Romulan Star Empire
Romulan Star Empire
Dominant Species Romulan
Founded 3rd Century
Capital Vulcan
Government Oligarchy
Head of State Praetor Xeri Tei
Legislature Imperial Senate
Location Beta Quadrant
Military Romulan Imperial Navy

The Romulan Star Empire was a dominant interstellar government operating in the Beta Quadrant until the Hobus Event of 2387 and the schism of the Romulan Republic devastated their economy. While their importance is on the rise following the unification of the Star Empire with the Confederacy of Vulcan, they have become a minor power in galactic politics and only consist of a handful of systems.


During the Time of Awakening a group of Vulcans refused to accept Surak's teachings of logic and chose to continue to pursue their passions. This led to a period of extreme conflict that culminated in the Great Schism: the forced exile of those rejecting Surak's teachings. Those exiled were launched into space and, eventually, located a suitable world to colonize as their new home which they named Romulus in the 3rd Century and then conquered the neighboring world of Remus as a slave race. As time went on the Romulans continued to strengthen their forces and eventually established themselves as a nascent government in the Beta Quadrant.

Incredibly xenophobic the Romulan Empire was troubled by the exponential growth of United Earth and its development of a Coalition of Planets. Seeing a growing threat the Romulans launched an attack against the Coalition which became known as the Earth Romulan War. Spanning half a decade the war concluded with the defeat of the Romulans at the Battle of Cheron in which the Romulan flagship was destroyed by Starfleet forces. The former members of the Coalition of Planets, whom had not participated in the conflict alongside United Earth, were inspired by the Romulan defeat and the very thing that the Star Empire had sought to prevent occurred: the United Federation of Planets was born. Due to this the Romulans retreated inside their borders in 2161 and would not be heard from again for nearly a Century at which time they engaged several Federation installations and entered into a diplomatic alliance with the Klingon Empire as a test of the Federation's resolve. Despite their successes in the 23rd Century after reestablishing themselves upon the galactic scene the Romulans entered a new period of isolation following the signing of the Khitomer Accords between the Federation and the Klingons and the Tomed Incident in 2311.

In 2366, after decades of planning and minor skirmishes, the Romulans returned to galactic politics and continued their efforts to disrupt the Federation/Klingon Alliance. Despite an early antagonism against the Dominion, the Romulans chose not to enter the Dominion War until they were directly threatened by the death of Senator Vreenak. Ending their nonaggression pact, the Dominion immediately joined the war effort on the side of the Federation and struck against multiple Cardassian Union and Dominion bases. Despite the hope that peace would continue between the three dominant Alpha Quadrant powers, the relationship between the three groups degraded shortly after the war. This was only compounded when the Romulan Senate was brutally murdered by Shinzon of Remus, a clone of Federation Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and the power vacuum left by his death. This led to the temporary succession of several colony worlds into a new government known as the Imperial Romulan State.

Hobus Event

The Hobus Event was a near cataclysmic event that affected the Romulan Star Empire in the year 2387 and affected the entire Beta Quadrant. The destruction of the star Hobus was the first recorded subspace supernova which produced a dangerous shockwave that was able to travel through subspace at faster than light speeds. The Romulan Empire had begun the process of evacuation; however, Romulan forces were overwhelmed when the explosion destroyed Romulus and Remus in just under one day. The incident immediately plunged the Star Empire into turmoil which was only exacerbated by the discovery that the Confederacy of Vulcan and by extension the government of the United Federation of Planets had denied aid to the Romulans when they discovered the instability weeks prior.

The devastation led to numerous internal conflicts as the Romulan Empire could not keep up with the demands upon its resources made by its colonies and widespread disease outbreaks and famine became common. In addition the majority of the Imperial Fleet had been lost during the destruction of Hobus with estimates indicating that the fleet had been taken to 25% of its former strength. Several worlds attempted to secede from the Empire, some of which even applied for membership in the Federation, but the Senate was able to maintain its grip upon the remaining worlds and martial law was instituted under the watchful discretion of the Tal'Shiar. By 2410 the Star Empire had become stable once more, until it was learned that the Romulan military itself had been responsible for the Hobus Event.


