Sha'Moy Virus

The Sha'Moy Virus was a dangerous biological agent encountered by the crew of the USS Enterprise while exploring the Typhon Sector.




Initially the infected host will operate normally. As the virus spreads and begins mutating higher brain functions begin to deteriorate at a geometric rate. This concludes with the victim entering into a period of animalistic behavior near the end.


The virus operates like any other virus with the rate of infection varying depending on the severity of an infected person's wounds and means of infection. Once infected immediate cellar breakdown within the body occurs on a wide scale. It starts by attacking the adrenal glands in the body before traveling the spine to the brain. This degradation causes the victim to develop severe flu like symptoms. The virus grows in strength and number throughout the body before finally destroying the pituitary gland and hypothalamus which produces a massive flood of neurotransmitters, enzymes, and hormones such as norepinephrine and dopamine. This storm of enzymes leads the infected host to enter into a period of psychotic rage that culminates in a period of strong seizure activity that leads to death. This final electrical discharge reanimates the body and restores the base biological functions and primal instincts. During the period of incubation the body temperature of the infected rises as well with the fever potentially becoming an additional cause of death.


No treatment is available.

Post Incubation


Due to the degradation of their Brains the infected, once turned, have been observed to have limited intelligence with minor access to their memories. While they have limited intelligence, these creatures have been observed to utilize weapons; however, they typically attack with their hands, seemingly attempting to scratch a target, or by biting. Their primary motivation appears to be an effort to further transmit their infection amongst unaffected potential hosts as, per evidence, their do not need to consume flesh to survive. They are capable of accessing base memories - such as activation of a door sensor - but complex planning does not appear to be common. The infected have, however, been observed to plan attacks against uninfected hosts and will lie dormant until potential prey comes into range.


After infection the victim with have an almost immediate discoloration and rotting of the skin. As the mutation gathers in strength alterations in the eyes also begin, leading the irises to turn yellow with a white or gray film of mucous growing over the dying eye. The Hippocampus suffers from severe necrosis due to infection, affecting the ability of the infected to access their memories or to comprehend most facts. Once reanimated the victim has lost any sense of reasoning and is driven completely by instincts, most notably is the urge to feed. Despite this the infected has no real need to consume food as all biological functions have ceased.
A victim will pursue its target until it is rendered immobile either by decapitation, complete destruction of the brain, or complete incineration of the body. Due to their nature as a reanimated body, a victim can resist attacks by most known weapons except for a Disruptor or Phaser weapon set to disintegrate (Kill and Stun settings are rendered useless). A victim can continue to pursue prey even after losing limbs or the lower half of its body.
The infected will commonly move slowly due to the necrosis throughout their bodies and the degradation of their central nervous system. Nonetheless, they are not to be underestimated. These creatures have been observed pouncing on prey and been seen running.


No treatment is available.



The original form of the virus is an airborne strain initially developed as a means to prolong life among the populace of the planet Sha'Moy. The gas kills any who inhale it and later reanimates the corpses of the victims.


Anyone attacked by an infected host in close combat, be it by bite, scratch, gash, or stab will have the virus transferred to their bloodstream via contact with infected bodily fluids and tissues.


Due to genetic modification the virus bonded with the molecular structure of the water supply of the world.

Incident Log Entries

Incident 1 - Sha'Moy System

Captain's Log, Admiral William Teagarden, Restricted

Despite their nature as a prewarp civilization, I have approved that the Enterprise respond to the distress call that we received from the Sha'Moy System, located in the Neutral Zone between us and the Romulan Empire. It is a decision that I immediately grew to regret. An away team led by my Executive Officer, Commander T'Veneb, was immediately attacked by a group of locals whom had become infected by the virus. Unfortunately the entire Away Team, save Security Chief Karassk and the XO herself, were lost in the attack. Unbeknownst to us Commander T'Veneb herself had been infected in the attack and later succumbed to her wounds. The danger was that didn't stop her in her assault upon us and she attacked the Enterprise after having passed due to the effectsof the virus.

