Sav Tillatix
Sav Tillitix
Personal Information
Species Mephetian
Gender Female
Born 2491
Marital Status Single
Professional Information
Affiliation United Federation of Planets - Starfleet
Rank Lieutenant
Assignment Chief Flight Control Officer
Duty Station USS Hippocrates
Status PC

Career Biography


StarFleet Academy: Saveena arrived at StarFleet Academy in July at the age of 19. As this environment was monitored, chaparoned, and with the best and brightest of the Federation, she relaxed and immersed herself into her classes, extracurricular activities, and shyly going out with other freshmen.

Academy Incident: Then, she discovered, to her and others detriment, the unmonitored interactions between upper classmen and freshmen. She went with classmates to a senior class invitation, was slipped a mickey, and woke up being bound somewhere. The Seniors were going haul the ladies to the woods for a 'snipe' hunt and stripping favors for survival gear for the weekend and were unbinding the ladies to arrange them for the start. They did not expect Saveena to come out of the Mickey so early. She reacted, clawing and fighting to get free and running. She sliced several Seniors with her claws and got lost into the woods. Medical personal, local police, and Starfleet Academy got involved. Saveena was discovered eight hours later in a distraught and dehydrated state, but was rescued. She was placed on medical and administration leave while the incident was investigated. After a month, she was finally cleared with a reprimand to take anger management and self control classes, and returned to Academy Classes.

Finishing Academy: Saveena once again buckled down into courses, forgoing any social interactions to catch up and stay away from any other issues that could arise by others for hazing, wanting payback, or not liking the quickly passing classes Mephetian. She excelled in coursework, as well as testing out of courses and passed, to get to her Cadet Cruise. She had taken all the needed courses for the earlier 'transgression', and so she passed the Mental and Physical Evaluation for her Cadet Cruise.

Cadet Cruise: Saveena was assigned to the USS Astar, an Advanced Nova Class Research Vessel. She shyly came on board, lined up with the other cadets, and waited for assignments. At first, she was regulated to 'standard' cadet duties before being allowed to take the helm. However, both the Alpha shift Helm Officer and the Captain noticed her entire demeanor light up as she touched the console and settled into the position. The Helm Officer noticed she had none of the usual hesitancy in piloting of the usual cadet, and used the console as though she had been piloting the ship for years. After verifying her flying ability by having her dock the ship, n-space manuever, besides sub-space transistion, the Helm Officer attached her to beta shift as main helmsman.

During the cruise on her shift, there was an emergency signal received. A Federation Starship Repair Dock Freighter had been attacked and fled into an asteroid field. There was too much interference and range for transporting, so the command was given to go into the asteroid field. The Captain took a chance and gave free helm to Saveena. She proved her piloting skills as she took the ship through the field, then piloting out of the field with the freighter in tow. She did not even hear the others talking about her as she was estatic to be guiding her female companion, the USS Astar, into and out of the field.

At the end of the Cadet cruise, she received a commendation for the rescue, commendation for a very successful cruise, and the rank of Lt. in Starfleet. She graduated with honors from Starfleet Academy and went onto roster assignment for the next ship needing a helmsman.

First Assignment: With her commendations, unusual ability to 'know' a ship coupled with great piloting skills, she received her next assignment, the USS Enterprise G. Thus, at the age of 23, Saveena Tillatix, a Mephetian from an Associated world of the Federation, origins being of the L'Tandrey Protectorate, became the Chief Flight Officer for the USS Enterprise E.

During a rescue of a shuttle needed for a murder investigation, the High G maneuvers needed to save the crew on board and dodge fighters launched by another Star Fleet Vessel, her arm received plasma burns as well as the meshes inside of Sav cut her up enough to cause heavy internal abdominal bleeding. Doctor Ella Sykes took Sav into surgery and removed the meshes in a long, draining micro-surgery.

The Toluene used was a flourophenylmethic binder to bond the nylon to the mesh. This type of acrid Toluene derivative is toxic to the body and causes inflammation, direct nerve transmission interference, and disruption of the lymphatic and endocrine systems of the body. This suppressed Sav's feminine periods, as well as kept her physical age at 17. Her cycle should return and go back to its once every two months once her reproductive systems have healed and the toluene is out of her body.

As more information came forth, Counselor Lovonix managed to help Sav break through the psychic overlay memories put into her back on Apollonia by StarFleet heavy pschic Counselors. Sav is now at a place to continue in her healing from the traume of her past.

Second Assignment: With a battle versus Agent 47 against great odds, the Enterprise was damaged beyond immediate repair and was being taken to get refitted. All Enterprise personnel were assigned to other ships after a layover of three months sabbatical at a starbase.

The USS Hippocrates, a hospital ship, was in need of a CFO. Lt. Saveena Amilia Tillatix is now assigned as Chief Flight Control Officer for the USS Hippocrates. Counselor Lovonix worked with Sav to break a psychic overlay put into her to bind her to Diostros when he next came calling. She is free of their bonds as far as known.

