Project Genesis

Project: Genesis was a highly classified Starfleet operation designed to create inhabitable planets out of uninhabitable ones and was overseen by Doctors Carol and David Marcus in the 23rd Century. Initially, the Project was deemed a failure; however, recent discoveries have indicated that the Project was successful.


Developed from information obtained from the Shedai Metagenome, Project: Genesis was a United Federation of Planets operation initiated in the year 2284 at the Regula I Laboratory in the Mutara Sector. Led by Doctor Carol Marcus and her son, David, Project: Genesis featured multiple phases designed to create a fully inhabitable planet on a lifeless world. Stage 1 was completed in the Regula I Laboratory complex with Stage 2, a fully sustainable cavern on a planetoid in the Regula System, having been completed a short period afterward. Due to their successes it was determined that a full scale test would occur on Ceti Alpha V. Starfleet dispatched the Starship Reliant to investigate the target zone for suitability. While this was happening the science team began creation of the Genesis Torpedo.


During testing an away team from the Reliant was captured by Khan Noonien Singh, a Human Augment that had been marooned on the world by Captain James T. Kirk. Capturing the Reliant, Khan launched an attack on the Starship Enterprise with the intentions of getting revenge upon Kirk and learning more about the Genesis effect. Fought off by the Enterprise, Khan followed the damaged starship to Regula and was able to recover the Genesis Torpedo. Vowing to kill Kirk and his crew, Khan launched an additional attack upon the Enterprise after it had rescued Kirk.

Known as the Battle of the Mutara Nebula, the Reliant pursued the stricken Enterprise into the heart of the Mutara Nebula. With sensors and shields disabled, the playing field was evened between the two vessels. After multiple skirmishes the Enterprise was able to get the upper hand on the Reliant and severely damaged the vessel. Rather than surrender, Khan activated the Genesis Torpedo on a set detonation timer with the hope of destroying the Enterprise in the process due to the loss of its Warp Drive. Due to the sacrifice of Captain Spock the Enterprise was repaired and was able to warp away at the last moment before the ship detonated.

The Mutara Nebula

Using the Mutara Nebula as a foundation, the Genesis effect attempted to not only create a single planet but rather an entire solar system containing not only a G-Type Star but also a Class M world. Due to the unstable nature of the protomatter used in the creation of the planetary system, the planet lost cohesion and broke up not long after it had been created. Initially it was believed that the protomatter was the basis for the failure of the project; however, upon further investigation, it was discovered that the true failure originated in the need for Genesis to build an entire Star System rather than a single world.

Due to the abilities of the Genesis Torpedo the governments of the galaxy agreed to the creation of the Genesis Nonproliferation Treaty - an agreement that no government could continue funding investigations into the development of the Genesis Device as a potential weapon of war.

Real World

Project: Genesis was created for the films Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.


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