The virus is extremely dangerous - with all citizens of the world affected - and is an extreme threat to the Federation - if not the entire galaxy. Compounding this is the Enterprise crew has uncovered evidence that the Romulans have been involved in the incident on this world with a Romulan soldier among the creatures encountered. Because of this I have contacted Starfleet Headquarters with information on the situation. Based upon the risk I recommend that the Enterprise be authorized to detonate a Trilithium Warhead in the system. It is the only way to guarantee that this virus is contained. Should only one infected manage to escape this planet it would be a devastating danger to the entire galaxy. We cannot risk that occurring.

I hereby also recommend and have been approved to deploy warning beacons in the region once the detonation has been completed, recommending strongly that the region be avoided. Officially records will indicate that the star went nova on its own in a similar nature to the Hobus Event that crippled the Romulan Empire. Fortunately, in this instance, the Federation was able to stop the spread before it became a danger.

I only hope that the virus is contained here because should an enemy or even an ally obtain the virus the devastation to the galaxy could be irreparable. With the Romulan connection among the population I certainly fear that it already be to late, but I had to have hope.

End Log.

Medical Officer's Log, Doctor Luaran 8, Restricted

Should my countrymen in the Dominion had ever acquired this virus even the Great Link itself would have been reluctant to utilize this virus except in extreme circumstances. Per records obtained it is clear that the originators of this virus were utilizing it in a means to preserve life; however, none would have imagined the dangers that it would cause in reality.

Per the research I have completed I have discovered that the virus stimulates cellular growth in the host; nevertheless, due to the severe strain caused by the regenerative effects, it kills the host. Once deceased the cellular reanimation continues and triggers electrical impulses in the brain that can lead the dead to reanimate. The subjects I have studied have the simplest of motor functions restored and, perhaps, some memory. They show little, if any, ability to comprehend or apply their intelligence. Only base impulses appear to be in place in these creatures - specifically the need to eat. What is interesting is that there is no need for the creature to eat anything as all biological functions have ceased.

As for the virus, I have learned that it is highly adaptable based upon the environment. Initially it is a bloodborn pathogen that requires only a single bite or scratch to become infected. Over time it can mutate into a water based or even airborne virus. The devastating thing is that once the victim falls he or she will get back up and will try to kill his or her friends; then the cycle begins anew. It is extremely virulent with, per scans, 100% of the populace of the Sha'Moy System infected in only a few days and has no known cure.

I strongly recommend that Starfleet employ any means necessary to quarantine this planet from the rest of the galaxy and annihilate this virus. Failure to do so could, and no doubt would, signal the death of our galaxy as we know it.

End Log.

Security Officer's Log, Lieutenant Commander Karassk, Restricted

In my career as a Starfleet Security Officer I have never been afraid of an enemy until today. We transported to the surface of Sha'Moy in response to the distress call we received earlier today. Mere moments after we arrived the away mission took a turn for the worse and we were attacked by the natives. The Commander ordered us to use Phasers on stun, but they had no effect. We increased strength to full but had the same result. They just kept coming and killed the entire team except for myself and Commander T'Veneb, but she had been injured in the attack. We escaped to a nearby building and watched as a member of our party - Lieutenant Anderson - was being eaten alive by the aliens.

We were horrified to watch him get back up and come after us. Our Tricorder scans clearly showed that he was dead, yet he was walking and coming for us. We were able to reestablish contact to the Enterprise and were brought back aboard. We thought we were safe, but we were wrong. Shortly after we got back aboard Commander T'Veneb started to act strangely and was taken to Sickbay. She was discovered to have been infected by the virus and passed away within an hour of being infected. Just like Anderson she rose and attacked, infecting three members of the medical team before she was stopped by a Phaser blast set to disintegrate shot directly at her head. I was called in when Doctor Goron turned. We learned from that encounter that the only way to stop these creatures is severe trauma to the brain or dismemberment.