In its long history multiple efforts had been made by different persons and organizations to unify the Confederacy of Vulcan and the Romulan Star Empire. Ever since the Great Schism created the two governments and the Romulans fled there were many who wanted to learn about their counterparts. In the 22nd Century the Tal'Shiar launched a program to try to unify the Confederacy through force; however, this was thwarted by representatives of United Earth's Starfleet. More peaceful efforts were initiated by Ambassador Spock of Vulcan; however, none of these efforts came to fruition until 2410 when another schism occurred. Due to the revelation that the military had caused the Hobus Event many survivors chose to renounce their citizenship and form the democratic Romulan Republic, which was started and led by many of the disciples of Ambassador Spock during his self imposed exile on Romulus. This plunged the Romulan Empire into further disarray as the once powerful Empire had been left with only a handful of planets under its control. Due to this loss, and utilizing the trainings of Spock himself, Admiral Xeri Tei was able to lead a coup of the Romulan Government and establish herself as Praetor. She immediately began efforts to reunify with Vulcan as her counterparts in the Romulan Republic did the same.

Despite consistent efforts by the Romulan Republic to reunify with the Confederacy of Vulcan, the decision was made by the Vulcan High Command to unify with the Romulan Star Empire in late 2426 following several diplomatic discussions between the Vulcan Administrator and Praetor Tei. The decision was damaging to the Federation as the Vulcans renounced their longstanding membership in the Federation and transferred all of their assets, save for the Vulcanis Lunar Colony, to the control of the Star Empire. As a sign of their dedication to unification the capital was moved from Nova Roma to Vulcan in 2427.

Following the destruction of the Vulcanis Lunar Colony in 2428, the Romulan Star Empire and the Klingon Empire elected to put past strife between themselves and have entered into a new treaty of alliance. This has had multiple repercussions upon the galaxy - specifically within the United Federation of Planets - and the Klingon Empire itself as a group of Gorn have chosen to break away from the Klingon government.


The Romulan Star Empire is overseen by the Romulan Senate, which serves as the primary legislative branch, and the Continuing Committee which oversees the Senators themselves. Both of these groups are led by the Praetor whom serves as the Head of State of the Romulan Star Empire and the Proconsul.


Dominant Member Species

A slave race formerly from the world Remus, the Remans are telepathic humanoids with a colorless, almost translucent skin. Incredibly resilient and strong, the Remans are highly affected by light.
From the now destroyed world of Romulus, the Romulans are an offshoot of the Vulcan race and are highly skilled at deception. Romulans are genetically and physically identical to Vulcans except for a cranial ridge that has evolved on their foreheads which can be offset by intricate tattooing - a sign of remembrance of their lost homeworld.
Natives of the planet Vulcan, the Vulcans are distinctive throughout the galaxy for their pointed ears, superior strength compared to other humanoids, and strict adherence to logic. They are the genetic ancestors of the Romulans, whom they recently reunified with and were formerly allied with the United Federation of Planets.

Romulan Imperial Navy

Starbase Series

Type Series

Starship Classes

Level 0: Runabout
Apnex Class
Level 1: Frigate
Lanora Class
Level 1: Escort
Dhael Class
Level 2: Destroyer
Shrike Class
Level 2: Light Cruiser
Griffin Class
Level 3: Cruiser
Laehval Class
Level 3: Heavy Cruiser
Mogai Class
Level 4: Battle Cruiser
Hawk Class
Level 4: Dreadnought
D'deridex Class
Level 5: Carrier
Gal Gath'thong Class
Level 5: Battleship
Teral'n Class


The Tal'Shiar is the intelligence agency of the Romulan Star Empire and serves as the Praetor's means of projecting power both internally and externally. Highly secretive and extremely ruthless, the Tal'Shiar is considered one of the most effective espionage groups in the galaxy and dogmatically protect the interests of the Star Empire. At the height of the power of the Romulan Star Empire it was rumored that the Tal'Shiar's intelligence network was so accomplished that they had detailed files on every citizen of the known worlds. While the power of the Star Empire has lessened over time some intelligence reports indicate that the Tal'Shiar may, secretly, be the true leadership entity of the Romulan Empire at this time with the Senate serving as a puppet government.


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