Personal Biography

Pre-Fleet History:

Childhood: Saveena (Sav) Amilia Tillatix was born to a Nuclear Family of Mephits. (Nuclear Family - Father (works away from home), Mother (works at home), 3 siblings (1 older brother, 1 younger brother, 1 younger sister). Her father is Harshran Tillatix, who works for the StarPort, while her mother is Koreanna Tillatix, who writes romance books besides being a full time Mom. She showed exceptional learning ability just after 6 months of age, over a year and a half before other mephit youths. She was placed into advanced learning classes in grade school and high school.

Older Brother - Veador, Younger Brother - Estian
Sister(s) Younger Sister - Kendra

Grade School: During grade school, her abilities in telepathy and telekinetics were tested to find her limits. She is more limited than most Mephits in both, and part of the limits to telepahty were due to naturally high mental shields to telepaths. It was not known why her telekinetics were limited as they were until later in high school.

High School: During high school it was discovered she was empathetic with devices and machines when she would climb into personal craft and could immediately start flying/driving them as well as semi-pro drivers. An L'Tandrey Healer sensed with her during an excursion to find out what Sav was sensing and experiencing. Her limits to her Telepahty and Telekinesis are due to her unique ability of Cyberpathy, that ability incorporating those two abilities plus a special empathy for machines.

To help round out her social life as she was always involved in study, her mother enrolled her in dance and music classes. Sav took hiphop, modern rock, and tap for dancing styles, as well as the synthetuar for a musical instrument.

With her so involved in advanced classes, she was already in college by her 15th year. She kept up her dancing and music, besides pleading, begging, and getting hired here and there to fly port ships and racing hovercraft. Even though in college, she managed to have high school boyfriends and was able to continue to pass mental evals.

College: During the summer between her second and third year of college, for which she was already a senior, even though 17, she was approached by a representative of one Mr. Micheal Andrew Thompson. His employer, Mr. Thompson, would love to have the young lady out at his private island for a private party with other young ladies as well as a couple other atristocats and Federation Reps for the planet. As she was not into partying she refused this, but as they talked and he learned she loved to pilot, he offered her a summer job to fly Mr. Thompson's private Starship Yacht. Sav readily accepted. Money for college and extracuricular activies, and flying a wealthy citizens yacht, was a dream come true.

Traumatic 'Accident': However, on the island, as she was going over the paperwork and accepting a drink with Mr. Thompson (A Canine) and Mistress Elizabeth (A large Caitain), she went unconscious due to the mickey they put into her drink. She woke up in a dungeon to be subdued and trained for the sex slave business ran out of Mr. Thompsons Estate. She was there over the summer. At the end of the summer, still defiant, she was knocked out again and woke up being strapped upright into a bondage system.

Waking up, Sav was told she was sold to the highest bidder for her beautiful 'pelt' and chastity, and the Fed Rep came in to take possesion of his 'property'. The Fed Rep used enhancements to make sure to tear up his victim's insides to add to their mental trauma at knowing there was no surviving as he took everything from them. To add to this torture, he had a tube tied into her femoral artery and tied up by her ear so that they both would be covered in spurts of blood as he had his way. Fortunatly for Sav, the Civilian Police Force was being directed by an IPA Marshall to raid Mr. Thompson's estate and they rescued her during his 'taking' of her right before the last of her blood was drained from her body.

As Sav was prepped for Surgery at the local hospital, the Fed Rep pulled some strings and got her transferred to the esteemed Strom Thurman Medical Research Institute. There, she was treated for Physical Pelvic Trauma - blunt force and laceration, Thigh laceration, and Mental Trauma. However, the healing fields were 'down', and the syntheduralex weave implanted into her to hold her reproductive, colorectal, and urinary system organs together was replaced by a cadaver mesh with nylon interweave that had been doped by Toluene. Diostros, the Fed Rep, was told Sav was sure to die, but, against all odds, she remained living.

During the investigation over the next couple of weeks, evidence was lost, names and events changed, and all records sealed by the courts. Official ruling, Sav had an accident in the private shipyard where she had slipped and her body pierced by equipment causing the pelvic trauma and thigh laceration, with hallucinations from extreme blood loss.

Sav lodged an official complaint, and she was shoved into 'counseling' for the next 10 weeks with special pyshic counselors to implant the official ruling and to add a psychic overlay to bind Sav to Diostros when next he came calling. Sav 'recovered', withdrew the complaint, and went into college for the winter quarter. She buried herself into her studies at college.

Finish College: She now began taking martial arts training from her brother and mother to help prevent this from occurring again. She was paranoid about her drinks with friends now and always having to pour it herself, even paying bartenders extra for the priviledge. She graduated college at age 18. Unknown to her, the IPA Marshall had kept track of her and her studies and put in as a Patron for her to go to Starfleet Academy.

Advanced Studies: Right after graduation, she applied for and was accepted into Advanced Studies University for a Starship Operations Business degree, while getting sub fields of Starship Strategy/Tactics and Navigation. Extra Curricular studies include Personal Technology Repair and Damage Control for Major Starship Systems. She took all courses, normally a two year study group, in one year. She passed the Mental/Physical evaluation, Civilian, by not mentioning the earlier event and signing off as showing 'accident' in her Medical Records.

After she had received her ship board certificate for Civilian Starships she received her letter of a position open for her at StarFleet Academy.

Real World


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