Section 31
Section 31
Government United Federation of Planets
Type Intelligence Agency
Headquarters Unknown
Purpose Covert Operations
Commander Unknown
Flagship Unknown

Section 31 is a covert operations division that serves the interests of the Federation.



Established by Article 14, Section 31 of United Earth Starfleet's Charter, Section 31 was created by the United Earth Starfleet to serve as a covert organization whose actions were autonomous and not controlled by Starfleet Command or the United Earth government. Starting life as an artificial intelligence as early as 2140, Section 31 spread as the United Earth Starfleet grew and began to incorporate Field Agents that would be able to carry out black ops missions on behalf of United Earth. As the influence of Earth spread throughout the Alpha Quadrant, Section 31 arranged for its inclusion in the Charter of the nascent Coalition of Planets during the Earth-Romulan Conflicts and the later United Federation of Planets in 2161. The initial Artificial Intelligence began to infiltrate Federation computer technology in order to expand its control over the galaxy.

In the mid 2160s, Section 31 was disbanded under the directives of the artificial intelligence now known as CONTROL under belief that the existing leadership had become detrimental to its goals of protecting the Federation. Officially disavowed by the [[Office of the United Federation of Planets]]] and Federation Council, a number of operatives were arrested while senior leadership committed suicide. Section 31's assets were ordered absorbed into Starfleet Intelligence and ordered classified by the Federation Council. Nonetheless, an elite division of Starfleet Intelligence was assigned the designator of Section 31 for their operations.

23rd Century

Section 31 was involved in the decisions made to end the Federation/Klingon War of 2257, having secretly orchestrated the appointment of Gabriel Lorca to command of the USS Discovery and later the posting of Phillipa Georgiou to the role of Discovery Commander during an operation to place a Federation loyal agent as Chancellor of the Klingon High Council. 31 would further influence Federation/Klingon relations in order to maintain Federation dominance throughout the 23rd Century.

Section 31 would contract with Professor Bendes Kettaract to develop a new form of energy generation, under the cover story of developing a replacement for the Spore Drive known as a Coaxial Drive, to secure the Federation as the galaxy's dominant superpower. While nearing a breakthrough in their research, Dr. Kerraract and his team were able to synthesize two Omega molecules; however, the amount of energy produced was more than the small outpost was capable of accommodating. The particles began to destabilize which caused the destruction of the Outpost, killing all 127 scientists, and causing a devastating rupture of subspace within a radius of several light years. This reaction caused warp travel to become a permanent impossibility within the Lantaru Sector and cut two Federation colonies off from the rest of the galaxy. At the insistence of Captain James T. Kirk, who responded to the crisis aboard the Starship Enterprise, Starfleet Command authorized the creation of the Omega Directive. Kirk, who found the concept of Section 31 reprehensible, formed a group of Starfleet Officers opposed to Section 31 and its actions.

In 2293 Section 31 would orchestrate a conspiracy between top officials within both the Federation and Klingon Empires with the goal to undermine the peace process between the two powers and ignite a war between the Empire and the Federation that each side's members in the conspiracy believed their nation destined to win. The plan was to assassinate Klingon Chancellor Gorkon, Son of Toq, while en route to Earth to meet with the Federation President to discuss disarmament and implicate James T. Kirk in the crime. The plan was almost successful until Chancellor Azetbur, Daughter of Gorkon, chose to continue the peace process at Khitomer. Section 31 Operatives chose to murder the Federation President in order to restore the plan; however, they were again thwarted by the crew of the Enterprise-A and the Starship Excelsior. Admitting defeat, CONTROL was able to manipulate events to officially disband Section 31 and return the agency to its original purpose: an officially nonexistent and noncondoned rogue agency within the Federation that could operate in the name of the security of the United Federation of Planets with no oversight or accountability.

24th Century

25th Century







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