Nurse - Maira Flores
      • Staff Nurse - Luna Tune
  • Chief Counseling Officer: Open
  • Chief Science Officer: Commander Savar



  • Lupanare
    • Sophia Mischka
  • Cosmic Confections
    • Hans Mueller
  • Das Alpine Haus
    • Hans Mueller
  • The Réalta Lounge
    • Bríghid "Brí" Creighton

Real World

Deep Space 5, or as it's more commonly referred to as New Gotham Station, is set amid the Typhon Expanse. A region of space known for dangerous anomalies and temporal dangers. It's the mission of our team of explorers to chart this mysterious region and push the limits of discovery as we explore.


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