RCS Thrusters

Reaction Control System Thrusters or, as they are more commonly known RCS Thrusters, are thrusters utilized for low-velocity propulsion, station-keeping, and specialized maneuvering.

Federation Reaction Control System Overview

The Reaction Control System is used to move the ship when precise control of the ship’s maneuvering is needed, such as when a ship is traveling through an asteroid field or when entering a drydock facility. The thrusters constituting the system are placed at strategic points on the outer hull of the ship in positions where they will maximize the ability of the vessel to maneuver. The process of propulsion is similar to that used by an Impulse Engine. Each engine contains a gas-fusion reaction chamber utilizing deuterium fuel where the propulsive effect begins. Exhaust from this process is fed to a magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) energy field trap into the vectored-thrust exhaust nozzles. Although all thrusters serve the same basic function the speed generated varies depending upon the size of the craft. Most commonly the RCS Thrusters provide a cruising velocity of .025c; however, this can be increased to .05c as an emergency maximum speed. Additional speed is possible if deuterium flow is increased and the fuel is burned beyond safety limits.

In order to conduct an emergency shutdown of all RCS thrusters, all deuterium from the RCS system must be vented out of the system to apply the shutdown process. In the event of an emergency some vessels have been outfitted with an auxiliary RCS system. Auxiliary thrusters have no tanks or fieldtraps, and are powered by a microfusion chamber. that powers microfusion thrusters giving the vessel some maneuverability, but not to the speeds available for the standard RCS System. In severe situations - such as the thrusters are malfunctioning or have been destroyed - the Impulse Engines can be modified to provide these intricate movements, but at extreme risk to the ship and crew.

Impulse Thrusters

Designed for usage on very large vessels and starbases, Impulse Thrusters may be utilized instead of a standard issue RCS Thruster System to provide low-velocity propulsion and maneuvering. Unlike their counterparts, Impulse RCS Thrusters can provide full impulse velocities if needed up to .95c.

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