Security Equipment

Standard Issue Security Equipment


Energy Weapon

Phaser Pistol
The Phaser Pistol is a special issue personal defense weapon utilized by personnel belonging to the United Federation of Planets Starfleet. Powered by an internal battery pack, these phasers have been designed to continually recharge over time. The Phaser Pistol has been modified to feature only ten settings ranging from stun to kill to vaporize. Its default fire mode is a concentrated pulse.


A specialized version of the standard issue Tricorder, the Security Tricorder is equipped with sensors and analysis software tailored for defensive purposes.

Special Issue Security Equipment

Energy Weapon

Phaser Rifle
The Phaser Rifle is a more powerful version of the standard issue phaser that is employed only when the risk of attack is high during an away mission or to repel enemy boarders during an assault. They feature the same settings as a Phaser Pistol and have internal expansion bays to enhance their abilities.


Phaser Rifle - Grenade Launcher Package
An upgrade available to the Phaser Rifle, the Grenade Launcher Package has been designed to fire explosive rounds at a range of fifty meters. The launcher holds five rounds including Concussion, Electromagnetic, Photon, Proximity, and Stun.
Phaser Rifle - Sensor Package
An upgrade available to the Phaser Rifle, the Sensor Package equips the weapon with a modified Tricorder sensor array; however, it is more limited in functions than a standard tricorder.
Phaser Rifle - Sniper Package
An upgrade available to the Phaser Rifle, the Sniper Package increases the range of the Phaser Rifle allowing it to be utilized as a long distance weapon.


Grenade - Concussion
The Concussion Grenade is a specialized weapon that explodes with a massive concussive force, incapacitating any targets within ten meters of its detonation point.
Grenade - Electromagnetic Pulse
The Electromagnetic Pulse Grenade is a specialized weapon that emits an energy pulse upon detonation that disrupts all nearby electrical equipment.
Grenade - Photon
The Photon Grenade is a specialized weapon designed by Starfleet Tactical to be used primarily as a demolition charge for structures. During combat Photon Grenades can be used as a weapon; however, they will destroy anything within 25 meters of the demolition point.
Grenade - Proximity
The Proximity Grenade is a specialized weapon that will only detonate after detecting a target entering a range of five meters of the device. The grenade has two modes: live and safe. In live mode the grenade will detonate if anyone comes within range. In safe mode the unit will actively scan for a Starfleet Combadge signal and will not detonate if such a device is within five meters of the weapon.

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