Operating Modes

Operating modes are utilized by Starfleet to indicate the readiness level of the crew and the facility during a mission. These are also known as Conditions in some situations.

Colored Conditions

Condition: Green

Condition: Green, or Cruise Mode, is the basic level of readiness for any Starfleet facility. During this mode off duty crew are able to pursue R&R activities and all shipboard activities are permitted, provided they do not conflict with another approved activity.

Condition: Blue

Condition: Blue - also known as Blue Alert - is a status level called when an installation is facing an increased level of readiness. Typically a Blue Alert is called when an uncommon incident has occurred such as a critical failure in the life support or energy generation systems, separated flight mode is being engaged, a ship is landing on a planet, or a vessel is preparing to dock at an outpost.

Condition: Yellow

Condition: Yellow, or Yellow Alert as it is also called, is a stage of elevated alert aboard a Starfleet installation and signifies an increased level of readiness amongst the crew. In addition, Defense screens and Shields are brought to full power should they be needed, but offensive systems are not engaged in order to prevent the escalation of a dangerous situation. When in this level of readiness some nonessential activities are automatically cancelled and R&R time could, potentially, be cancelled. The Captain or Duty Officer normally call for this alert level; however, the Main Computer could also call for Yellow Alert depending on the situation (such as a perimeter alert from an unknown vessel, a spaceborne hazard having been detected by sensors, or a system malfunction).

Condition: Red

Condition: Red - also known as Red Alert or General Quarters - is the highest level of readiness onboard a Starfleet installation. Traditionally this level of readiness is engaged when a station or vessel is facing an emergency situation including the possibility of engaging in combat. When called all crew aboard will report to their duty station, armed security teams are deployed on all decks, medical teams are prepared, system diagnostics begin on essential systems, shields are brought to full power, and offensive systems are readied for use. All secondary and nonessential tasks are cancelled during a Red Alert, as well as all crew R&R. Normally called by the Commanding Officer or the Officer of the Watch, the Main Computer could also automatically engage this Condition depending on certain events being detected (such as a critical systems failure, an intruder being detected, a perimeter alert by a known threat force vessel, or a severe spaceborne hazard having been detected by sensors).

General Conditions

Condition: Auto Destruct

Condition: Collision

Condition: External Support

Condition: Evacuation

Condition: Fortress

Condition: Gray

Condition: Intruder

Condition: Separated Flight

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