Personal Information
Species Vulcan
Gender Male
Born 17th day of re'T'Khutai
Marital Status Telsu (Single)
Professional Information
Affiliation United Federation of Planets - Starfleet
Rank LtCommander
Assignment Chief Science Officer
Duty Station New Gotham Station
Status PC

Career Biography

Shi'Oren t'Ek'Tallar T'Khasi (Vulcan Academy of Sciences)
Starfleet Academy, graduated with dual degrees in counseling and science.

Federation Standard English, Traditional Golic, Modern and FthinraKathi Vulcan, Rihannsu

Service Record:
USS Athena
USS Cherokee
USS Serenity
USS Red Dwarf

Too many to list because of his "emotional" outbursts

Medical History:
No major illnesses or injuries on record.

Psychological Profile:
No psychological deficiencies, however if he was human you could consider him bi-polar.

Personality Profile:
Savar is a rarity among his native homeworld. He rebelled against the traditional "Venlinahr" *(normal state of adult discipline). Otherwise he is perfectly sane.

Personal Biography

Full Name: Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen
Rank: LtCommander
Current Assignment: New Gotham Station
Position: Chief Science Officer
Species: Vuhlkansu
Date of Birth: 17th day of re'T'Khutai
Place of Birth: Shi'Kahr, T'Khasi
Age: 26 Terran Years, (39 Vulcan Years)
Sex: Sasu (Male)
Eyes: Khav-kur (Brown)
Hair: Nesh-kur (Black)
Height: 6' 2
Weight: 200 lbs
Distinguinshing Marks: Bite mark from his pet Sehlat on his left forearm.
Father: Salik
Mother: T'Nara
Siblings: 1 younger sister - T'Kar
Marital Status: Telsu, (Single)
Children: None

Family History:
As a Vulcan youth he was declared continually & unrepentantly "over-emotional" by his family & teachers & was sent to a Vulcan Master for rigorous mental training - Nath-Pal-Nahr. This occurred
after he was expelled from classes after a repetitive number of "emotional" incidents, establishing a clear pattern of disruptive behavior. The Nath-Pal-Nahr is considered the last chance for a young
person to gain control over emotions and be welcomed in normal Vulcan society. Failure to accept or finish the Nath-Pal-Nahr will invariably lead to being declared "vrekasht" (outcast).

Savar is an accomplished illusionist and a voracious reader of anything he can get his hands on.

Real World


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