Government United Federation of Planets
Type Stellar Navy
Headquarters Starfleet Headquarters, Earth
Purpose Defense, exploration, humanitarian aid, research
Commander Admiral William Teagarden
Flagship USS Enterprise

Starfleet is the Federation agency that is responsible for defense, exploration, and research.


Starfleet was formed when the military forces of the Andorians, Tellarites, United Earth, and Vulcans were transferred to the control of the Federation. As designed Starfleet would serve in the role of a exploration, humanitarian, and peacekeeping armada in the Milky Way Galaxy - exploring unknown territory, defending the Federation and its interests, and making first contact with new worlds on behalf of the Federation. Starfleet was frequently partnered with the Federation Diplomatic Corps in its efforts to represent the Federation in the galaxy, with Starfleet personnel acting as official representatives of the Federation when encountering new cultures.

The Federation President is given direct authority over Starfleet by means of the Federation Charter and will appoint a Commander in Chief to serve as its day to day administrator at Starfleet Command on Earth and a Starfleet Liaison to the Office of the President. Additional Departmental Directors assist with overall management of the multiple divisions of the Fleet. Sector Commanders are then chosen to be the authority over each sector in Federation Space with each base and vessel assigned to those regions reporting directly to this officer.

Starfleet maintains a standing set of General Orders and Regulations that all of its personnel and contractors must follow while serving. The most important of these regulations was the Prime Directive, a specialized order that Starfleet personnel could not interfere in the natural course of evolution of a species.


Starfleet Academy

Established with the creation of Starfleet in 2161 Starfleet Academy is the collective name of Starfleet's training facilities located throughout the Federation. While the name has become synonymous with the main campus in San Francisco on Earth, Starfleet Academy maintains an annex on each world of the Federation that is used for the training of both Commissioned and Noncommissioned Starfleet personnel.

Starfleet Advanced Technologies

Starfleet Bureau of Information

Starfleet Cartography

Starfleet Command/Headquarters

For more information please see Starfleet Headquarters.

Starfleet Command is the operating authority of Starfleet and is in charge of the Federation's joint military, scientific, and exploratory missions.

Starfleet Corps of Engineers

Starfleet Exploratory Division

Starfleet Intelligence

Not to be confused with Section 31, Starfleet Intelligence is the Federation agency tasked with carrying out counter-intelligence and surveillance operations. While a component of Starfleet itself, Starfleet Intelligence frequently operates within a grey zone of authority depending on the nature of its assignments with not all information shared between it and Starfleet Command.

Starfleet Judge Advocate General

Starfleet Materiel Supply Command

Starfleet Medical

Starfleet Operations

Starfleet Orbital Operations

Starfleet Research & Development

Starfleet Scientific Command

Starfleet Security

Starfleet Shipyards Operations

Starfleet Tactical


Citizens of any member race of the Federation or its close allies are eligible for Starfleet service upon adulthood. All personnel serving within Starfleet must complete a course of study at Starfleet Academy or one of its satellite campuses established on each member world. Once general courses are completed personnel are assigned to a duty station to begin their careers. Should a crewmember express an interest they may be selected to undergo advanced training in their department.

Traditionally Starfleet facilities have been primarily staffed by representatives of only one Federation member world with roughly 10% of the crew being from other races. In recent years this practice has become less common with increased diversity among the crews of Starfleet installations.


For more information please see Department.

Members of the Command Department are responsible for the overall direction of the game and its operations. Members of this branch include the Captain and Executive Officer. Players requesting membership in this branch must be directly approved by the Fleet Admiral. Prior experience is recommended to join this division.
Personnel in the Operations Department are responsible for the technical side of the game and serve in the engineering, flight control, and operations branches. They maintain the ship or station. Prior experience is not required.
Crew in the Science Department are responsible for the exploratory side of the game and serve in the counseling, medical, and science branches. These players man the sensors, study phenomenon, and keep the crew healthy. Prior experience is not required.
Those serving in the Tactical Department are responsible for keeping the rest of the crew safe and includes Security, Strategic Operations, and Tactical. They are the soldiers of the group. Prior experience is not required.


All Starfleet personnel are inducted into the Starfleet Chain of Command and must advance following a naval rank structure with all Officer candidates graduating with the rank of Ensign and noncommissioned personnel graduating as crewmen. To advance in rank additional training may be required.

Rank Emblem (Sleeve)
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
Chief Petty Officer
Petty Officer



Starbases are large, traditionally spaceborne, structures that are used to help maintain Federation Fleets. These structures are used to repair damaged vessels, provide respite to crews, and extend the Federation's reach into the galaxy. Some structures, known as drydocks, are used specifically for the construction and repair of new vessels and are clustered together to form shipyards. Outposts are small supply stations used to complete research and provide limited starship support. Stations are larger outposts that are established to assist with starship support and long term missions. Starbases are massive facilities that are used to extend the Federation's reach, provide colonial defense, and large scale starship support.

Level Type Series
0 Colony Theta
0 Drydock Omicron
0 Drydock Tango
1 Outpost Delta
1 Outpost Sigma
2 Station Pi
2 Station Lambda
3 Starbase Epsilon
3 Starbase Omega

Starship Classes

Federation starships are the workhorses of Starfleet and travel the galaxy to fulfill their mandate to seek out new worlds and explore space. Almost every vessel is powered by a Warp Drive based on the technology developed by Zefram Cochrane; however, some have been fitted with more advanced drives that provide for even quicker transit. While their endeavors are meant to be peaceful, Starfleet has outfitted their vessels with enhanced weapons to defend themselves with including Phaser technology as their base weapon and Torpedoes as an available heavy weapon. Due to regulations a Starfleet vessel will not initiate a conflict and will seek a peaceful resolution; however, Federation vessels are more than capable of defending themselves and are dangerous opponents on the battlefield. While each Starfleet vessel is a multimission vessel and is capable of a diverse assortment of assignments recent doctrine has led Starfleet Command to recategorize the fleet into four distinct classifications.

  • Command vessels are designed to lead other ships and are among the largest and best known ships in the fleet. Ships of this type are often fitted with the most advanced defensive and offensive systems as well as enhanced propulsion systems.
  • Operations vessels are among the most well rounded in the Federation and excel at both exploration and defensive missions. Vessels of this type tend to have balance in their systems and are the backbone of Starfleet.
  • Science vessels are exploration vessels designed specially for long range missions often on the outer fringes of Federation space. While they tend to have weaker weapons than other vessels, they make up for this deficiency with their incredible sensor technologies and speed.
  • Tactical vessels were designed with one purpose in mind: protecting Federation interests. Ships of this type have the most advanced defensive and offensive systems available to them; however, they often sacrifice exploration ability for these advantages.
Level Type Command Operations Science Tactical
0 Shuttle Type 14 Type 15 Flyer Valkyrie
0 Runabout Polaris Danube Deuagarilla Sea Yellowstone
1 Frigate Nova Gobi Tolstoy New Orleans
1 Escort Steamrunner Sabre Redemption Defiant
2 Destroyer Norway Ferrus Miranda Valiant
2 Light Cruiser Gagarin Ticonderosa Olympic Dauntless
3 Cruiser Sentinel Constitution Intrepid Proteus
3 Heavy Cruiser Vivace Cheyenne Luna Achilles
4 Battle Cruiser Ambassador Nebula Vesta Prometheus
4 Dreadnought Galaxy Nefertari Commonwealth Hades
5 Carrier Patriot Gemini Stargazer Akira
5 Battleship Enterprise Odyssey Century Sovereign


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