Based upon the experiences I have had with these creatures I whole heartedly support the recommendation that the planet be destroyed in an effort to contain this virus. The risk of exposure is too great to justify leaving the planet and the clear evidence that the Romulans have been involved only compounds my fear.

End Log.

Starfleet Commander's Log, Admiral Danaal, Restricted

Based upon the information provided in the report from the Starship Enterprise authorization to employ a Trilithium Warhead in the Sha'Moy System has been granted. All records on this incident are ordered sealed by Starfleet Headquarters. Official records will indicate that a stellar incident, similar in nature to that of the Hobus Event, destroyed the star system. All other references are ordered redacted. No references to the Sha'Moy Virus are to be made in official documentation. Starfleet Intelligence is hereby ordered to continue investigation and - specifically - involvement by the Romulan Star Empire in the origin or possession of the virus.

End Log.

Resolution - Incident 1


It is believed, based upon readouts from the sensor systems of the Starship Enterprise that all infected were eliminated in the destruction of the star system and the resulting Level 12 shockwave that was emanated. However, based upon the sheer complexity of the virus and the number of persons infected, it is impossible to confirm that all known victims were eliminated with the destruction of the star system. Additionally, based upon research on the victims, it is known that the virus and victims could survive in the vacuum of space.

Star System

The Sha'Moy System was destroyed in the detonation of a Trilithium Warhead based upon the designs of Dr. Tolian Soran.

Starfleet Victims

The bodies of the Starfleet personnel whom were victims of the virus were disintegrated.


The last remaining samples of the virus were placed into cold storage at Starfleet Medical Cold Station 12.

Incident 2 - Vulcanis Lunar Colony

Starfleet Liaison's Log, Admiral William Teagarden, Restricted

A moment that I have dreaded ever since my first encounter with this horrific virus has returned: the Sha'Moy virus, believed eradicated during the Incident of all those years ago, is back. While I have no real proof of this other than what I have witnessed I cannot ignore the facts of what I have seen with my own eyes. The problem is that the virus was different this time. It was quicker and far more deadly than before. I watched as two of my closest friends were overcome by this horror and the entire colony died before me.

Starfleet Command has to do everything capable to destroy this threat once and for all. I can only commend the Federation Council for their decision to destroy the colony. I hope that it was enough to stop this here and now.

End Log.

Letter of Resignation - Ambassador Kolanean of Zakdorn

Based upon the growing threat that the Federation faced today at the hands of this horrific attack upon our sovereignty, I and I alone acted in what I felt was in the best interest of the United Federation of Planets. Now I have been ostracized for my decision. While I was not the only one whom voted in support of the decision to destroy the Vulcanis Lunar Colony in order to contain this contagion, I am the most effective target for the hatred of those whom were lost.

For that reason I hereby tender my resignation from the Federation Council effective immediately. This body, chosen to safeguard the Federation, has lost its way. I will not sit by idly and watch as the threat spreads from world to world as is wished of me. I will return home to my people to help them prepare for the coming storm.

Perhaps with the emergence of a new leader in the form of President Gruzy some level of dignity and intelligence back to this auspicious Council, but my people cannot simply wait for that day.

As such I hereby officially tender my resignation as a Representative of the Federation Council effective immediately. I also vacate my seat in the Federation Assembly also as of this date.

Kolanean of Zakdorn

Resolution - Incident 2


Under investigation.

Star System

The Vulcan System remains intact. The colony on the moon T'Rukhemai has been destroyed through the detonation of twelve Quantum Torpedoes. The atmosphere above the world was ionized in the process and is now uninhabitable.


Under investigation.

Incident 3 - Archanis IV


Resolution - Incident 3


Real World

The Sha'Moy Virus is based upon the zombie virus of multiple horror films, specifically the works of George A Romero.


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